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Greetings, Beloved Family!

The number "7" just appeared in the sky above me ... and I knew it was time to share this next part of the story.

 If you look closely, Dear Friends ... do you not see a face in the middle of "7"?? LOVE it!

As it was with the Goddess Hammer, and the Serpent and the Rose, I am now experiencing the birthing of Gaia's Cosmic Node from multiple perspectives. Same story - different perspective - new understanding. This sharing is the next part which follows on from the prior chapter - The Cosmic Node .

I wish to first share with you another camping story from my recent trip to the Sacred Forest:

Upon arrival at the campsite, I hurriedly put up my tent and shelter for storms were predicted that evening. I don't know about any other campers out there, but it ALWAYS rains (very HARD!) the first night when I arrive ... been that way for several years now.

I was able to successfully get settled in by the campfire without incident. The Trees then say to me:

"The Storm Comes. We ask you to Welcome the Energy of the Storm."

No problem! I am used to it by now. And did the STORM ever ERUPT! I wished to be "outside" in it, so I took cover under my canopy over the picnic table.

Suddenly, a Faery Goddess is with me. She asks me to "TRUST" in what is about to happen. Dragons are present also ...

Faery then tells me, "It is about to BEGIN now ..."

Right on cue, the Hammer Strikes and BOOOOOOOMMMM!!!! There is a thunder clap immediately over my head above the Sacred Pond ....

I look to the sky and I see "balls of light" floating high in the sky above the Pond ... not lightning bolts but "lightning balls" ....

There are so many of these spheres that I can not see them all in one gaze ... suddenly a FLASH! And one sphere erupts into a bolt ... but I have MISSED it ... I only saw it out of the corner of my eye and not directly ... this happens several times ... I am not able to see the flash bolt exactly as it explodes ...

Faery is patient with me. She gently says, "Ami, Please TRUST. We are trying to SYNCHRONIZE with you ..."

She then assists and quickly points - "Look THERE!" I follow her direction and bend down to peek under the canopy ... I look exactly between two trees and FLASH! A lightning bolt EXPLODES down from the sky exactly in between the two trees I am gazing through ...

Faery now SMILES broadly at me ... and she nods her head ... and then she casually "glances" in the other direction ... toward the trees and I SEE them ... Fireflies - a mass of them in the Trees ...

But it is what happens NEXT that totally BLOWS MY MIND ... the fireflies begin to "blink" ... they SYNCHRONIZE themselves with the Lightning FLASHES from above! My jaw drops as the skies light up in lighting flashes as the ground mirrors every single flash - perfectly - instantaneously - at least 12 different times ...

Goddess is now with me again and she smiles. She spreads her arms and says to me, "We are SYNCHRONIZING!"

Then, after the storm passes, the skies become crystal clear and I could see so many STARS!! What a BRILLIANT site there in the sacred forest, far away from any city lights ...

As I look at these countless suns, they seem to be "blinking" at me. I open my Heart and I hear them say in a Unified Voice:

"Welcome Back, Brother Amoran.

We Greet You in Strength and Honor; in Grace and Love.

We Welcome You with Gratitude and Compassion; in Joy and Love.

We are Synchronized with you now."


I returned home from my camping trip with such Joy and Light in my Heart ... it was just all such a Blessed Feeling.

Goddess then showed me the birth of Gaia's Cosmic Node within the Lion's Gate. And it took the form of the Torus - a very Sacred, Cosmic,  Geometric Shape:

Goddess now takes my hand and Gently says, "Come with me now, Ami" ...

And we are now WITHIN the Cosmic Node ... I look up ... it is like looking at a glass ceiling ... I can "see" what is happening on the surface of this "sphere" ... I see the Dragon Hydra Beings gently drumming against the surface of the Torus ... bobbing their heads in rhythm as they strike the Goddess Hammers against the "ground" ...

I see that their hammer strikes are causing energy waves to form ... like the waves of the oceans I see this energy envelope the sphere ... and then I see many, many SPIDERS ... they are huge and walking on the "web" or surface of the Torus ... they look like they are "knee deep" in "water" ... as the energy washes around their legs ...

Goddess then points and says, "See! They come now!"

I watch in awe as I see the spiders begin to "swim" in the energy flows as the "rising tide" of the "ocean current" has now deepened above their heads ... they swim ... and their forms become muted and blurred ... and then I see them as they have now become the Dolphins! Dolphins begin to fall from the sky all around me ...

But that is not all, Dear Friends. Then, the whales come as well ... "falling from the sky" all around me ...

I have always had such a strong connection to the whales .. and to the cats. James Tyberonn, who channels ArchAngel Metatron has written much about the whales/dolphins and cats - from Sirius A and B.

Living here in New England, USA, I am truly blessed as I have the mountains/forests to my west and the sea to my east. I have been on many whale watches ... always magical experiences. Here is a picture I took off of Cape Cod last summer:

A very Dear Spiritual Friend has created her own business. She crafts hand made "Whale Tails" out of ceramic and blesses them prior to sending them off to her clients. I was overjoyed when I received my own Whale Tale from her - it is Orca:

And, I am sure you will have seen the Beautiful Blue Angel Shape in the middle of my Orca tail that just "happened" to appear during the kiln fire process ... it was not "intentional" on my friend's part; it is just part of the process of how each tail becomes "unique" during its creation.

So, I happily wear my whale tail around my yard and while I swim in my pool. The first time I put it on I noticed the Dragons were very complimentary. For you see, Dear Friends, I see the Dragons fly around with beautiful Blue Crystal Medallions around their necks. The Medallions are shaped like octahedrons and they represent the Earth Star Crystal of the Central Earth Star Heart.

The first time I wore my whale tail, the Dragons smiled broadly and said to me:

"Welcome Brother. We see you wear your medallion now as well!"

And then there are the cats ... large cats and small cats ...

For the last 2 years I have seen many Black Sirian Panther Cats around me.

With this recent Lion's gate I now see the White Lion has joined them ...

I am a cat lover and have two black cats of my own, too! They are my Beloved "Sirian Children" whom I share many Sacred Experiences. They are my Guardians and are here to help me keep Balance. Here they are as kittens on their first night with me almost 6 years ago. I named them Kronos and Thea after the Titans ... Kronos is on the left, Thea on the right.

The Sirian dolphins, whales and orca now ask me to go "swim" with them. I put on my Orca tail and go into my pool ... they are there with me and I try to mimic their swimming motions - using my feet together as a tail to propel me through the water.

A huge orca approaches me from below and I spread my arms wide in the water to receive his embrace...

Then the Dolphins swarm around me and one comes right up to me - face to face - she is Beautiful!

She bobs her head emphatically at me and says:

"Come, Brother Ami! Swim with Us.

We Sirians Swim WITHIN the Fiber - we have entered the Cosmic Node now. We view Time from WITHIN the Fiber ... Tell your Friends - they are invited to swim with us - within this Fiber of Time. We are of the Guardians."

I am so deeply moved as I get out of the pool. My attention is drawn above ... once again to the sky and I see this - a whale/dolphin cloud directly above my head!

Goddess is now again with me. She asks if I "understand" what is going on. She then simply says:



Remember the numbers, Amoran, 3-4-5 and 5-6-7."

So interesting to me! For the last 3+ years, well before I really got into the 12/21/2012 ascension prediction and the "great shift" discussions, I was always seeing the number patterns "3-4-5" everywhere in my life - on my clocks at home or work, on receipts from the store, etc.

I now understood what Goddess was saying:

We are BRIDGING dimensions now. From 3rd to 4th to 5th .... which has been happening for quite some time. That's really not the "new news".

But, now I am seeing "5-6-7" everywhere ... and Goddess smiles as she nods her head. She tells me:

"The Cosmic Node is now active. The Sirians swim within the node now. 

They are within the Fiber now. We are setting the stage for the next bridge to manifest here - 5d - 6d - 7d.

We are with you and your Brothers and Sisters, Ami. We stand next to you, Always. Please tell them."

Goddess then becomes Cheetah and takes her place next to our side.

Mother and Child stand together - unified in Purpose; unified in LOVE.

All is truly well and precisely as it should be.

Nature Knows!

Sirian Blessings to you, My Beloved Family of the Stars.


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Thank you so much Amoran for sharing your wonderful experiences.
Blessings of Love & Light,

Oh, my brother Amoran, how I love you and the wisdom you bring back from your experiences. I will have to spend some quality time with this and your other recent posts.

I think I jumped "backward" in timelines for a day or so, and have jumped back forward again now. It's not very comfortable jumping backward. I am ready for the new Earth, and 5, 6, 7!

I love your experiences...Thank you for sharing with us Amoran...Blessings to you and to them...Send them my love...Amparo...

Thank you Amoran for another fascinating post!

Panthers also showed up in a very vivid dream the other morning. The dream set me to thinking about the need to bring about balance between the 3d world of chaos and war that is occurring and the higher visions of a greater alignment with Earth and the Universe.

This was the dream: A steel gray, shovel shaped spaceship floated overhead. It had two black panthers riding with their upper bodies in full view. The dream went on with a large black shadow of a blimp, riding on the ground, which morphed into a trash truck. Out came a little alien looking man with a white face. He changed into an elderly Asian man with many wrinkles. He was showing us all, the machinery that he had brought. To me this machinery represents the new inventions that are here for humanity when it is safe to give them to us.

Perhaps this is an answer to my question of: "Where is the balance?"

I now understood what Goddess was saying:

We are BRIDGING dimensions now. From 3rd to 4th to 5th .... which has been happening for quite some time. That's really not the "new news".

But, now I am seeing "5-6-7" everywhere ... and Goddess smiles as she nods her head. She tells me:

"The Cosmic Node is now active. The Sirians swim within the node now. 

They are within the Fiber now. We are setting the stage for the next bridge to manifest here - 5d - 6d - 7d.

Love and Gratitude for your sharing,


i don't know what to say :) there's sooo much :)

i love knowing you are here with all these rays of life :)

is a comfort to me :)

in actual 3d i walk down to my beach and try to clear my past fears with beings in water :)

water loves my vibration :0 i see all wavws calm around me and touch me with love :)

i've seen dolfins from afar but when they come and i am not fearfull <3 that'll be the day...

my husband has seen my black panter protector in my car in his dream and got out of the car :)))

he said "panther was incredible!!!" so it goes :) love and blessings <3

can't wait for more of your colorful <3 stories <3 gulden 13


Dear Amoran,

Different experiences at different time with different mood....

Thanks for sharing...





Blessings of Gratitude to you all, Dear Friends!

Your comments, stories, wisdom, and love are all so very much appreciated.


I am truly fascinated at all of these "connections," and "reconnections" that are occuring among and between us all and also Nature collectively.


So many of us are seeing many of the same "pieces" of the puzzle - all wonderful confirmations as to what is occuring.


My Love to you All, Always,



Thank you :) xxx



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