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Beacons of Light

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NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcastand can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother

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~ Dimensional Merge ~

Greetings, dear ones.

I am the Scientist of the Heart, and I come this day with good news for planet Earth. There’s much shifting going on, as you’ve seen over recent months and even years. A considerable amount of energy has come together and been compiled into a very small space. As a result, so very much is happening every day. Many important pieces are now taking place, one after another. Sometimes it’s even difficult to catch up, to figure out where you are today and which is the most important piece to watch.

1st Time Shift

We’re going to share with you an important point. About four years ago, we mentioned something that was happening in the middle of the Milky Way galaxy. In the very heart of the galaxy is a black hole, which actually formed it. When it was feeding, it actually pulled in all those planets around it, leaving a beautiful little spiral in space that you call the Milky Way galaxy. There are so many planets in your galaxy that have life. You’ll find out eventually because you’ll discover ways of communicating outside of the timeline. So many opportunities will arrive in the very near future. About four years ago the Milky Way galaxy started to change its energy. The black hole at its heart started to feed very slowly by drawing matter in. It isn’t simply trailing a long series of planets behind it, but instead actually starting to pull them into the black hole. And that action changed time, not only for planet Earth but for everything in the Milky Way galaxy and even beyond. There are other galaxies tied to yours in other dimensions. The change in time has caused much change in your lives and has also created the perfect conditions for a dimensional merge. If you look at events of the collective you can see that there is a higher standard quietly moving into place. That is a reflection of the rising feminine, which is another condition for a dimensional merge.

One of the challenges humans are having is that many of your ‘systems’ are not aware that your vibration has risen. Those systems are stretching now that the feminine energy is rising. Merlia will speak of that soon, for this is part of the mastery process. In a very short time human standards have risen and the feminine is no longer willing to tolerate many of the old ways. Change is at hand. Welcome to the times of mastery.

The Impetus for Change

Many of you here on planet Earth are experiencing this virus, which for other countries are already somewhat tamed. Two more waves of this virus coming, but the work of many lightworkers has already made this less problematic. More of that work will happen before the additional waves arrive.

In the meantime, you’re still in the first wave of this virus, wherever you are located. And of course, certain areas are having great difficulty with it. Many places, are under prepared in a variety of ways and having incredible challenges resulting in many people dying. There are a lot of things that you can do with this as well, including greeting the spirits as they step out. Keep in mind that many are being called Home to help from the other side.

Multidimensional Mirrors

We’ll share that with you as we go forward, but for now we’d like to share with you the more important aspect of what is taking place. It is part of a larger aspect of your evolution. It is division that caused this virus to affect some areas more than others, but the illusion of being separate has taken a new form in altered time. Allow me to explain. You know that you are perfect beings from Home. Your spirit is perfect so it is a natural assumption. But as a child, you actually have to learn that you’re imperfect. The question then becomes why can’t you see your perfection? It has been divided up into 11 ‘mirrors’ of your spirit.

Your spirit is reflecting into 11 different refractions, each whole unto themselves. Eleven different ‘yous’ actually experiencing life in different ways, making different choices. Basically, each ‘you’ is like a twin that you never knew you had. You could slip into any one and know exactly who you are and what you were doing, so very interesting how it works. Basically they’re all the same you, but they’re experiencing different things and are playing the game in a vibrational harmonic of your own spirit. As we’ve mentioned, many times when a major decision is made the many dimensions experience the other side of that decision. That way the spirit never misses any experience.

Dimensional Merge

These are the times of Mastery, for when time altered it aligned all dimensions. When the masculine/feminine achieves balance, the dimensions begin to merge. For some time we have been speaking about the dimensional walls thinning. Now they are merging for the evolutionary step just ahead. It has begun and although most humans feel it, the natural reaction is to think it will go away soon.

Dear ones, unity consciousness is returning, which means that now humans see from a different, higher perspective. It happens in the blink of an eye. The dimensional walls are thinning to find a new blend of human and spirit to play the next level of the game. A while back we mentioned that you might be getting visions. You may also see flashes of light and hear noises from the other dimensions around you on both sides. Thoughts will also start to filter through these walls, which are now thinning between your dimensional selves. And now we tell you, they’re getting even thinner. You have many more opportunities to become much closer to perfect right now, than ever before on planet Earth, because of the collective rise of humanity. It’s difficult to see because there are seemingly so many arguments and considerable unrest, because humanity rose very quickly.

Adjusting Social Systems for Higher Vibrational Life

It’s the old systems that are still trying to deal with humanity in the same way as before, which are rapidly adjusting on Earth. You’ve been in this situation before where your systems had to adjust very quickly to keep up with the advancement of humanity. Never before has that actually taken place, because you had to hold back your advancements as a collective of humanity. It is certain that there are many difficulties on Earth, but we tell you that voices have spoken and have been heard. What is taking place is that you are starting to bring back parts of yourself and integrate them from the other dimensions of time and space. While you walk through your daily life, you have some exciting opportunities as planet Earth is shifting.

We’ve talked a lot about that for there is a higher realm that you will start living in fairly soon. It’s not doesn’t mean that you even have to leave your Earth or your physical bodies, although they will change a bit. You will start to feel less density over time. This is not something that has to happen on a demarcation point, but as you come back into your perfection you are walking through the times of mastery. Everything that you can master is now here, so you don’t have to take it to the next level. You don’t have to deal with any of it as an individual or as a collective. Yet opportunities abound and these are the grand times indeed. That is one of the reasons that so much energy is being thrown at everyone at this moment. Not only has time shifted and people are still trying to catch up, but you’re also in the times of mastery. All of these issues are coming up before you very quickly. You have the opportunity to decide what you’ll take with you and what you’re going to leave behind as you move to this next level.

It’s a perfect time to celebrate dear ones, because now there is a light and it is shining very brightly. It is coming from the heart of humanity. We’re incredibly excited to see this next level unfolding, as it starts to move forward one heart at a time. Take your part of it, dear ones, and enjoy the ride. The more you can bring back into unity at this time will help tremendously in so many different ways. It’s with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity, and play well together.

I am the Scientist of the Heart, and I love you dearly.



Greetings, dear ones.

I am Merlia. I’ve come in this day to congratulate you, for you have crowned a whole new level of energy. It’s absolutely very magical for us to see from this side of the veil, because the potential has now opened up and you have a new path. We know that these times are very challenging. There are so many things happening, simultaneously. You now have a great many opportunities to learn, move forward, and correct things from the past. All is absolutely perfect in the larger aspect of time. You’re in the times of mastery, dear ones. You can look behind you at your own history and see all the squiggly lines, while also having the opportunity to straighten some of them out. As you move forward into a new level, we tell you we’re very proud to see what is taking place. Because even though there is much difficulty and challenge, there is a quiet energy, which is rising. It is the feminine rising to achieve a new balance.

The feminine energy is showing up in an entirely different way. And yes, it’s difficult to compare to the masculine energy because they propagate in totally different ways. The feminine energy is quiet and subtle. It is beneath everything, and the base energy and what humans term the ‘mother’ energy. It works in a different way being more powerful overall, although not loud, forceful, nor overbearing. Because it draws power from harmony, it has no need of those things.

A Change in Thought

Humans have traditionally allowed themselves to be manipulated in so many ways, guided to think in certain ways, to purchase certain items, and even categorized. Remember, dear ones, you make decisions about our direction in the universe. It is done by four simple lines of vibrational integrity: what you think, how you act, what you feel and what you believe. It is these four that everyone must align during these times of mastery. As you align them even more, you’ll see things change in your own life. It will allow you to step out of the flow without disconnecting.

Eye of the Storm

As your vibration continues to rise you may find yourself in a strange calmness. Although you still see the commotion, and difficulties, they do not have to enter your world. You will find many more of those opportunities arriving in ways that you probably were not always aware. So take a breath and clear your energy for what is ahead.

To see these opportunities will require that you commit yourself to move forward in some way. Yes, that’s all it takes. You’ve come in with incredible gifts, each and every one of you. Most of you came in with an abundance of feminine energy. With that, of course you carry empathy. You can feel everything from other people. Being that sensitive sometimes you have had to learn how to back off a bit, finding a way to maintain own energy. But what if everybody became that sensitive? Can you imagine a world in which people thought as much of other people as they think of themselves? That is the direction you’re starting to move in now, as the feminine takes hold.

You have so many possibilities, and it’s very exciting for us to watch. We will be there to open the doors, when you make that commitment. If you decide to move in this direction even a slight push will open a very heavy door quite magically, because you have a lot of energy behind you.

We have also told you that during these very magical times each of you has access to a special guide, a specialist that can actually help you walk through these times ahead. When a spirit rides on your shoulder, it’s very similar to the way that your guides interact with you. It’s quite subtle, almost as if they’re so close that you think that they are you.

If you listen closely, a new voice is there if it resonates. If not, consider that you may already be on the path of least resistance. It is also likely to enter as a feeling. Perhaps feeling a little more powerful, greater energy and confidence. It has no ego and needs no recognition. Yes, it is time. The beautiful energies on Earth have now shifted and opened a door to create a new realm. One where you can start carrying more of your own spirit in harmony with everything that you do. So, what does the spirit need of the physical body to accomplish that? Exactly. Those four lines of vibrational integrity: what you think, what you feel, how you act in, and what you believe. Align these four lines and your spirit will shine, showing in your smile and your eyes as you touch people with your light. The time is now, dear ones, the doors are open. You’re starting to see new opportunities all around you now. Yes, there is still a lot of work to do.

The Gathering

There is a huge gathering on the other side of the veil. Please honor them, dear ones, as they gather to help in the next steps. They are making an incredible sacrifice, sometimes to go home early to be there and help from the other side of the veil. As humans step into this whole new realm, they will be with you. And that’s part of the reason that you have so many people leaving the planet right now. Love them, make that space for them, and help them find Home. Assist them as they step out of their bodies, for they can become confused. You are the greatest angels who have ever lived and we are so honored to be in your presence. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

I am Merlia… come up and see me sometime.



By Barbara Rother

Natures Lessons

Last year this time Steve and I had an overabundance of beautiful tomatoes from just two plants. In the past we had attempted our hand of growing a full garden. We soon realized that Las Vegas can be challenging to sustain this much of an undertaking. So we decided to concentrate on growing just tomatoes. Steve took on this effort with full heartedness. He built a small garden area filled with nutritious dirt contained in the planter area. This was a spacewhere every morning we would go outside to greet a new day by checking on the growth. It is a wonderful way to start the day by picking fresh tomatoes and planning how to use them in our meals. We were overwhelmed at the abundance of sweet, fresh tomatoes every day. We had much more than we could use by ourselves. That is when we decided to share our wealth of produce by giving them with neighbors, friends, our mailman, the people who take care of our yard and pool. I took them to my dry cleaners, anywhere I would have contact with people who I knew would enjoy the fresh fruit. This was a wonderful way to connect with people. This opened conversation that we enjoyed. It was delightful to get to know people on a deeper level just by sharing.

There is such a difference from fresh produce right out of your garden than the kind you buy at the grocery stores. I have discovered fresh crops from local farmers but never made it to their stands enough. Besides enjoying the freshness of our small garden I enjoyed the memories of my childhood in Missouri. My father would sometime in the early spring start tomatoes from seedlings. Each day I would see their development into strong young plants. My father knew when these plants were ready to transplant into the garden he had prepared. Each summer I would pick the growth and we both savored the flavors of our efforts. I would eat fresh tomatoes like I would an apple having its juices run down my chin. It is a fond memory from my childhood and the time I shared with my dad. It made me smile when I saw how our grandson enjoyed a tomato just as I did at an early age.

This spring we went through the same routine of planting a new crop of tomatoes. Steve made sure everything was ready for these plants to develop to their fullest. As time we went by we saw the strength of the plants were not like they had been in the previous year. Nothing we tried seemed to help them flourish to their greatest potential. We have had fresh tomatoes but they are not as large and abundant. We miss gathering up a basketful to share like we did before.

This seems to reflect the sign of the times. Our life’s mirrors nature. We have all had to take a step back from being our fullest. We are unable to connect with the people around us like before in fear of the virus that constricts us. It feels like the plants this year are telling us to continue us to grow but at a slower pace. This is a time to slow down and evaluate our next part of the growth cycle.

I have full confidence that next summer we will be in full bloom. I look forward to sharing not only our tomatoes again but myself with all the wonderful people who surround me.

With love and light,


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