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New Metatron Channel
Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Part One of a Two Part Channel
Enigmas of Canyonlands & Arches
 Understanding  Multi-dimensional Fields  
Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, and I am joined in this session by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. We greet each of you sacredly, reverently and knowingly, in a vector of unconditional love.
Dear Ones, in the dimensional expansion that defines the New Earth previously nonvisible forms of life are now increasingly more visible to empaths. In this channel we will discuss the phenomena of photonic life forms, and of orbs. Photonic life includes what may be termed the angelic realm, that of the Deva, Angels and in certain scenarios, temporal manifestation of light forms.
The channel has requested that we speak on an anomalous areas of the planet, in which there is an unusual concentric dimensional manifolded matrix (or omni-portal).   And so we are ready for questions:
Authors Insert:  Recently I was requested by a television documentary group to review phenomena occurring in the areas near Moab Utah, and to visit Canyonlands & Arches National Park.
Question from J Tyberonn:Can you speak of the unique aspects of this area.
AAMetatron: Indeed. This region in southeastern Utah has long been recognized by the Native campestral societies....and prior by the people of Atlantis & Mu, (the ancestral fathers of the indigenous of the region).
Canyonlands & Arches are extraordinary areas of utterly astonishing beauty and unusual expressions of geologic formations. The mineral Kingdom in this area is quite extraordinary and uniquely vivid with mineralogical Fae, bioplasmic, astral and devic lifeforms.
J Tyberonn: During my visit, I drove through these two areas and made extensive hikes. There are reported claims of time slips, time loss and visions in these areas, as well as ET manifestations.
AAMetatron: The area is a concentric dimensional overlay, similar in certain attributes to the inner Ark-Crystal Vortex & the Mt Shasta Vortexial Portals. However, due to the unique forms of quartz and quartzite sandstone, iron, and granitic pegmatites, there is a unique electromagnetic current which has an oscillating ebb & flow.
The anomalous' events that are now being experienced at an accelerated pace, are due in part to the mineralogical base and oscillating field. These pockets of intense electro-current effect the human brain, and temporarily activate what your academia refer to as 'unused'. These portions interact in and with other dimensions, including what may be termed as 'dreamscapes'.
Dreamscapes, are a valid reality, perhaps better described as a dimension of pro-active mind-scape. In areas such as Canyonlands, the mind can be accelerated into a blended reality in which dreamscapes are projected as an overlay into 3d. Parasitic Thoughtforms and electrical lifeforms which feed-on vital energy, can in certain energy fields, manifest in this area. These may be likened to 'astral mosquitoes', parasitic in the sense that they can attach and feed on an open aura. Certain of these lifeforms are capable of manifesting in a frightening image, and then feed on the fear projected by their intended target. The benevolent among the shaman knew not to react in fear, and sealed their fields in thought shields from prayer ceremony. They also fortified their aura with totem talismans and herbs.
Portions of Canyonlands-Arches were restricted by the indigenous peoples of the area, and access was granted only to shamanic medicine elders and initiates. Elders understood auric shielding, and were able to enter in a 'prepared', protected state.  
Within this area, these are temporal vibratory electromagnetic pockets in which certain forms of electrical & bio-plasmic lifeforms and indeed astral level thought forms are able to thrive and pseudo-physically manifest. 
There are also 'time-gates' throughout the entire regions of the side by side reserves (Canyonlands & Arches National Parks). Although in truth, as you have previously surmised, visual events in which brief visual apparitions of running horses and human  and distant audio of distant voices are heard in empty areas,  are in most cases recorded 'play-backs' of past events.
The Experiences of 'skin walkers' and of manifest goblins, are both electrical plasmic life and transposed thought forms. Certain of the master-shamans were adept as dimensional shape-shifters. A few of these were aligned into fields of negative application, more akin to 'dark' or parasitic wizardry and sorcery. This is still retained in small fragments of the fading peyote cultures of the SW USA and Mexico.
Let us speak briefly on what is termed as bioplasmic life.
Plasma life forms have bio-plasma bodies. These are electromagnetic bodies which generate electromagnetic fields and radiate electromagnetic waves. Now, embedded in these bio-plasmic 'forms or bodies' are 'plasma antennae' which can tune-in and receive electromagnetic waves generated by other bio-plasma bodies. (Including the human etheric body). This process has been somewhat understood by some of your avante-gard scientist, but unrecognized as life, by most. But be aware, plasma antennae are actually being used today in your scientific laboratories. Indeed, when this is studied more intensely, it can lead to some remarkable break-throughs in your understanding of plasma physics and dimensionality.
Now, in relation to more 'sensationalized' visionary experiences occurring in Canyonlands, it is important to understand many of these are uniquely hallucinatory in individualized aspect.
The bodies of plasma life forms that most unaware humans unexpectedly encounter are molded by their subconscious expectations which radiate out from each of your own bio-plasma bodies in the form of electromagnetic waves and are received by these beings via their plasmic embedded antennae.
The nearer they come to ones auric field, the more lucidly they are able to 'telepathically' receive human 'thought- waves'; electromagnetic waves which are actually projected & modulated by human thoughts; and which all humans radiate. 
Just as every form of plant and animal life require sustenance, require the consumption of energy to sustain their material vivacity for the span of the physical 3rd dimensional existence, so do certain beings with the Devic kingdom and elemental kingdom require an energy source. 
There are conscious lifeforms of an electrical bio-plasmic lineament, which true to their nature, exists on all ranges of the electrical spectrum from negative to positive.  Few of you will ever have true interface with electrical life forms, or recognize it in the rare scenarios in which such an experience occurs.  That is because these beings exist in a plane that is rarely tangible, and interaction is limited to the atypical preternatural areas of the planet that support the palpable concentric overlay of such parallel dimensions. 
Just as you humans are unable to interface with a fish in its natural aquatic environ except for the brief timings in which you enter a lake or an ocean, most of you will not interface with beings of an electrical nature. While you understand that fish are in water and thus understand where they are and what they are, very few of humanity know the fleeting parameters of areas of concentric dimensional overlay that allow for the full spectrum of 'shadow' life to intersect....much less have any inkling of comprehending the nature of the myriad nonphysical bioplasmic  lifeforms within them. (Some of the electro-plasmic life forms are takers of energy, others of the benevolent range are givers of energy, in a manner of speaking....and we will discuss this in greater clarity later in this message.)
Even in the rare areas of high concentration of life force that enable dimensions to 'tangibly' intersect, the ability of electrical lifeforms to visibly manifest is temporary, and not consistent. Rather, visibility can only sporadically occur in a specific pulsing frequencial resonance, in which a cocktail of energies temporarily coincide. Canyonlands has such pockets.  Just as the aurora borealis is only visible from certain latitudes under specific conditions, visibility of bio plasmic electrical lifeforms can likewise only occur in precise vectors and within explicit frequencial amalgams.  Indeed this is why when such beings do appear as clearly visible to the human eye, such lucid perception is usually a relatively short lived visionary phenomena.
Such beings 'feed' on plasmic energy, on frequency. That is why both were near moving water. The waterfall in the Trossachs and the mountain stream in the Andes. But the minerology of both areas is very high in crystalline quartz, and that provided the base matrix which enabled the dimensions to merge under the right conditions.
Now, such beings are capable of 'feeding' on negative emotional energy, such as fear. And these beings take on the shape designed to provoke fear reactions. However, the shape which most describe as a 'gargoylian' variation, is the shape most often manifested by these beings, termed as 'Fooka', in Celtic folklore.
Now let us be clear, although these beings have an energy that feels malevolent they are not, in your terms, demons.
These particular types of electro-negative life forms are very aware.  They cannot be 'exorcised'.    And while they can absorb, and in a manner of speaking, feed on fear, they are not dependent on dark human emotion (fear or anger) as a primary energy source...nor do they seek you out, per sei.  But when you enter their space, they will take the opportunity & attempt to frighten you, as a process of energy absorption, if a fear reaction is easily provoked. 
These are conscious beings that electrically exist in duality, but they are not truly 'evil' in your terms. But the energetic vibratory frequency such beings project, is unsettling, unpleasant to the human empath that is highly attuned to vibratory fields.  But again, these are not what you think of in biblical analogy as evil, nor demonic.
Now, to explain with an analogy, when a lion attacks and consumes an antelope or deer, it does so unemotionally, without malice.  The lion is not evil, although to a human it may seem hostile. Certain plants are carnivorous, and appear to some insects as something they are not, in order to 'feed'.  Neither act is evil, yet it may seem so to the prey, from a human perspective.
The conscious electrical beings occasionally encountered & experienced in regional pockets of Canyonlands are experienced in a format that was intended to provoke a fear reaction. As we have said in previous channels, these 'negative' plasmic lifeforms have been referenced in Celtic Lore as dark Fooka.
Electrical matrix  lifeforms exist on both ends of the electro plasmic scale, and in your human consideration, as negative and positive, and in this application, with in humanities generalized  and rather narrow interpretive aspect, are termed in myth & folklore as 'good and evil'.  And as these are electro spectral forms, there are as many positive forms of these beings as there are negative. But, and please note, each are somewhat restricted to the plasma of either positive or negative plasmic frequencial fields for their manifestation.
What differentiates the negative and positive forms of such beings, is that the negative forms can take energy, and the positive form can project of give absorbable energy...and that is an important distinction.
And so we tell you that there is a 'yin/yang' of electro energies within Canyonlands, and certain regions within both Canyonlands and Arches are extremely electro positive in nature and exude a sense of well-being. Upheaval Dome is such a vector.
The are indeed protective astral forms and indeed 'Deva's & nurturing guardian 'Spirits of Place' absolute exist & manifest in certain extraordinary powernodes, including Canyonlands / Arches.  These exude a very positive, benevolent energy, and neutralize the 'negative' energy of the 'skinwalkers' (parasitic electro-beings and dark thought forms).
  Remember, in mega hi-energy areas, the full spectrum of electro-magnetic forces tangibly co-exist. In duality, by definition and laws of physics of & within 3d, one fulcrum of polarity cannot exist without the other.
The bifurcate dichotomy, the bi-vertical/ bilateral frequencies work as opposites, and are thus art of the nature of duality, only occurring in polarity realms.
Benevolent Electro-Plasmic Life
Now, we would be remiss not to add that there are also myriad positive giving devics of an electrical nature that are 'polar opposite' in projecting benevolence, providing an energetic uplift in an essence of love. What we have shared in this message, at the request of the channel, James Tyberonn, is to confirm, describe and explain the nature, characteristics  &  indeed the existence of lifeforms, electro plasmic beings  that are normally not associated to the human comprehension of the astral relam and devic kingdom. In fact these are not acknowledged as existing by the masses. Even the empaths among humanity understand little of the negative devic life, most think of the astral realm of consisting of pixies, elves and faerie sprites, and so the plasmic lifeforms nor electrical lifeforms are unfamiliar to them, and rarely truly understood ... even by empathic sensitives.   But as your New Earth is now transitioning into a greater dimensionality, embellished multidimensional awareness, and enhanced 3rd-eye perception. This is naturally allowing the empaths among you to more easily experience the multitudinal assemblage of lifeforms that co-exist in duality of the omni-earth. Accordingly some of you will encounter such life forms, and it is better to understand what is 'out there', and sooner, rather than later. For these exist in fascinating lucidity in certain power node vectors & dimensional overlay sites.
Many of the Devic Kingdom are here in service to the planet, most of these have little interaction with humanity. Some are of a delightful, joyous nature, others are less so electro-vibrationally. The Druidic & Ancient Celtic societies considered certain 'species' of Devics, in a broad-swept generalization, as either 'good faeries & dark faeries'... for both of this spectral species are in a duality aspect of the astral realm. Some are in higher awareness levels, others are not free-willed, and operate awareness within what may be loosely termed as patterned thought process within a fixed electro-spectrum vibrational matrix. Meaning that those considered as negative are energetically parasitic, but surprisingly we tell you, it is not so by choice, but by their electro nature & frequencial matrix. A leach does not attach to your skin out of evil intent, but rather to feed.
These dark 'Fae' & negative Electro life forms are similar in nature to negative thought-forms. Thoughts, as taught by many of your advanced mystics, prophets and seers, are 'living things'. Negative forms are, programmed like a computer virus or malware, by intent. But neither astral level parasites nor negative thought-forms, are capable of attaching to a consciously sealed human aura. Fear fractures the aura.
Expansion in the New Earth:
Pure Light-Thought Beings of High Consciousness, Divine Intelligence, do indeed exist in what may, for the purpose of generalized simplification in this channel, as the higher parameters of earth-realm planes. In the higher realms of the Omni-Earth, or concentric reality parallels there are what may be loosely termed as Demigods and Devas, as well as Angelics. These are very different from the bioplasmic photonic life forms, these are evolved 'Angelic Beings of Pure Light'.
In 2017 and beyond, multidimensional reality and the intra & parallel dimensions are the new frontiers, the new worlds waiting humanity's (re)discovery.  And these new realms will not be opened applying narrow views of 3d physics. You cannot put a square peg in a round hole!
The expansion of the earth, from 3d to 12d, of course brought in an additional 9 planes or dimensional realms. While the lower & mid astral planes of what may be considered as the 4th & 5th dimensions were at times fleetingly visible to the empath, the 6th thru 12th were not.  The biosphere of these additional 7 dimensions are teeming with life. Although you may consider dimensional fields as vertically stacked, like concentric circles around the dense physical earth, extending outward from a centre, that is not the actuality. The biosphere of photonic life exist more aptly as parallel or perhaps better explained as  intra dimensions, worlds within worlds. Prior to 2012, when such lifeforms inadvertently (or intentionally) appeared visible in your lower realms, or in your atmosphere, it was because their electro photonic bio systems temporarily (electromagnetically) radiated waves at a lower frequency.
In the present arena of the expansive earth, the empath may be able to see glowing photonic plasma lifeforms as if they are a wispy semi-transparent bird flying or a fish swimming in a sea of plasma. Indeed there is a vast array of bioplasmic lifeforms, with their own hierarchy of complexity and intelligence in this sea of dimensional overlay. Most of these lifeforms are oblivious to humanity and you appear as ghostly glimpses to them, as they do to you. 
So it is important to clarify the difference between Beings of Pure Light, and Bio Plasmic lifeforms which emit light. There are in physicality some plant life, insects, fish and jellyfish capable of a bio-chemical synthesis which creates light.This type of light production is called bioluminescence.Fireflies are perhaps the best known example, though many other species are bioluminescent, including glow worms, anglerfish, jellyfish and octopus. Even some plants, such as mushrooms and other fungi, are bioluminescent.
There are then other dimensional lifeforms, normally invisible to the human 3d eye, which are capable of brief visibility by emitting light waves in an electro-plasma reaction. And in the ionic ratio differential occurring in the new earth, these beings may occasionally be viewed in areas of higher energy resonance allowing for dimensional concentricity.
And as an interesting side note, we will tell you that there are also non-visible forms of life that exist in the vast depths of your oceans as well as within the fathomless intra-dimensional chasms of your earth and omni earth.
Closing Part One:
In the next portion of this channel, we will speak on Upheaval Dome and the presence of Devas wand Time Distortion in Canyonlands/Arches and other such dimensional anomalies...many of such anomalies, are indeed incredibly benevolent. 
I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, & we share with you these truths! You are deeply beloved!
And so it Is...And it is So

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