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On this day before the new moon take time to breathe in the love that you are and go deep inside to sense the real you, the new you. It’s all shifted again, you are lighter than ever before with all the eclipses and high light octave codings flowing through you and integrating. As the New Earth Umbilical Cord has been anchored and the new seedings begin.
Connect  first; then going deep into your heart chakra, as each breath takes you deeper and deeper into the love.  As you sit with yourself within your stillness and peace, just Be….Aware of Diamonds of unlimited facets of light glowing through your heart, multi-prismed and multi-dimensional, shining so bright. As the Diamond Light illuminates out through the cells of your body, through the densest structures of your body, radiant in diamond light, every cell is alive and full of life force energy…..
Opening you to your body of light and divine essence that flows through the densest cells of your body and out through all your energy bodies……
As you make the sounds and tones from your soul the Diamond Light activates you into your Diamond Light Body….
Out through the Earth connecting to the light diamonds around and through the Earth into her heart and Inner Earth Sun…and then out from the earth the diamond light matrix through you and the Cosmos… you allow yourself to bask in the Diamond Light Matrix glowing, as all your cells and essence remembers the real you, the new you in your light body…...
See the Galactic Gate and Umbilical Cord and new stars and Confirmation of the Diamond Light Matrix
Diamond Light Workbook    The Three Eclipse Doorway

FIRST LIGHT TIME 9th 3.56am  AUST EST 1.56am GMT/UTC 8th 15:56 
The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth.
The New Moon is always the time to go within, to the inner planes and parts of us that are hidden, it is also the seed of the new beginning. The Moon and Sun are one at a New Moon so it is a powerful time of union on all levels and with the inner male and female also.

In Gemini we are also unifying the twins within us; the polarities are given a chance to really merge as the Sun and Moon are One through the higher aspects of Gemini. A time when you are able to connect more deeply to the inner communication with your true essence, divine self and also yourself as a being in the Councils of Light.
The twins who unify in their higher state into oneness are giving us the opportunity to do this within ourselves, creating a doorway of opportunity for you to unify. So be aware of the buttons that still get pressed in you via people or situations, as well as guilt, fear, anxiety and anger, rage and fury you may still be holding within, not too mention any old self hatreds or judgements of yourself.
By connecting into your heart you can resolve these with the breath and love and acceptance.
This New Moon is an opportunity to transform the old beliefs still holding you back as well as clearing the collective unconscious of beliefs that have come from our origins in human bodies as we know them in this cycle with 2 strand slave mentality. There may be only the most subtle of old paradigm thinking and programs left, or still a few more thought patterns to be loved and accepted. The energies totally support you being able to embrace and accept as much as you choose.
Ask for the awareness to know what still keeps you hooked into the illusion, as now the clarity and divine light born out of the darkness of the moon and the stillness of the twins, as one allows for major transformation.

Today is also a good time to write your clear focused intentions of what you wish for yourself and your life.
To start activating your DNA and light codes more fully.
See my books
There is a lot of new energy and information coming through at this time in regards the DNA and the matrix of Light, so be open to receive a download and upgrade.
Read also about the Moon as the Final Initiation

Gemini in Alpha Ursae Minor opposite the Galactic Centre.
Polaris is marking the North Celestial Pole and will be closest to it in 2100AD, then it will start to move away. It is sighted on this day before the Sun and is opposite the Galactic Centre so good opportunity to go within, to the Source within you. Into the stillness and silence and to be open to inner guidance. For those who are conscious of moving through dimensional worlds a doorway is open to move through the Source point of the prism and into what you are Co-creating.

The North Pole of the earth will be tilted toward the Sun, which will have reached its northernmost position in the sky and will be directly over the Tropic of Cancer at 23.44 degrees north latitude. This is the first day of summer (summer solstice) in the northern hemisphere and the first day of winter (winter solstice) in the southern hemisphere.
SUN INTO CANCER JUNE 21st 5.04pm NZ AUST EST 3.04pm  
    The Winter Solstice is when the Sun again turns Northward in the Southern Hemisphere, after having reached its furthermost southern declination. At the Winter Solstice the Divine Light reaches the inner most centre of the globe, there it remains for four days, impregnating the Earth with its Life. It is the birth of the Sun, and creates a new growth cycle, the Earth and all beings are made ready for a fresh beginning. It is a time when a great amount of Cosmic energy is given too us to heighten our vibrations and expand our awareness, through the new Sun. Each year the energy is increased as we awaken and attain our fulfilment. The Sun is within our heart and so our Solar Self is Divine Love. At the Summer Solstice we started our inner journey and purification, now we are completing and ready to step into the new and heightened frequencies through the Sun, Central Sun, and Greater Central Sun as all the cycles are now merging in alignment of the Suns. As we ourselves step into the Golden Cycle by being our Solar Self. 

     The Summer Solstice is when the life force and creativity of nature climax. What budded in youth has now blossomed into maturity, nature attains its peak of perfection, the transformation has been accomplished. The Solar Rays are at their peak, the Light that permeated the core of the Earth at the Winter Solstice is now radiating fully through the Earth and through all of nature. The Summer Solstice is a time when the Light has been brought back from the core of the Earth and all is illuminated, a celebration of life and the bounty, grace and abundance that is given to us from the Sun. 
This Solstice is influenced by the Three Eclipse Doorway.
Be open to the joy of the Solar Rays illuminating from the New Sun as the doorway was opened at the June Solstice in 2001 and now it is time to move fully into the level of your divinity at the level of the Sun, your unified aspects in the heightened love of yourself as a Co-Creator. Become aware of what you are creating as a Solar unified being. (We are not looking at the Sun as male or female, as there is no duality, male and female are one). So if you still feel you have issues with your Inner Male and Female now is a golden opportunity to marry them and then take yourself on a journey into the Sun. If you still have difficulty with this then look at what is going on in your charkas, as the kundalini is able to rise through you as you become clear. This is good time to start clearing and transmuting all the blocks that may still be held in the Chakras. 
At the Solstice the RA Light coming through from the Suns and Source is illuminating your Sun within and physical immortality, body of LIGHT. There are a lot of light codes being awakened in us at this Solstice and six months on from the great shift in consciousness of the December Solstice 2012.
On this day of the Sun polarizing with Earth either the furthest or the closet to Earth depending on what hemisphere you live, it is also opening a doorway through the dimensional worlds.
On the March Equinox 2010 the dimensional worlds merged with our third dimensional Earth and our third dimensional selves. This was a huge event and has created a new light body, the Iridescent Light Body at 33,000 strands of DNA. Now at this Solstice when the Councils of Light through the Greater Central Sun sit and utilize the doorway opening this brings, we are given the opportunity to embrace and awaken more fully our dimensional selves and unify with them.
You may be aware of some of your dimensional aspects right now and of course in the Bigger Picture and Lore of One we are all of them. On our journey to wholeness we are remembering the light codes we have always carried and that have lain dormant as they awaken at our own pace and soul journey with our RNA and DNA strands.
With this Solstice an exhilaration of consciousness is happening; and you are able to access and awaken the light codes of very useful multi-dimensional aspects of self, that will assist you in not only your own ascension process of Being your divine self but all humanity and creation.
With this Solstice give yourself the gift of a day somewhere special to you and where you can commune within easily, whether it’s in nature, at a major vortex, in a temple or at home in your sanctuary. You can awaken your remembrance of the Creator Goddess God you are in the bigger picture and beyond.
Because of your dedication to your soul growth and awakened light body you assist all creation and have always been connected to your higher dimensional aspects and they have guided your progress. Now you can activate the light codes still dormant that have just given you glimpses until now and bringing you into the hyper-dimensional realms of no time and space, where you are beyond all limitations that have been placed on you by yourself and the old paradigm Earth dramas. As you take your place in the Councils of Light and realms of Creation that see the Big Picture and allow you to hold the light codes through all worlds and dimensions and into the realms of matter for the union that is taking place.
Connect to the Suns at the time of the Solstice as well as sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight on the 21st.
Be open to what is occurring with the cyclic shift as you go deeper into the peace within and allow yourself to be the beam holding the energies within you. Be open to yourself as a golden being in the Council of Light and as an anchor and vessel for the union of Heaven and Earth. One with the Inner Earth Sun, Sun, Central and Second Suns, Greater Central Sun.

NZ FIRST LIGHT TIME 11.32pm  AUST EST 9.32pm GMT/UTC  11:32am PEDIGREE 23.12
When the Moon is closest to the Earth, that causes tension and possible earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and extreme weather. This tension can be utilized in positive ways to be from our centre and hold the beam in the stillness and oneness for all humanity and life.
What can we do now to ensure a bright future for many generations to come?
The Moon is directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and seen as fully illuminated from Earth.
The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration.
The Moon in Capricorn with Sun in Cancer is all about the structures, work and goals you make in regards your life, security and home. Are you focused on merely your insecurities about how you live or are you ready to break through your limitations and adapt to the every changing world. Are your goals merely for the little you or are they for the initiate you, the co-creator who is here creating Heaven on Earth? You have the cosmic energies with you to start moving into the bigger picture of your purpose on Earth and what you are here to achieve from the level of yourself as a Co-creator., from the personal family, home and life to the greater family of humanity and your home the planet Earth.
This Full Moon is one of divine love and unity consciousness with the serpent life force energy very prevalent in this energy. We will be given another download of light codes that will be assisting us to flow with our life force more freely as your kundalini and chakras, DNA and all the cells nuclei are illuminated with the cosmic rays coming at this time from our higher aspects in the higher octaves of Light.
Before bed put out your intention to be open to the light codes that are already within you, that are being activated at this time. That you are able to ground, integrate and utilize these light codes for your highest potential in your own life and selfless service to the whole in ease, flow, grace and peace.

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Numonee is one of the star systems that has come through with the anchoring of the  Stargate Vonaka as the Galactic Gate opened at the place of first Light, East Cape New Zealand and the starlight in new codes came through. The star system with star pathways through the vertebrae of the spine; the kundalini pathway of the stars, illuminating the Light body. The stars are:
CORUS ...anchoring the Light Body fully into the physical body, one.
MASEL ...cleanses and polishing the Light Body.
LUN AZ connects through the Inner Earth doorway into Inner Earth merging one with the other.
Be open to the beautiful new starlight energies as they flow through you and anchor into the earth plane through your clear vessel and open heart.
See the Galactic Gate and Umbilical Cord and new stars
and Confirmation of the Diamond Light Matrix

JULY 8 -  CANCER NEW MOON 16.17 degrees
NZ FIRST LIGHT TIME 7.14pm AUST EST 5.14pm  GMT/UTC  7:14am
The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth.
The New Moon is always the time to go within, to the inner planes and parts of us that are hidden, it is also the seed of the new beginning. The Moon and Sun are one at a New Moon so it is a powerful time of union on all levels and with the inner male and female also.
In Cancer there is awareness of nurturing and holding dear to your heart yourself in all ways and so all others. Spend time on looking at ways to nurture yourself and your environment kindly and lovingly. Utilising your compassion and kindness for all in your life especially children, those less fortunate and animals, insects, birds, plants, all creation. Give yourself time to nurture you also and spend time going within in this New Moon to rest and revitalise, regroup and relax. The Cancer energies are asking of us to be open to the joy of the unconditional love that nurtures
and connects us all. With the new energies to go within and focus on what you are creating and wish to create in the higher dimensional Earth, that is formed through your love and focus, and grounded now as this doorway from the higher realms illuminates your heart.  No longer able to hold onto the attachments we have used to make us feel secure, there is now so much Liquid Light Plasma moving through our energy systems that we can let go on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual  level the old attachments and hooks that have kept us trapped in  the webs of our own fears and control.
Read also about the Moon as the Final Initiation

This is the day that Sirius is sighted rising before the Sun. In ancient Egypt it was 23rd July (fixed stars move also) and heralded the yearly induration of water from the Nile to fertilise and water the crops and it was the start of the New Year. The Sirian dolphins also return to their home on this day.
star essence I made of SIRIUS
'Magic Awakening of our Origins. Clarity of Understanding, and to release the resistance'.

CANOPUS CONJUNCT THE SUN  8th JULY  14 degrees Cancer
This means Canopus is sighted before the Sun on this day. Canopus is the brightest star in the constellation of Carina, the second brightest star in the sky and used for navigation of spacecraft.
star essence I made of it is;  “I AM LIFE - the embodiment of spirit into matter”.

CASTOR CONJUNCT THE SUN  13th JULY   20 degrees Cancer 
This means Castor is sighted before the Sun on this day. Castor is the brightest star in Gemini and the twin of Pollux. Castor was the mortal twin, Pollux immortal, Castor was killed and Pollux asked to be killed with him, Zeus put them in the heavens. Castor is now the doorway to immortality. The star essence I made of it is; “I am JOY, The spontaneity and life of Joy, in ever increasing waves. Alive and fully in Life. Youthful and Radiant each moment, each molecule, each world you exist with, are, is joy, alive, radiant, transformed and accepted in its Divine expression, everlasting life, wonderment and freedom, dancing with life – enjoy”.

POLLUX CONJUNCT THE SUN  16th JULY   23 degrees Cancer
This means Pollux is sighted before the Sun on this day. Pollux is the second brightest star in Gemini and the twin of Castor.

PROCYON CONJUNCT THE SUN  19th JULY   25 degrees Cancer
This means Procyon is sighted before the Sun on this day. Procyon is the brightest star in Canis Minor. In Greek Procyon means ‘before the dog’ as Canis Major and Minor are the two dogs of Orion the hunter and Procyon is sighted before Sirius, the big dog constellation, Procyon being the small dog. The star essence I made is "Blessed are you, oh one of the Light for you are free to Dance in Eternal Delight.' “I AM DIVINE INTERVENTION”.

JULY 22/23  AQUARIUS FULL MOON 0.05 degrees
FIRST LIGHT TIME 23RD 06.15  GMT/UTC 22ND  18:15
The Moon is directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and seen as fully illuminated from Earth.
The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration.

The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration, in Aquarius we can create new ways of thinking and being. We are given the opportunity to look at others and the world in love and as a sister/brotherhood, we are all one. We can use this loving energy to create new ways of being for our self, moving beyond the limitations of duality and separation.
Where in our own life can we create a more unified, humanitarian approach to the way we are and what we do? As we unify our greatest service to humanity is in our Being-ness as we become the example of true love and acceptance of all and are free to create exciting new ways of living, working and co-creating. We create Heaven on Earth through our love and unified essence of Being.
Take advantage of the wonderful full moon Aquarius energies to celebrate the shifts that we have made and our embracing of the new earth and golden cycle.
A blue moon is when the new or full moon is in the same astrological sign twice in a year, so the first one would be only at 0 - 2 degrees and the second moon at 28 - 30 degrees.
The moon in the same sign twice then intensifies the energies so with this Full Moon twice in Aries you are given the opportunity to consciously create the new you. You are hologram of your Love and so with these energies with us you can create yourself in alignment with your soul and allow for the divine spark to ignite more fully from within.
You may wish to draw the hologram you choose to create now of your body, life and world.

Read also about the Moon as the Final Intitation

JULY 28/29  Southern Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower.
The Delta Aquarids can produce about 20 meteors per hour at their peak. The shower usually peaks on July 28 & 29, but some meteors can also be seen from July 18 - August 18. The radiant point for this shower will be in the constellation Aquarius. The last quarter moon will be around for the show and may hide some of the fainter meteors. Best viewing is usually to the east after midnight.

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I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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