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THANK YOU, dear El*,

for this wonderful ATTUNEMENT!!!

Lady Portia Attunement (LW™ Series)


We have had El* as our LightWorker™ system house artist for some time, before we knew that

she had also made "writeups" for most of her beautiful paintings. Those writeups could easily be

transformed to manuals, and the contact could equally easy be transformed to attunements. So

now El* has made her attunements available for us along with these manuals. El* has a very

different writing style, filled with a lot of light. I am sure that you will enjoy her attunements as

well as her artwork.

All colour and design work is given to El* in the form of claircognisance. She is then told step by

step - what to do and which colours to use. El* has a picture in her minds eye. Often she will

revisit some work, which she has already completed and see coded information not previously

consciously noted by her. This is the way El* works - she does not necessarily grasp All at once -

it is an ever evolving process for us all. The LightWorker™ manuals normally contain some nice

pictures, but these series bring to you an extra dimension to the attunements, because they are

enhanced through this inspired artwork. They are all provided free of cost and placed as a part

of the …




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and more to come …




*** Lady Portia ***


As an anchor of the Sacred Feminine Energy upon the Earth Plane and in fact

all existence above and beyond what we know of it…. Lady Portia is known by

many names…. all speaking highly of her Divine Offices…..

Lady Portia is Chohan of the 11th Ray of Service…. She is known as Goddess of

Justice and Goddess of Opportunity. At this time in history Lady Portia sits

upon the Karmic Board as one of the Lords of Karma. She is Keeper of the Holy

Heart Flame…. Known also as the Sacred Heart Flame…. (This is the same

energy as the Violet Flame…. however named for it’s aspect of sacred Divine

Feminine Energy*)

As the Twin Flame of Saint Germain…. Lady Portia works tirelessly to

combine Unconditional Love with Divine Justice and Wisdom and Anchor these

Virtues on the Earth Plane…. When speaking of her Twin Flame Saint

Germain, Lady Portia will often call him Francis…. or my Beloved***

In her Divine Truth…. she brings to us Great Wisdom and Balance…. and helps

us to use our Divine gifts of higher consciousness over lower aspects of

consciousness…. in terms of our dealings with others…. and the variants of

consciousness within our own selves….


Ascended Master – Lady Portia


Chakra: ALL (helps to maintain balance within all chakras)

Colour: Cobalt blue…. variations of purple/violet/indigo and magenta

Gem Stones and Crystals: Rose Quartz… Lapis Lazuli… Blue Saphire….

Machelite (all green stones)

Qualities: Balance, Justice, Mercy, assistance with Karmic Debt

Tarot card: Justice

Symbols: Platinum Ray… Maltese Cross… Statue of Liberty (sun and flaming


Lady Portia holds the energies of justice in balance for us…. Her Lesson for us

is to bring balance to our lives…. primarily of justice/ harmony (without there

is no justice) and mercy…. She attains balance between the polarities that

exist in the world of matter…. such as yin and yang… male and female…..

good and evil…. She helps the attaining of balance within the self and the

subtle bodies……

By bringing into this dimension the Violet Flame….

Sacred Heart Flame….. the cleansing and transformational

Flame is enabling the minds and hearts of

humanity to anchor and absorb these higher vibrational

qualities of this energy…. Thus enabling a great

shift in Consciousness…. from the mundane and the

egoic states… the the higher levels of more expansive

thinking…. unconditional love and a desire for the

Highest Good of All…. This is to say… All Kingdoms…..

All Life forms….. All***

Lady Portia has spent many incarnations walking upon the Earth Plane….

Among them as Saint Claire, the affectionate follower of Francis, as shown

below….. And has showed her love for the Planet in so many ways…. She has

spent numerous life times in roles as healer… also in roles as protector…. Her

Great Love for us can be glimpsed when we spend time in meditation with the

Violet Flame….. This is a vital meditation for us on a transformational path….

and is a way of bringing in great healing and higher vibrational tones to the


Lady Portia assists us in bringing balance to our

hearts and minds… the Violet Flame and using there of

play a major role and shift for this…. Occassionally we

may see flickers of Cobalt blue…. or purpley blues

around us or in our third eye…. this can be one of the

Angelics or Master of the Flame…..

Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amythest work hand in hand with Saint Germain

and Lady Portia…. Anchoring love… assisting with the Violet Flame

anchoring…. helping us in so many ways….

Call upon Lady Portia to balance your energies…. you can ask her to balance

your energy by chakra meditations….. and ask for assistance with aligning

your Feminine energies and power with the Divine Mother….

Saint Germain and Lady Portia are part of the Violet Flame…I t issues forth

from the Solar Logos (Helios) and is transduced (stepped down in frequency )

through the energies of Saint Germain and Lady Portia….

Their Etheric Retreat is the Temple of the Sun…. in Manhattan USA…. with

the sinking of Atlantis… the physical Temple was destroyed…. but the theric

counterpart remains on the etheric plane….

We can cordially ask permission to visit them there at their convenience….

during our meditations with the Violet Flame…

They are working equally together to bring us the tools to lead us into the

Aquarian Age…. they represent freedom… at all levels of being… and have

come to set us free…. free from the limitations that have been imposed on

us…. and also free from the limitations we have placed upon ourselves….. They

bring this Great Violet Ray of love to replace our fears….

Lady Portia is the feminine energy that is assisting us to bring in this new

thought and consciousness… She is a Great Feminine Archetype….. showing us

that all are equal….

We will see great social change in our lifetimes…. in fact we are seeing it

now…. We will see issues of justice, social change, freedom. Liberation,

forgiveness, equality of race/ sex/ thoughts/ religion…… come into focus and

be considered and acted upon in our society….. these issues will go hand in hand

for a greater care of self… neighbour and planet…. as a new wave…..

paridigram shift goes through and influences us in our highered consciousness


From her etheric retreat…. Lady Portia continues to Focus her Great Loving

Energies towards the earth plane and human kind…. She wishes to make very

clear the great love she and her Beloved Saint Germain have for all beings…..

Lady Portia has a great passion and knowledge of astrology… and is assisting

with bringing this great Art back to the forefront of society’s existence…. for

using with healing as well as divination…. she has a great love of bring

assistance to the medical field through using the Astrological Knowledge at

greater degrees than it is being used presently…. on a large scale…. Using

birth charts will be of great assistance to medical diagnosis……

Balance is the key with Lady Portia…. which naturally is so needed at this

time on all levels of life…. She brings a wonderful balance at all levels of being

to us…. she brings balance… equilibrium to our souls….. to our physical…

mental… emotional beings…. to our spirts…. our soul…. She is envisioning us

living a balanced life full of passion…. full of fun and fulfilment….. she sees

the Love of the Greater selves that we are……

She is mindful of injustice and is encouraging us to go within and seek

guidance to help rid the world of injustice…. She advices us we can start with

ourselves… our own lives….. she encourages us to maintain a balance…and

work from the centered state of being…. She is telling us to keep in mind the

harmony that is necessary to be present… within all vibration….

Once you start to connect with Lady Portia’s energy you will feel more balance

and calm…. become more harmonious and have a greater sense of innermost

stability…. This will reflect in your general well being…. the way you are

within yourself and the way you communicate with others….. Being in this

centered and balanced state is reflective within your auric field…. it is said

those who are energised with the energy of Lady Portia…. bring calm and

serenity to people and surroundings where ever they go…. No words need be

said… it is purely vibrational tone…… Fired by the Violet Flame…. this energy

is also powerful enough to bring about great change and transformation…. it

can act as a bridge to bring in the higher aspects of consciousness to educate

the lower aspects….. like teacher pupil…. and the changes can be life lasting…..

Lady Portia, Lord of Karma and Keeper of the Divine Mother Holy Heart Flame


Prayers for Dispensation:

I call forth now beloved Portia to anchor and activate the purity of the Divine

Mother into my entire consciousness now. SO BE IT 3 times.

Mighty I AM PRESENCE I call to Beloved Portia to align my entire being with

the Divine Mother Holy Heart Flame. SO BE IT x 3.

Beloved Lady Portia please help us now bring forth the purity of our Loving

Divine Self and radiate that presence- so all who see it are brought into the

Divine Presence of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father and healed. SO IT

IS DONE x 3. (from the Mahatma Energies)

Blue Sapphire

This is one of the stones that may be worn to encourage receptivity to the

vibration of Lady Portia…. this also activates harmony as the interconnectiveness

and unity of the self , others and the universe as a whole***

The colour Cobalt blue is associated with the feminine aspect of the higher

self…. the water aspect (womb) of the planet…. emotional flow…. the 5th

chakra…. higher communications…. Archangel Michael….

Essential oils for wearing include Rose Otto and Lavender Officinalis…. Also

for oil lamps or spritzes…

From the Emissaries of light:

Lady Portia is one of the Emissaries of Light who

will be taking you through the first wave of 7th

Dimensional Initiations. The last time these

initiations were performed was in Egypt &

Atlantis where many of you also had incarnations.

The Lords of Light are calling & asking the 7th

Level Masters to step into the role as Conscious

Leaders of the Light so as to effect the change

within various environments required to fully

release humanities consciousness into the Golden


Lady Portia works with the Phoenix Energy and helps one raise the self from

the ashes. She is currently serving in the role of assisting humanity to let go

of all language of poverty consciousness and negativity. She helps people realize

their power to co-create with Spirit and release lower energies in order to free

their Spirit.

Apart from her beloved St. Germain (Francis Bacon…. Shakespeare in past

incarnation) she works alongside Lady Kwan Yin & Archangel Michael & is a

member of the board of karma, she is often seen holding the scales of Justice

which is another reason why she wants to help people acknowledge their divine

right to prosperity…

We call forth to St. Germain and Lady Portia to carry in the smallest tip of

the Flame of Violet, to bring in the superfluidity of the Violet Flame that

would transform and transmute negativity, the old paradigm, and the old

ways and the hardened ways, and everything that may have worked before

but to bring in the Light of Transition, the Light of Radiance Approaching,

the Light of the Aquarian Nature, and the Light of GOD moving outward of

Itself into a New Time, into a Golden Era once again on the Earth….

The Violet Flame Meditation Helps To Remove Your Karma

Preparations for the Violet Flame Exercise:

Pick a quiet time when you will not be disturbed. Late at night or

early morning are often good times for meditation. It is best to do

your meditation at the same time every day. In this way, the mind

gets moved to the side, and 'allows' the meditation to take place.

The Basic Violet Flame Meditation:

- Find a quiet place, that is free of distractions.

- Adjust the lighting in the room, so that it is soft.

- Adjust the temperature, so that you are comfortable.

- Loose clothing, or comfortable clothing, is best.

- You can either sit in a chair, or lie down.

- Make yourself as conformable as possible.

- Take several deep breathes, gently breathing in and out.

- Close your eyes and look gently between the eye brows and up.

- Think of something, or someone that you loved as a child.

- By thinking of some one that we love, our heart center opens.

- You will start to consciously relax your body.

- Feel your head, and face, and relax them.

- Feel the expression on your face, let the tension go.

- Feel your neck, and release the tightness there.

- Feel your shoulders, and arms, and allow them to relax....

- Feel your chest, and torso, allowing them to relax....

- Feel your buttocks, thighs, and relax them....