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I stand back detached and I can hear the spirit person I am channeling, but I can’t hear it clearly - and then suddenly it goes blank, that’s really when they are in.

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NO MORE WAR! By Eileen Coleman

Started by Steve Hutchinson, Admin.. Last reply by Ishema, Carol Suchecki yesterday. 1 Reply

NO MORE WAR! - Eileen zizecli-Coleman Posted By…Continue

Sacred Union: Yeshua asks, “Why should love have to wait any longer?”

Started by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. Aug 9. 0 Replies

Sacred Union: Yeshua asks, “Why should love have to wait any longer?”…Continue

Spectacular Spiritual Metamorphosis

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Saint Germain ~ The Current Unfoldings

Started by Steve Hutchinson, Admin.. Last reply by Ishema, Carol Suchecki Jul 4. 1 Reply

Saint Germain ~ The current unfoldingsJuly 3, 2014 Conveyed through Méline Portia Lafont Greetings, I AM Saint Germain  It is with heartfelt sincerity that I compliment Humanity for being such brave…Continue

Djwhal Khul – “Hope”

Started by Angel~a - Admin.. Last reply by Melvin "Yahweh" M. Lusterio May 24. 2 Replies

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.Alright. Well this week I think “Hope” is the keyword and how to work with the energy of hope.We’re going to be experiencing kind of a lot more hap-hazardous…Continue

"Golden Ones of The Army of Light'' - 'We Are Here'

Started by Kereru Pounamu/Kirar Taraishia. Last reply by Michael May 22. 13 Replies

Aotearoa Full Moon Wesak .....Message from 'The Golden Ones'at Our 'Waahi Tapu - Stargate Portal'in Our 'Circle of Love'As I walked thru the rain into OurWaahi Tapu last nite ...I could just see the…Continue

Tags: 'We, Are, Here', -, Army


Started by Angel~a - Admin.. Last reply by Sonja Myriel May 17. 3 Replies

The cosmic gateway of truth, light, love, harmony and abundance has once again opened its heavenly gates for all to partake of. After a long convalesce and recuperation from the energies sent to you…Continue

Council of Nine: On Love

Started by Angel~a - Admin.. Last reply by Angel~a - Admin. May 13. 3 Replies

The Council of Nine: On LoveGreetings… we are the Council of Nine. We come to you today with the purpose of discussing love.On your world, love is a controversial subject. This we find curious as…Continue

Djwhal Khul – “Prep for Wesak 2014″ – 9 May 2014

Started by Angel~a - Admin. May 9. 0 Replies

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.Alright. Wesak Full Moon. It is quite the pilgrimage and this year more so than ever because of influences of Neptune. The psychic portals will be wide open plus the…Continue

Understanding the TIME and SPACE continuum. Working with the NOW moment of time. Walking into your POWER. AA Metatron & 33rd Dimension ~

Started by Angel~a - Admin.. Last reply by David Doğan Beyo May 7. 2 Replies

As the time is moving in the spinning direction of the sun and the opposite direction of the moon, expanding and contracting has thereby created a vortex and your linear time as you know it is…Continue

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Comment by Beverly Karakochuk on October 23, 2013 at 6:32am

I thank you for this amazing group, It is an honour to be here.

Comment by Marek Andrzej Żarecki on May 24, 2013 at 9:53am

On my blog shows a lot of interesting information, I invite you to read.

Fashion in the God's standards .

In Love and Light.

Marek Andrzej Żarecki

Comment by TheFlashRon on February 26, 2013 at 3:59am

A heartfelt greeting to all here... I have just joined this group and wish to post a very special video by the Earth Allies, published on Feb. 16 2013.

Comment by xx on September 25, 2012 at 1:28pm

Thank you for a wonderful group! Blessings <3

Comment by Galina on May 25, 2012 at 1:55pm
Comment by Amanda Carol Engels on March 1, 2012 at 5:40am

Aaahhh, Yes.

Comment by Whitefeather on February 29, 2012 at 4:21pm

Channeling using a Purple Sheen Obsidian sphere. 29.2.12

This Sacred Day out of Time, it does not exist in your material world and so you are like, the hand of a cloak trying to move forward yet stuck and continually trying without success, to move forward. Your world has become obsessed and oppressed by time. Money and greed. In the ethos of time, none of these things truly exist, they are but illusions that keep you believing you must have more of the same in order to move forward. How can this be ? Surely more of the same adds to the burdens and weight you are already carrying ? How will more of the same fulfill the need within you when it has clearly failed to do so thus far ? How long can you bash your heads on walls before you fall unconscious and die ?
What you seek cannot be found in your material world. It cannot be found in paper and monetary systems. It cannot be found in the poisons you are told will heal you. It cannot be found in the adulterated foods you eat. It cannot be found by allowing others to lead you. It cannot be found outside yourself. Even your ‘new age’ guru’s cannot give it to you, not even those that tell you to reach out to the universe. For the universe is not ‘out there’ , it is within you. It is within all things and if you wish to experience it you must first open yourself to understand and know what is inside yourself and what you are capable of.
Would you travel from one metropolis to another and then simply say “ Hey, I’m here “ when there is clearly a door that needs opening ? Why wait for someone, who may not come, to open it for you ? Do you not have a physical body and hands to open it with yourself ? “A key, I don’t have a key” you cry plaintively. YES YOU DO ! Open your heart, open all of your senses, connect all of yourself back together and then you will find that elusive key. You have all the equipment and resources to open the door. But always you wait for someone else to open it and if they do not come, you look elsewhere. Always you look outside yourselves when you should look within.
Your being, both physical and spiritual, have become fragmented by the ingestion of impure foods, by toxic substances that mask the messages your mind, body and soul are trying to share with you. You have shut the door to your own true ally - YOURSELF. When your body hurts, you do not listen to it, speak with it, instead you rush to someone else to ‘mend’ it, to make a quick fix. Yet if you listened to yourself, your body, your heart, you wouldn’t need anyone else to fix you, you would know how to mend yourself with natural ways that are in harmony with your body and the natural flow of life.
When you can again run with Wolves, soar with the Eagle, swim with the Dolphin and dance with the Salamanders, then you will feel again what it is that you have lost, what it is to be whole again. When you sleep with the Bear, rise from the Fires of life like the Phoenix into the Air, sing your emotions like the Whale, then you will have found yourself once more and your connection to all that is. For it is your connection that is missing.
You are born spiritual beings into a physical body and physical world, a world of concrete where you cannot feel the Earth Mother beneath your feet, cannot breathe sweet pure, unpolluted Air, or drink crystal clear, pristine spring Waters. Instead of Fire to create warmth and light, a living being that you share space with, it is used to burn and destroy . You destroy your foods with heat and Fire, produce toxic fumes and create nothing but death and destruction.
You are killing yourselves and your planet and you are blaming one another, blaming a system that you have created and that you feed and keep alive with your own actions. Even those amongst you who recognise these messages and warnings, do nothing or very little, and so the disconnection grows.

Step away from foods that you have not grown, tended and prepared for yourselves. Step away from poisons that kill you, that mask the messages your body wishes to send you, and look to the natural pharmacy that Mother Nature has provided for you. Step away from the need to have a paper value on everything, and value instead the things that paper cannot bring you.
If it is a return to a garden of Eden existence that you desire, then you have to step away from the world you are used to and walk with like minded souls to begin to create the garden you desire to live in. A garden can only flourish if it is tended, watered and loved. You have let your own gardens die and only you can bring them back to life again. If you do not put the effort in to tending the garden, how can you expect it to produce the sustenance and beauty that you seek ?
The message of this Sacred day is simple yet profound. Cut the strings that are holding you as a puppet and take full responsibility for yourself, for all aspects of yourself, and the life you wish to create. Do not allow yourself to be fooled any longer by the greed of others that will tell you that you need this or that and that you can only have it if you have monetary systems of value. You cannot eat money, money buys you corrupted foods and medicines. All you need for a beautiful, sustained and nourished life, lives within you, within every soul on the planet. It is time to wake up and become that enlightened soul you long to be, who is whole, healthy and working collectively towards a sustainable future for everyone.
2012 is humanities wake up call, it is time to get active, make statements of intention, not by sitting in concrete cities then going home to continue buying into the material existence. But by stepping out and not relying on or supplying the current detrimental systems. Wake up, step away and start creating your garden.

I am the vastness that lives within you all, I am the empty void, yet I am all that exists. I am that which you seek and I am untouchable, yet I am the sound of your heart and the pleasure of that moment that’s sparks your imagination. I am your desires and your fears. I am you, I am me, I am all, yet I am nothing. And so it is with you. Become the infinite spirit that you are.

Comment by Sonja Myriel on January 24, 2012 at 11:15pm

Comment by Amanda Carol Engels on January 11, 2012 at 9:38am

Welcome welcome Marlon. Amanda

Comment by Sonja Myriel on January 11, 2012 at 9:11am

WELCOME HOME, dear Marlon :-)))



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