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World Cup Trumpets: a different perspective

Greetings Dear Friends, I am Tarak, Sound Master of Arcturus. As you all know I was with you last year to work closely with you on the creation and formation of the Sound Grid around the Planet, in preparation for the times to come. Then I returned to Arcturus, and now I am back. Once again residing within the Pyramid of Sound.

The purpose of me being here at this time relates most powerfully to the alignment of the Planets at this time, the powerful inflow of energies to the Earth a this time, for it is vital – and I do not use that word lightly – it is vital that these energies from the Planetary alignments be transformed into Sound activations within the Earth Planet.

Many things are happening upon your Planet, and sometimes you do not associate them with the Planetary alignments or with Sound. I ask you to do so this evening. I would say to you that the whole world has come together at this time to Sound these energies into the Earth. You might think to yourself “How is this happening?” and I point you to what you call your World Cup of Football, which is currently taking place at this time of alignment in South Africa. Now I am sure if any of you have viewed any portion of this celebration from South Africa you will have noticed one thing, the incredible Sound Vibration that is being created within that celebration. It is being, shall we say, trumpeted around the World! There are even some who are complaining and seeking to ban these wonderful instruments of Sound, for it is like a massive drone of Bees, have you not heard this? Do not close your ears to this, Dear Ones, for this is the Heart of what is happening on your Planet at this time. Within this drone of sound that will be created at each of your matches, as you call them, and even outside of those on the joyful celebrations throughout South Africa, there are 7 distinct notes coming together to create the vibration of Sound.

Some of you were profoundly moved by this ‘droning’, what you have in South Africa at this time is that multiplied millions and millions of times. Think for a moment of the Power of this Sound !

I am here to ask each one of you not to close your ears to this Sound or to become irritated by this Sound, but to absorb it and allow it to flow through you and into the Earth. I am here to guide that Sound into the grid that was created and laid down with Beloved Krista last year.

Now, I want you to listen to South Africa, listen with your Heart, and listen now with the knowledge of what is happening. This is exactly what is happening at this time in South Africa, but more than that, it is a time of great Joy. There is an outpouring of Joy and Love, one for another, for all those who are in attendance at this event. But most of all, it is the specific Sound that is being created at this event, which is part of what is meant to be at this time.

The powerful energies of the Planetary alignments are flowing into the Earth, and through these Sounds are being resonated into the Earth and into Beings around the World through your mass media. Yes indeed, it may indeed irritate some, but when you think of that Sound Vibration activating in Billions of Billions of People’s Hearts, you will begin to see and understand why everything was meant to happen at this time.

Everything that is related to the Sound frequencies of the Earth. You see, it is time for the “Harmonics” who have held the Earth in Balance within the 3rd Dimension to let go, to shift their focus fully into the 5th Dimensional Frequencies, to hold the Earth in Balance and propel it forward, for the 5th Dimension is merely a station on the way to higher and higher Dimensions.

You will work with this with your labyrinth in the years to come – this transition of Dimensions. Beloved Earth has stayed too long in one Dimension, and it forgot it’s place in the Cosmos. By Decree, this will not be allowed to happen again, so when it shifts completely into the 5th Dimensional Frequency the Earth will know and you will know that it is not to stay in that Dimension, but to move onwards and upwards. Much of this will be achieved through the Sound, the Sound of Joy, 7 different Frequency notes coming together to drone like a Bee, like a billion Bees. Let it fill your Hearts; let it empathize with the Joyfulness of your Hearts. For this World Cup of yours is more than an event, it is a ‘happening’ within your Ascension that has long been planned. It is often said that Africa is the cradle of Humanity, where else would you start anew?, and how else would you start but with the power of Sound?

I am delighted to be here at this time, to be supporting what is happening within each one of you, and within all those Beings of Light who are creating their Sound of Joy over and over and over again for the whole of this period of planetary alignment.

The Creator works in mysterious ways does he not? Yes. So within your Hearts now, focus on this Sound, the Sound of the Horns of Africa. The power of the Horns in your Bible, it was the Horns that brought down the walls of Jericho. These Horns will break down the walls of fear, the walls of Illusion, and release Joy into the World. Powerful times Dear Ones, Powerful times!

You are being asked to focus more on Community, on being together and coming together, so even though your may not be interested in the game of Football, I urge you to take every opportunity to join your Heart with the hearts of all those in that place, and to Sound your Sound to add to theirs, to lift the Earth finally and unequivocally into its new Dimensional frequency.

I thank you for allowing me to come here this evening and be with you.

Blessings be upon each and every one of you. I await your Hearts in the Pyramid of Sound.

Focus within your Hearts, focus on your own uniqueness, your own unique Sound and recognize that this Sound is not a single note, but a combination of harmonies in much the same way as the Sounds of the trumpets in South Africa, many notes fusing together as ONE to create a new World. Let your Sound be heard!!


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Comment by Myriel RAouine on June 18, 2010 at 6:27pm
Wow, this goes and in hand with the dscussion I psted in "Help for Mother Eart and Her Beings" about Creaing Peace for South Africa! Tank yyou so ucfor sting this!I thnk that SOUNDlays aninstruntal role in our celebratiions on June 26, too... I will meditate on that ;-)

Love, Light, Blessings and THANKS,

Sonja Myriel

Comment by Ana Antaka on June 18, 2010 at 6:41pm
I listened to the sounds this morning as I watched the USA vs Slovenia game (a tie). I wish I had read this article before. I was comforted by the sounds. I've not understood all the objections to them. I'm glad you are here again to guide us through this transformation on all levels and aspects.
peace and blessings,
Comment by Angel~a on June 18, 2010 at 6:45pm
Thank You Kathleen for this beautiful channeling! It all makes sense to me. Vibrations are everything-everything has a vibration-sound. This is how you manifest!:)
Comment by Patrice Baker on June 20, 2010 at 1:50pm
I'v been hearing sounds but it dose not sound like a bee. They sound like a faint sound of a bell, one tone that goes in and out. It will do it for a whole hour. My hearing is really good so is my sense of smell. Which people tell me I can smell too much. But I don't hear any bee sound or vibration yet. Not that low of a tone. But if I hear it I will try to tune into it.


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