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When family comes around in different forms

Family has been defined by human perception in the western world as to the physical human blood relations, our parents, siblings, aunt and uncles, cousins and nephews, children and grandchildren. Yet if you grew up in the world in countries where it was more common to connect with nature, in every form, it has a totally different outcome the way you perceive as family.

The indigo were taught that physical as well etheric energies are also part of family. As we take a look at our ancestors and the lineage we come from, we perceive it as family as well. We are connected with our world in more then one way. So when do we perceive this as family as well?

I believe in the connection I have with the trees for instance, as being part of my energy patterns as well. Because I can sense the energy and feel the connection, it is a part of my family in a different form. The messages as I receive them, through the world of the birds, the animals around me, my pets, to me that is family as well.

The common ground is the way our energy connects with ease and comes from the heart. Now we are used to the connection we have with our physical human family. Yet not with every soul we are connected in the same way, even though we are family. With some I can relate and identify, with others I have trouble to connect. So what is it, that defines family for me?

Old ways of perceiving versus new ways maybe. The way I felt with my family on both sides, from my father as well my mother, was different because of the way the energy felt. There is some underlying energy line, coming through the ancestors and the lineage we need to attract. These energies are part of our soul and the lifetime experience we start when we come to life in this 3D world, on this planet.

What ever lessons we want to learn, or which experiences we want to heal, we are connected with the right kind of energy connection. The lineage that is such a deep part of us and goes back down the timeline generations ago. The way I am wired is from this ancient connection in my family line.

There is another family line that is meeting up again for me. Everyone I connect with in an immediate recognition and awareness of the familiarity. To me there is a connection on a deep level, born in the deep memory bank of my soul so to speak. It feels like a coming home again, when I meet up with someone I connect with on that level.

The ease and warmth, the way of being understood, no need to explain myself for who I am. Because there is a thread that already is been connected directly from soul to soul. My soul family so to speak. This is a way of perceiving family as well. We speak of soul mates, of soul family, of soul tribes. The differences that are ingrained within every members even within my human family by blood line.

When I am met with love and understanding, we are crossing a bridge. The confusion that sometimes is felt, about what is correct and not, can be altered when Love or Light is the key within the encounter. This will enable us to step forwards and meet up with an open mind and willing to meet the other members of our extended family.

The moment we are able to invite the other family members within our heart, there is the change in perception as well. We all know the way we can connect with our pets, the way they make us feel, when it’s coming from love. They are part of our family, they are family members as well. They connect on a deeper level with our soul and our hearts.

Then we can relate with nature and all her beings. The way we can connect with every animal, in any way, shape or form. The way we are able to nourish them as being part of our family. The way we respond to each other in return, receiving the unconditional love.

The reason we all care for the well being for not just our domestic animals, also the animals living in the wild, in the forests and seas, on mountains and in deserts. They all are part of this creation we call earth, and we are all connected with each other in one way or the other. Family comes in many shapes and forms as soon as it becomes the connection through heart and soul.

The love is the master key in the way we connect with each other that makes us feel the familiar connection. For some it is with a dog, others like cats more. Falling in love with any kind of little new born, because that reflects our compassion and our inner connection with this miracle of life. We all can relate to the pure joy, laughter and also the grieve, when it’s time to say goodbye when their life span is ended.

Part of our family we have to let go. This might differ for each and every one. Yet we all are known with the impact is has when we see nature in trouble, either a forest, or animal, our own kin and others. This connection is bigger then just the blood line between each other. We are family in different ways, with different energy fields.

On a deep inner level, we are connected with each other. Love and compassion, are keys in the way we embrace another soul as family. Many are able to connect with the unseen world and able as well to communicate and bring the messages into this 3D material world. Magical events that take place with souls that are connected and related in a different form and matter.

This might be confusing for a lot of people, yet for those who already are able to communicate with each other, there is this family connection. All is energy and all is connected with each other. The way we relate to it is making the difference. You decide how open minded you can be. Deciding about the way you are able to invite your extended family members. With an open heart and mind and a loving heart, the souls that are related on a deeper level, will meet and find each other to connect again.

And so it will be done

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
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Comment by Richard Levison on September 20, 2019 at 8:10am

Hi! I acknowledge two extended families in my life the family of humanity and the family of the Raelians.

Comment by Rhea Dopmeijer on September 20, 2019 at 8:34am

good morning Richard, that's pretty extended then for you <3 we each experience our sense of family or familiarity in our own way

in loving connection 



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