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What will the end of the Mayan calendar mean?


What will the end of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011 mean?

For some time there has been a discussion as to what is the true end date of the Mayan calendar, October 28, 2011 or December 21, 2012, and somewhat paradoxically this has raged without a definition of what the “end” would mean.  As October 28, 2011 is now coming close the definition of this “end” is something that may be important to clarify. The contemporary Maya no longer follow the long cycles of the ancient calendar system and so do not want to take a stand in the matter. The ancient Maya on the other hand has left a message in the Tortuguero monument 6 as to what they expected the end of the calendar to mean. What it says there is essentially that the nine-step, or nine-support, entity of period endings, Bolon Yokte Kuh, will appear in his full regalia. To me at least it is quite clear that this means that the nine levels of consciousness, corresponding to the nine waves of evolution, will then manifest. (Those that want a detailed discussion of this are referred either to my article on the Tortuguero monument on or Mark van Stone’s book 2012 Prophecy and Science of the Ancient Maya).

Hence, the ancient Mayan description of the end of the calendar is quite esoteric, or abstract if you like, and it is in its place to ask for more measurable criteria for what the end of the calendar means. In my understanding, since the ninth of these waves brings a unity consciousness to the world the criteria for the end of the Mayan calendar is that the duality based civilization of the world collapses, which would include not only the systems of rule, but also the capitalist system of the economy. This, I feel is what we have reasons to expect for October 28, 2011 and not only here on our planet, but all over the universe in places that we may have no contact with. The latter is a consequence of the fact that the Mayan calendar is not based on astronomical cycles in our local solar system, but has a truly cosmic, divine, all encompassing origin.

The December 21, 2012 date on the other hand has no real meaning whatsoever even if the archeologists mostly will say that this date, or December 23, 2012, is the end of the calendar. It has surprised me how many people, sometimes called evolutionary leaders, that have uncritically accepted this date without thinking. After all, it has the tzolkin energy of 4 Ahau, which by definition precludes that it is an end date. People, who in my view really should have known better and otherwise may be very critical of established views, have here sided with the archeologists, a group of people that look upon the Mayan calendar as a superstition to begin with. (So why would they be trusted in such a critical matter to humanity?) A true end date must have the energy of 13 Ahau, like October 28, 2011 because only with this energy would all the waves give full transparency to the light of creation. And, one might want to add, only with such a transparency would a collapse of our duality based civilization be likely to occur.

One can also say with some certainty that time as we have experienced it up until now as directed (the so called arrow of time) is likely to come to an end as the Mayan calendar does. This is because up until October 28, 2011 the evolution of our planet and the universe has been driven by nine different waves developing phenomena in a directed manner from seed to mature fruit. It is thus essentially a misunderstanding when people say that the Mayan calendar is cyclical in nature. It is true that the tzolkin, the 260 day sacred calendar, which is the only aspect of the ancient prophetic calendar system still in use among the Maya, is cyclical in nature. But it is not this calendar that we are talking about when we are talking about the Mayan calendar coming to an end at October 28, 2011. What is coming to its fullness are the nine levels of evolution, the nine directed waves that have created the universe on the largest scale. At least regarding its level of consciousness the evolution of the universe will then have been completed and it will then have attained its highest quantum state. I have for a long time been saying that it is much more relevant to talk about the completion of a climb to the highest level of a nine-storied pyramid than to talk about an “end” of the calendar.

There are however still some open questions as to how this attainment of the highest level of consciousness would apply to our experience of time and what calendar, if any, to follow after October 28, 2011. Will for instance the various tzolkin energies continue to influence our personal lives? Will the nine waves continue indefinitely with their current frequencies or will they stop? At closer thought it is probably unlikely that the tzolkin would continue if the waves stop, since the tzolkin is essentially a temporal microcosm of the waves. On the other hand if the waves continue the same would most likely be true for the tzolkin as it represents a microcosm of these waves. If the waves, and especially the ninth wave, continue after October 28, 2011 we should however be aware that this would not mean that evolution continues. Evolution is a phenomenon of both a biological and cultural nature that is generated as the universe has climbed to higher and higher levels of consciousness and through processes in thirteen steps from seed to mature fruit. Because on October 28, 2011 the universe attains its highest quantum state there will however be no higher state to evolve to. Rather if indeed the waves continue indefinitely this would be experienced more like a grinding process of the world and the human beings. This would go on until the unity consciousness of the Ninth wave has finally been established and all phenomena inconsistent with this weeded out.

I do not think it is possible to judge yet if the waves will come to an end or not even if I am increasingly inclined to believe that they will continue indefinitely. Linked to this uncertainty is the question what calendars would be  most meaningful to follow after October 28, 2011. We should then be aware that in the long history of the Mayan calendar many aspects of the calendar system have both come and gone. Depending on the particular era in which people have been living different aspects of the calendar system may or may not have been useful. This is how the Long Count came and went because it was essentially meaningful only in a particular era and then became less strongly experienced by the Maya to the point that they lost it altogether. We have ourselves recently experienced. The same phenomenon of an aspect of the calendar system suddenly becoming useful as it became necessary to follow the Ninth wave with a 18 day period in order to understand the course of events. A few years ago a calendar with 18 days would however not have been very useful and it still remains to be seen what calendar, if any, it will be meaningful to follow after October 28, 2011.

Carl Johan Calleman
4 Etznab, October 6, 2011

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