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What is it about Touch you ask?

“The ear participates, and helps arrange marriages;
the eye has already made love with what it sees.

The eye knows pleasure, delights in the body's shape:
the ear hears words that talk about all this.

When hearing takes place, character areas change;
but when you see, inner areas change.

If all you know about fire is what you have heard
see if the fire will agree to cook you!

Certain energies come only when you burn.
If you long for belief, sit down in the fire!

When the ear receives subtly; it turns into an eye.
But if words do not reach the ear in the chest, nothing happens.”

- Rumi, Night and Sleep

So what is it about Touch?

When you feel into things, such as a word like Touch, immediately all kind of meanings come up, so tracking the pattern down to the root core of it, what is it what this wants to be told about touch.
In the beginning of Creation, there was the touch of Infinity upon each spark of the Universal Divine Energy to bring forward the life as we know it today. The very first touch we as a human receive is the touch by birth as a little infant, and the very first imprint this makes.

Touch is defined by its nature, or by its input, whether or not, it is been done with love, fear, hatred, consent, the impact will make the difference therefor how we receive to be touched emotionally, or physically and also mentally, for words can touch you as hard as a stroke with a sword. So how to define touch then?

So I asked internally for an explanation or answer or any kind of reaction that might give some insight about this phenomenon and its complexity, weaved within our society as well our languages, our interactions with each other based on religions as well belief systems.

For every culture has its own boundaries and thoughts about this topic. And at the same time it is universal, overstepping every boundary if we bring in Love as key factor; touch from the Heart, the way touch was meant to be initially, before we forgot what it was like to be touched by the Universal Unconditional Touch of Love.

We exist by touch that’s for sure for touch is more than physical,
touch is the moving of energy on every and any kind of level.
It starts with an intention so to speak from the heart or not,
for it is colored through every emotion we all have within us.
Touch can be loving, can be painful, touch can be cruel
And touch can cause pleasure.

We ache for a gentle loving touch and why is that?
Where did it start in the first place, the word we choose for an
action or is it a reaction to an action, or we could even say,
touch is all in One.

It enables us to feel, it enables us to sense; it enables us to hear,
It enables us to see, so all 5 senses we have are involved in this
process of energy and yes the heart is involved as well in a big way.

For there is where we can find our origin, the first original touch,
we have forgotten and are in the process of remembering as well
the first initial touch that created us, each of us as a unique spark
of the Divine Infinite Energy that creates Life and Love within us.
Within this human body we are being gifted to create our way of loving as well lack thereof through so many ways.

Our multidimensional ability to create music that touches the hearts, Lovingly spoken words that reach deep within our hearts to rekindle, And recognize the initial experience we have been gifted with.It is not for just us as human beings that we are able to interact

Through the energy of touch, for the animal and vegetable world
react to it as well.. It’s a universal experience, the gift of touch.
It is found deep within our cellular memory or our bodies, it is
experienced in every level of our soul’s experiences to be found
In the emotional wounds we are carrying within ourselves, to
be brought into the daylight of events again for healing through

Yes, touch, energetic even by a loving thought and tapping into
The Chi of Life as a healing and loving touch to create balance within an unbalanced situation we find ourselves in.
We use it in our language as well as in our expressions; you have touched my heart and your art touched me deeply are just examples of the complexity and yet simple experience touch creates between every interaction.

So are we now bringing this to another level so to speak, or are we just remembering the impact the first original Touch by Creation had on us, being human, in a human body, enabling us to touch each other, physically, emotionally, mentally, etheric ally.

We have been given a free will to choose how we want to
Touch each other and why we need to be touched as well.
Is one and the same, the two sides of a coin, to touch and be touched.

For in the initial core essenceTouch is Love, Life, Light embedded
as a compass, as a unique spark, to be no longer lost, feeling alone, for in this space between the touch and being touched
lies the always inert inner connection we all share, with one another as well the Creator.

For we are both, the creation and the creator,
Entwined in every intention to reach out to touch
as well the need to feel the loving embracing touch,
to bring in this holy union within back into Life
as the grand expression of the first intent and touched
by the Divine Universal Entity we call the Creator,
the All that we Are, in every sense of the word,

And so it is and will be

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 29-12-2014

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