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What is it about Elements, or Elementals?

What is it about elements, or elementals?
Energy types (elementals, incarnate angels, wise ones, star seeds) and energy phases (indigo, crystal, rainbow)
When you hear the term Elemental, think Earthy. Elementals are earth energies. They are higher energy beings incarnated into human form for the purpose of helping humanity. Elementals are probably the most diverse group of the mentioned categories. Saying someone is an elemental is sort of like saying someone has blond hair. It’s a very diverse group that can sometimes only be linked by a single characteristic – that earthy elemental connection.
Elementals are known for their quick triggers to anger but are also very quick to forgive and forget. All elementals are capable of spiraling psychic fireballs when they get angry, so elementals must be mindful of their psychic and energy projections. Elementals are natural healers and energy channels, but they must remain mindful of their mood when doing so. One time, I had a terrible migraine and I asked my then five year old elemental daughter Avery to please help my head.
From an early age, Avery could use her hands to send “rainbows” or “ice cream cones” (a common way to help young children learn how to channel happy or healing energy). But that day, she was angry. And when she placed her hands on my head, it felt like a dozen daggers were piercing my brain. I flinched and literally lost my wits for a few seconds. Elementals needs to be aware of the pure, raw, and unfiltered energy power they possess.
Leslie Draper, 2013
When we think about the elements, our first thoughts are earth, water, fire, air and ether, the 5 elements we all are familiar with. Maybe some more then others, yet we all understand that these elements are connecting us with Nature. If you would take a deeper look at the basic principles of these 5 elements you will find that these elements are also represented within our bodies, cells and organs. In our food as well our drinks these elements play a major role in our lives.
All these elements are necessary to be in balance in order to establish a good health, a healthy environment and a healthy relationship with each other in a deeper connection then most people realize. All is connected with each other and everything is energy. So every action we take is creating a reaction. The elements also influence each other.
Water can put out fire, air can create a major fire from a little flame, water can be like a little small stream or a flood like a tsunami, air can be like a little breeze or a devastating tornado. Earth can be fertile or barren when there is no water, to much water will be helpful if you want to grow rice, yet most of the times it will make it impossible to grow any. All these elements are also to be found in health issues and the different ways the medical world is treating the dis-balances or dis-eases.
I remember being a child I loved to be in the woods close to our house, climbing trees, and playing with the guys of our street, a real tomboy I was. Yet it was also the connection with the trees and the water stream that made me feel good and allowed my inner senses to calm down. Little did I know at the time why I was in need of this connection caused by my high sensitivity and empathic nature.
Even during my time at kindergarden was easier cause it was situated at the edge of the woods, so our playground had the same sense. Growing up I always was attracted to the woods and every time I was in need of soothing my nerves, being in the stillness and quietness of the forest close by school I strolled on my own, just breathing the air and enjoying the company of some ducks and peacocks, the birds making their own songs, feeling one with the elements and part of it.
On holidays we went to the campingsite with my family and I loved the early hours in the morning around 6 or 7 am, and used to disappear in the forest for a while, enjoying the smells and sounds, the energy that fueled my system and enabled me to keep an inner balance. All this was just by instinct and came natural, my parents were used to my strolls and at those times, there was nothing to fear, or somehow, I never feared walking alone and on my own, for i never was alone and kept safe.
I loved all the stories as a child reading about the fairy kingdom and the assistance they offered. and who doesn't love the movie Peter Pan where we as children were still connected with the magic and connection with Nature and Magical adventures as part of our heritage.
As did the movie Avatar was showing the great connection of community with Source and Mother Earth, receiving and sharing the healing energies in communion. And the book written by Dorothy Maclean about Angels and Deva's, the way we are able to communicate with them by telepathy brought this fairy world even closer by.
She also taught me the way I could develop this natural instinct I had with Nature and my comfort in the silence that I found during my long walks through the forests in my lifetime. My nerves always were soothed after these walks, breathing in the purity of the trees and plants, after a rainy day or on a summer's day, all the different smells, all the different colors through all the seasons we have in my country.
For me this has always been like Home, and the healing element in my life. Listening to the signs, watching the signals I could read in the sky, the different shapes of the clouds, telling their own story, showing messages through different forms that magically appears when you take notice.
This is my personal story in my connection with the elements and elementals that showed up in my life time and the biggest lessons I have learned along the way. Mother Nature mends not just the physical body with all her gifts she has in our plant/root world, for every dis-ease she has a cure. The air elementals are also great messengers if you pay notice and if you listen closely to the sounds in Nature, no matter in what country you live, you will always receive a gift with unconditional Love.
It is here for you to explore, to receive, to give back in return, lovingly, sometimes fierce and bold, sometimes fiery and fiesty, other times soothing and calming, so follow your own feet and senses, open up to discover and follow your instinct and intuition to bring back in the beautiful connection we all share with each other and all of Creation <3 One Love <3 One Breath <3 One Heart Beat.
And so it is and will be done,
for the highest good of all of Creation
High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt messages 18-5-2015

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