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What is it about Channeling?

Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and angelic beings, nature spirits, non-physical entities or even animals and pets. A channeler is very similar to a translator or interpreter. They allow themselves to feel or sense the communication from the other being. The channeler then attaches human words to the communications for the understanding by themselves or other humans.

A channeler can choose who or what they want to channel. As long as the other party has an interest in communicating, the link is made and the channeling can begin. For instance, many people channel Archangel Michael. If he agrees to communicate with the channeler, the flow of non-verbal information begins.

The channeler receives the information at an intuitive or feeling level, and then their mind converts the raw information into words. Contrary to popular belief, entities do not generally use human languages because it is considered awkward and clumsy. The richer essence of their message is conveyed through an elegant series of sensory feelings.

Another popular misconception is that a channeler must go into a deep trance state, or surrender their body and/or mind to the entity. But channeling is very similar to any other form of communication, whether verbal, body language, smell or art. They all communicate a message, and the message is subject to the receiver’s understanding. Most well-known channelers today, such as Lee Carroll (Kryon), Steve Rother (the Group) and Ronna Herman (Archangel Michael) are conscious channelers. They are aware of themselves and activities going on in the room. They focus their senses and attention on the entity they are channeling, and then interpret the message. Contemporary channels do not generally leave their bodies or surrender their minds during the communication process.

By Geoffrey Hoppe (Crimson Circle)

So where does all of this leave me over the years?
My first contact with channeling was through Paul Solomon who came to Holland in 1983 and I went to his seminar. What struck me besides the personality of Paul Solomon and his story was the fact that through listening to all of this in English enabled me to tune into the essence and energy of the message. For listening to several other Dutch channelers, such as Zohra, was the language that got in my way to perceive the full content of the messages on a very deep heartfelt level.
My own language would always make me listen to the words and not able to tune in while listening to English messages they were skipped and bringing it to a whole different message within my own being.

Already working as an Energetic and Spiritual Healer I was familiar with channeling although I never had practiced it myself. Until I was getting in a position I really needed to get some clarity and answers which were not provided through the normal channels or talks with others. This had to come from within so I started asking my questions in English and just waited what happened.
To my surprise and also some sort of disbelief I received answers in English in return. What made it authentic for me and could truly connect with the responses, was the fact the answers came in perfect English, written without thinking how to write it down, and was also my proof that it came from some other place then just my mind giving me answers I thought I might need.
So throughout my years, every time I needed some deeper knowledge, I put out my questions into the Universe, waiting for a response and answer, always writing in English, which is my second language, being a Dutchie by birth. Never asked who provided me with answers, never wanted to know actually until last year when I started to write my blogs, What about Love.

Every time is started writing about a theme, correlated with events on personal and world events, the words came flowing through, going beyond the mind perception, leaving me with a message, always ending with a closure and clarity pointed out as my own High Self.
This was the start of my channeled messages by High Self on the topics what about Love in all kind of variety subjects, writing them when my mind is quiet, my need to write is growing, just getting a clear and still posture to receive whatever may come, never questioning it any longer, and no more hesitation to put it out on my blog and social feeds.

So to me channeling became a more natural state of being and gave me the ability to connect more and more with my own inner Being that was there always and around, yet not able to perceive it in the way I can give it a voice right now. Close to Home so to speak.

Activation of Your Inner Light

Activation of your Inner Light
will bring foth more awareness
and will help clearing any
old residue in your lower bodies.
You will accelerate into your
Light Body with ease and grace,
enabling you to step out of
the old shell and into a new
Creation of Self.
Unity with all that Is
and uniting deep within your
cellulair being to come to
more understanding and connection
with all that is still unseen,
erasing the veil that stands
between you and your soul family.
Recognizing any you all are connected
with on this Earth Plane.
The Grid of Light will connect all
and bring forth the Inner light
of your I AM presence,
to be a force of Love and Compassion.
Your inner Buddha can shine
into the World, and Your
Christ Awareness will show the way
of Light, Love and Unity
with all of Creation in the Universe.
Creating a Center of Awareness
and remembering of your own
High Consciousness to be a part
of you, as it always has been.

And so it will be.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages – 3-5-2014

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