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What is it about anxiety and our senses?

I was wondering these days, how come so many people have to go through situations, that cause so much anxiety and what does this mean to our own physical system, as well the emotional and mental part. With all the images we are being showered so to speak, about all the human misery by television and internet, it is hard to stay focused on our own inner connection and stay grounded in the heart of our self, that place where love is the front door. So we can handle these harsh situations with a different eye and from a different perspective.

Why am I writing about this? Because I can sense what kind of effect this has on my own senses and how much effort it cost at times not to be influenced by all the negativity, that is being presented through behavior as well footage. The images so brutally being portrait at times it has lost any kind of respect, or they show show the lack of respect towards any form of Life as it is, being human or any other form of creation.

To me this sensitivity started, no it didn't started, I became aware of it at an early age already, when I was watching a report on television. A bombing had taken place in some distant country and the footage was showing the impact it had. The images were pretty graphic showing the body parts that were lying around, the blood, the rumble and the screams. I was shocked to my core as an infant and asked my father to shut down the television. His answer was short. No. His explanation made more sense when I grew up and could understand, you cannot shut your eyes for reality.

This is true, we don't live in a bubble of our own little world. Because television and internet brought the whole world in our living rooms. We were connecting with each other on so many levels in such a short period of time during the last 50 years. Yet I never got used to the images of brutal behaviour, the agression people were showing towards eachother. When a crowd stampeeded and lost all control. When it wasn't about reason and reasoning with eachother, the yelling and chanting of negativity towards others.

When did we got out of control in such a bad way? Where did we lost respect for one anohter? When did anger won from reasoning and dialogue? When did hate became more powerful seemingly then love? What to think about war and mutulation of each other, our world, our children, our animals, our nature? At one point in time it became clear to me, if I wanted to make a change, all I could really do is starting within myself. For every negativity or emotion, that was not coming from love in my own micro-cosmos internal world, was being reflected and mirrored through the outside macro-cosmic world.

There is no difference between our inner and internal warfare and the reflection we see micro/macro cosmos wise when it comes to proces and understanding. The experiences by growing up, starts within our own family we grow up in; the members of the families around us; the society we grow up in with its set of morals and ethics, religion and gender or racial issues .Unto the culture we are being raised, our hometown, our schools, our jobs, our surroundings, our country. It makes no difference, small or big, essentially we all go through the same experiences one way or the other.

Sure there are people who seem to have an easy life, not much problems financially or health wise. We always wonder how do they achieve that state of balance some how, when everything works in their favor. I came to the understanding growing up, how much difference it already made looking at our neighbours and neighbourhood. Some fathers maintained a higher position on the social ladder, some had more kids then my family, some were catholic, others not. Some were nice to each other, some not so much. And I learned to stay away from people around me, who were sending out the negative vibe, caused mostly by the way they handled their own experiences through life.

What became clear as well, is the impact negativity has on our emotional system. Some of the kids I used to play with, didn't had a very balanced family to grow up in. They had to learn to deal with situations , which created anxiety within themselves caused by a lack of safe feeling. If one thing is definitely clear, is we all need one basic concept. A safe home, where the needs are being met. In every area, physical, mental and emotional in order to grow up into a balanced human being. If those needs weren't met, the level of anxiety within grew and was visible in the way people could react to situations. Sometimes they got ill when the anxiety within was to hard to handle.Sometimes this anxiety expressed it self by acting out in a verbal or physical manner.

Being highly sensitive , to me it was a necessity to keep my anxiety level as balanced as possible, because any sense of anxiety within seeks an outlet. For me it was through crying that enabled me to release a higher level of strain on my nerves system. Or my anger was being expressed in an outlet of verbal raising my voice up to yelling at times. Specially when someone deliberately crossed my boundaries and ignored my needs or wants. Even, or should I say especially when they were expressed. Being denied of my needs always created anxiety within. It triggered somehow emotions I not always knew or understood where they were connected with. No knowledge about any kind of experiences, that raised some emotions from a very deep core within my self.

So my life was pretty comfortable and the issues that caused anxiety, were minimal in compare to the stories we see on television about war victims, about refugees, the reactions of anger, misunderstandings and judgement. The violence that even continues among the people who are hoping for a safe place to live with their family. The little ones, the infants, the young women and the effects all of this turmoil has on their life. As well the rolmodels such as the agressor is for the youngsters. They are being taught and learn by example the effects, when all is out of balance between gender, race or politics. The impact of anxiety is so high, it can only be a journey of survival, not a journey through life the way it is supposed to be.

All senses are involved during this proces. The images we watch and see, the smell of the burned down cities, the cries and crying we hear, the pain we feel in our heart when we are watching this from a safe place. In our own comfortable homes behind a television. And yet this already has its impact on our own well being, our own level of misunderstandings and judgemental receptions. It touches us deeply in our heart. And more than that. It touches us deep in the heart of the matter. When ever we are being confronted with anything that isn't love, it will create anxiety on so many levels, through all our senses. All we can do at times is to adress our own anxiety and heal our own emotional, physical and mental wounds.

Or is this the way we can create a change, not just within ourselves, yet also around us. Even if we reach one other person through a heartfelt smile, a small gesture of being acknowledged, that already creates a difference. Even if we are not able to heal the world from all anxiety, we never should stop our attempt, to heal our own inner anxiety on any level, through love, compassion and kindness towards ourselves first. This way we can share this with our own family, our surroundings and by doing so, we can be that little stone, that was thrown in the ocean and created ripples of Love and understanding towards each other.
For we all are connected with each other, we all are family and we all need to take care of each other. There is only one way to heal any wound, and that is through Love, unconditional Love inwards as well outwards.

and so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages 26-9-2015

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