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So, what’s in a symbol?

You are guided today by the ladybird –This is a time of good fortune and abundance, So be willing to receive all good things Into your life.

You ask yourself and then the process starts like a domino stone pushing one against the other to bring in more clarity about symbolism and symbols we all know and are familiar with somehow.

Our world consists of so many symbols, inner and outer world connecting, through religion, Nature’s kingdom, prayers, geometry, it is a language on its own and lots of the symbols are universal being used as well. Influenced also by cultures, nations, society.

We can trace the use of symbols a long way back through history. Also looking at Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Desks, Totem Animals, Angels, the Zodiac, they are filled with symbols.

Come to think of it, wherever you look, you will find symbols everywhere to express something and how powerful they can be, watching traffic signs for instance to make sure it will be safe when we pay attention.

Is it just a creative outlet, a compression visualized in a symbol to express the meaning in the ordain life as well as in the spiritual world? The artist who needs to express his creativity through symbols, either art work, music, poetry. As in statues like a Buddha or the Cross, the OM symbol, we apparently need the use of symbols as humanity, for we are the only specie on this planet that use symbols.

Definition – a symbol is an object that represents, stands for, or suggests an idea, visual image, belief, action, or material entity. Symbols take the forms of words, sounds, gestures, or visual images and are used to convey ideas and beliefs. Like numerals are symbols for number, person names are symbol representing individuals as a point beyond itself.

It is a way of expression of individual and groups like the way I decorate my room with statues of Buddha for the energy it represents to me, the love, compassion and kindness to attract this into my living environment as a constant to help me focus and be aware to implement this in my life.

Like Angels represent to me the Higher connections with Source, whether I call it Devas or Angels, the connection I feel with Earth and Source are coming together in the images of certain animals with their interpretations we are been given. To me the Eagle is connected with my own ability to soar above a situation or experience and connect the dots so to speak.

We all have our own symbols, always connected through the energy they represent, like the old ways taught us to watch at the animals and take their strength, or their patience, whatever it was that defined this special creature as a symbol to bring it in our own way of living or strengthen our own character, or own inner soul’s experience.

Even our children or grandchildren represent a symbol in our life – they are a living example of wealth, virility in some cultures, or a long lasting life in comfort as a family taking care of each other.

For men it can be their legacy and the next generation are being part of their lineage, as for women they are the symbol of motherhood, of being part of creation. So no matter which stage of our life we are, nor which gender we choose, within creation we see symbols in order to define ourselves, and by spreading these different symbols we are connecting with each other, teach each other, mirror each other.

By doing so new symbols are being created, witnessing together the evolving ways of making a statement we are all part of Creation and living examples as a symbol of All That Is represented in every form, where species and nature becoming universal symbolism.

We can create new symbols and create new expressions while in the meantime we finally start to remember and understand all we are is an example of expression of Life and Love.

And so it will Be in every lifetime, an expanding and flowing expression of Creation

High Self – @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 24-11-2014

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