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Montague Keen - December 13, 2015

You must realise by now that we in spirit can see what is going on in your world. I chose to make you aware of what is being done to wipe out humanity. There are just a few unawakened people who object to this, as they do not wish to know the truth. That is entirely their own decision. They want me to lie to you, and tell you that all is well, and that Agenda 21 does not really exist. I cannot do this. 

Before my passing, Veronica and I, made a pledge that we would bring forward whatever information was 
necessary to protect humanity. This is what we are doing. Agenda 21 cannot be achieved without your input. I ask that you do not just take my word for this. Do your own research and learn the terrible truth for yourselves. My dear wife has dedicated her life to protecting humanity and the Earth. Agenda 21 is being rolled out by so many, including the Vatican, which is firmly pushing it, along with your politicians. 

Acquaint yourselves with what Agenda 21 covers, and you will be shocked to the core. Nothing will ever belong to you again: not your CHILDREN, your homes, nor your possessions. These will all become the property of the state. Is this what you want? 

It matters not what political party is in power as they all support Agenda 21. You are being lied to about absolutely everything. The climate is what they are pushing this week. Again, it is all manipulated science, to which some will put their names, as long as the price is right. Why are they pushing Global Warming now? This is one huge scam in order to remove what little freedom you have left. They are doing everything possible to make human life on Earth almost impossible. They want you to be controlled, including what you do and what you say, and how you live your life. They are even preventing you from growing your own vegetables, which is something I very much enjoyed when I was on Earth myself. 

You are on a slippery slope to extinction UNLESS ACTION IS TAKEN. They are in power everywhere. All you can do is to refuse to give your consent to them, to prevent them from making the changes they want. Remember, it is GOVERNMENT BY CONSENT. They are helpless without your consent. 

Please research the MAGIC SPEAK that is used by them. When you say NO MORE WAR you are actually ASKING FOR MORE WAR. As the word NO does not exist, language is an important tool which can be used against you. They are very clever, but once your minds are open to their magic speak, you can be one step ahead of them. It is possible to get out of this dilemma that you are in. They cannot hide their plans anymore. Every day, their plans are being exposed. Soon, they will have nowhere to hide and they will find themselves at your mercy. 
When you (the 99%) come together, nothing can stop you. All it takes is to switch off your television, as it controls your mind. Explore what you, in your own society, can do. Communicate with each other and natural leaders will emerge, and by sharing your research, plans can be made. I am fully aware that many people still do not want to face the facts, no matter how many false flags they experience. But only you can stop these false flags. They have no conscience. They sacrificed 3000 people on 9/11 and made a lot of money out of it. This is what you are up against. I agree that it is not a comfortable situation. Always remember, THEY CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT YOUR ASSISTANCE. They do not have the know-how, so some of you take their money and turn a blind eye to the result of what you did. 

Take control of your lives and make your own decisions. Stop accepting what others have decided for you. They do not have the right to destroy human life on Earth. They can only do what YOU ALLOW THEM TO DO, so the ball is in your court. You do not have the luxury of time. It is fast running out. Your future, and the future of the Earth, should be the number one priority in your minds, rather than the trappings of a 
Christmas holiday. 

Christmas is just a fairytale they invented. I have explained, many times, that IESA CHRIST lived hundreds of years before the fairy story was invented. Make it a family time, for when families come together to share love and light, as the energy from this is very powerful. 

Waking up to the truth is never an easy option, but know that it must be done. You can see how well organised the 1% are, SO THINK HOW IT WILL BE WHEN THE OTHER 99% GET ORGANISED. 

There are so many wonderful souls amongst you who will lead you forward into the light. Do not look to religion or politics, as these do not operate in love and light. My friends, the world of spirit walks this minefield with you, hand in hand. We can do it ! Together, we will do it ! 



My love is with you, always. 


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