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What about Past Life or is it Present?

We can speak of past lives and regression, we can talk about hypnotherapy, and all the other tools we have to bring us back to the earliest memories of emotional attachments, emotional wounds, because that is what we are mostly looking for. Healing of those areas that have been hurt and wounded and sometimes we don't even know how, why or when.We start searching for answers, some of us do, others don't, apparently it is also part of our design, character or soul's expression how we go about this item.

There are many people who just walk through life, get hurt and get up, or not, without even thinking about how to heal anything, how to change a way of living or what to do about it. And there are many people who want to change the way they feel and start searching for answers. When we cannot find answers in the medical world or the answers are not sufficient in claring our physical or psychological state of mind, there are many ways and roads to walk to find answers that fit you as a person. For there are as many roads as there are people with answers. Universe has been kind enough to provide us with every possible answer, either food or food for thought, or spiritual and energetically oriented therapies and ways of

This can work for you in so many ways and on so many levels. If you start on the path of past life times and regression through hypnotherapy, there is this pitfall a lot of people encounter. Do you really want to know or need to know every past life you ever may have had and only want to see the grand ones, or is it enough to encounter those that are someway
connected with this day to day lifetime showing itself in sometimes fears, physical illnesses or marks, without any recollection how and where this came from. It is important to learn along the way how you want to proceed on this journey and what it is you require to remember and reconnect in order to make the lingering connection from the past to this present time.

There are pathways which involve the spiritual lessons of for instance the Buddhism, Zen, Religion, Ancient Knowledge, Hindoism, Atheism, Mayan Culture and so on. Each will have something valuable for you at certain times in your life, or your not interested in this way of experiencing and reflecting on life in that way. We all are different orientated and wired. So it is important to find those pathways that come natural to you, feels closest to home and want to make you learn more about it.

Actually in all of this there is one Masterkey. No matter which direction you take, the only real change comes from within through Love. Everything else you are facing that makes you feel sick, not worthy, is from lack of Love. And in the end, everyone of us is looking for something to create this feel of belonging, of being seen and heared, of being loved. We have the tendency to look for this outside ourseves as a form of validation and mirroring and we can find it in the eyes of a lover, our child, a dear and close friend, a parent or grandparent. Only there still is this longing within, after finding out what kind of triggers you might have brought into this lifetime, we always want to connect deeper with the source we have found within.

When we realize that the most important thing in our daily life is to love and share, to give and receive.In order to be a balanced person and living in harmony with our surroundings, we cannot expect by doing nothing it will go away whatever it is that is bothering us. If any trace lies in a past life time, is it really necessary to go back to that incident? Some people say yes, others differ from opinion and say it is all about the present, the now we have to deal with.

I have done after past life work so to speak, releasing and healing the inner emotional wounds that were meant to be healed in this lifetime. I have seen some in a dreamstate, I have been send back to re-live it so to speak to learn about the root of its expression now and I have had very intense and emotional encounters. After all these encounters it made more sense to me where my passion comes from to become a energetic therapist, for that is what I have been doing for a long time. It worked for me to go backwards so to speak to come to the present with more conscious awareness and by doing so creating a different future. And more importantly, by doing this past life work I not only healed parts within myself, along with it a process of healing of ancestorial wounds started as well.

For time is not linear and we are still connected with past, present and future. So if you are in this present time learning how the effects of the past apply in your life. Or wondering how can the past effect my present let alone my future, there is a lot to say about it and already a lot has been written as well.
The only thing I can say about this or advice I can give, look for the road that soots you, not what anyone else tells you to. Follow your Heart and trust the signs, for it will always lead you to just the right people, the right places and books, the right experiences at any given time to help you with every question you have, for the answer is already there for you to find, within yourself.

And so it is.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages 2-5-2015

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