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How we walk the spiral of healing energy

When we go through any kind of proces, we always find ourselves on a path that brings forth the right tools to assist us. Are we walking in circles? Yes only when we ignore the messages that are being presented, in order to create a change in our perspective. The minute we decide to change our view on things, mental, emotional, physical, we initiate a proces of inner healing. Are we getting out of the tredmill instantly? Not always, and most of us surely will need time to go through the layers that are covering the real issue at hand.

What happens when we initiate a change to create a better environment within ourselves? Isn’t that the core matter? We are being told and taught it isn’t a good thing to be self absorbed, or egoistic. Most parents and teachers are not able to teach the value of being positively self supporting and self loving.

As a need to create a safe inner surrounding as well an inner knowledge of self love and self worth. Most of us are looking outside for the rewarding and confirming actions by others, to feel validated. Yet being positively egoistic means, you take good care of you and take the necessary steps in order to feel balanced, healthy and loved.

Our inner environment consists out of the emotional, physical and psychic bodies so to speak. Our cells hold the information of past, present and future elements that will enable you and assist you. In order to bring alignment between those bodies as well the etheric body that isn’t visible, yet always is connected with the other bodies.

People who are able to sense energy, will always feel the aura, or energetic field. The inner cells also hold the healing energy, the original state which was our innate nature by creation. Our life’s experiences are being created by our self, not by anyone else and the more aware we become of this inner proces, the better conditions are being created in order to fulfill this healing inner proces. Love is always the master key in this proces in order to bring in new information, creating change within the physical as well the emotional through the psychological changes.

Every experience we have had since childhood is also important for the way we can be healed. Our parents are our role models, as well as our relatives, sisters and brothers, teachers, and our environment. The way we are being taught how to handle issues and problems will assist in our own growing up and coping mechanism.

Not everyone has a traumatic childhood and no one has the same kind of life lessons to bring in the change that is required to be a harmonic and balanced loving human being.
It is a universal law that wants to be expressed. Every human being has the need to be loved and feel loved, What better way is there to create this reflection by the outer world into a mirroring experience within our own self?

Every time we are being challenged to shift our perspective as well our perception, we create this opening to bring in the highest energy of all, LOVE, into the setting. We can become aware of repetition of circumstances in order to take a conscious step. The need of Love will always be the core in order to enhance this within our own being.

Lack of love creates fear always, cause fear is just lack of love. In order to heal our emotional world, which is also being reflected through our pshychological skills as well our physical body, we need to bring in Love in every cell of our being. Every time we create this opening of renewal, we pick up a piece of the circel. By clearing and adressing the issue a layer will be released and the next step on the spiral will occur.

Actually in order to heal our own ego and personality to become a loving and compassionate person, these are the steps we are taking. By addressing our mental, emotional and physical issues, by bringing in love, we commence with a deep healing proces. The more we are becoming aware of this proces, the deeper we can step through all the layers that prevent us from unconditional loving our self.

In our heart lies the truth and knowledge, will emerge the love energy, by addressing it within. First priority is to let your own self love, self worth and care for one self enhanced on every level. This way we can use every aspect and experience we are creating as a tool to step through life on earth, by releasing layer upon layer.

Every healing is connected through time and space as well. By healing any emotional wound, any physical ailment we alo heal our past, present and future. All parts need to be connected with one another, for they all are parts of the whole. Heart, Soul, Body and Mind are the major playfields in our inner journey towards healing and realigning through Love.

Every healing event brings us one step higher on our spiral. By enhancing our gift of vision, we also are able to clear any boundaries that are preventing our inner growth. By kindness and compassion towards our self, we are able to bring these tools outwards as well to each person and any part of Creation we meet. It takes sometimes just one step to start the healing proces, gaining faith and trust in this proces of creation our self. Not being dependent on someone else in order to feel this unconditional love deep within every cell and at the core of our inner being.

and so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)

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