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Unchain your heart with the power of Love


We come with the language of light that is the LOVE that IS to support and guide ALL at this time of great celebration and expansion. Know that you are growing and expanding at a terrific rate, the human race is heightening its vibration and reaching new levels of TRUTH never revealed on such a large scale. Know dear ones that you are all fully supported at this time and beyond. For you are never alone, ALL walk in step with ALL humans.

We are the Arcturians and we come to show UNITY and support for all of humankind. Many of you are now able to see beyond the veils of illusion and are able to uncover deeper TRUTH to your very BEing. Know that this will continue and as YOU move through this process YOU will anchor in more and more divine light and shine more and more brightly. Those who are able to anchor and shine that divine light will become a beacon for those who struggle with the veils of illusion. We ask that all who hold the light at heightened levels hold the space so that those who struggle with illusion are able to pull back the veils and absorb the TRUTH of this human life experience. For ALL ARE ONE.

There has been major energy shifts across the planet and many humans are experiencing an increase in emotions. We guide that this is necessary for those emotions to be released to allow more light and the LOVE that IS to be anchored in to YOUr BEing. Whilst you walk through the human life experience “clogged” with the teachings of illusion you shine but not as brightly as YOU are able to. Know dear ones that you are loved by ALL and supported by ALL as you unchain YOUrself and step into YOUr power. For YOU are all powerful, the power of the LOVE that IS flows more freely throughout ALL of humankind and this will continue to increase as more and more step out of illusion and into the freedom that is YOUr human birthright.

Human BEings were never meant to live the existence that many still live, contained and suppressed by the veils of illusion, sleepwalking through their human life experience, trapped by the very emotions they came here to experience but not to absorb nor hold onto. Illusion has taught that ALL is disaster and ALL is pain when TRUTH is revealed to be LOVE. That LOVE is available to ALL at ALL times, pull back the layers of the veils and FEEL that LOVE, it is in everything around YOU. Stand in YOUr human life experience and reach out with YOUr heart to everything around YOU. When you walk in nature across YOUr planet, open your heart and reach out to the nature that surrounds YOU, listen and it will answer back for it is YOU and YOU are nature. ALL ARE ONE.

When you move through this life experience KNOW that YOU create it, at all times the power of YOUr creation intensifies. As the energies increase across the planet the potential to create the life your dream of increases with it. Know that all that stops this from coming into creation is the seeds of fear that illusion has planted. Like a gardener weed them out and replace them with the LOVE that IS, for it GROWS stronger and stronger across the planet from moment to moment. KNOW that the light across the planet earth intensifies.

Know that YOU stand in that light, YOU ARE that light and that LIGHT strengthens at all times. USE this light to clear that which no longer serves YOU. Be aware that YOU breathe in this light, FEEL it drawn into your physical body and know that it will illuminate any dark places that need cleansing. Know that this is possible by shining more light upon that which no longer serves. Maintaining a high vibration is holding and FEELing the LOVE that IS flow through YOUr very BEing.

The new is all about FEELing. Open your hearts dear ones and FEEL the connection to ALL realms for we stand shoulder to shoulder with YOU at ALL times. As the veils are pulled away then YOU can FEEL us at ever increasing frequencies. The veils acted as a buffer if you like, it screened out our presence to YOU. Now as the energies increase that buffer is getting less and less and many more of YOU are able to FEEL our presence.

Know that YOU can connect to our energies at any point, raise YOUr vibration and stand in TRUTH and we are there. Allow the guidance to come through YOU. Detach from the illusion and its rules and regulations as to how a human should live and live the way that YOU FEEL. Allow the instinct within YOU to guide you on this human life journey. Allow the connection to ALL to strengthen.

More and more humans are able to FEEL our presence and this will expand. As you work with ALL energies allow the absorption of what YOU do to be anchored in. Do not allow the human mind to pull YOU back into the lower vibration of the mind. Ride the waves of light that will flow through YOUr very BEing. Practice the connection if need be. We are fully aware and fully acknowledge that for many this new connection is akin to being able to walk as a child for the first time. Know that like a child who learns to walk unaided that YOU may fall down at times but know that YOU will pick yourself up and continue to walk and that walk will then strengthen.

ALL are in control and dream their own human life experience. Do not get disheartened when you create something that is not wanted, be aware that thoughts control the dream so simply change YOUr thoughts and watch all unfold. There is no right and no wrong dear ones, there just IS. Allow the playing of the new energies as you begin to increase and strengthen YOUr vibration for this is a journey of growth and expansion. You can do neither if you do not step outside of your comfort zone nor try things you have not tried before. Many lightworkers have been trained by the illusion to believe that there are ways of working with energy that is not possible. We ask you to detach from this illusion and to experience working with the energies. The only limit is YOU dear ones, for if you create the scenario where YOU believe YOU cannot then that will come into creation, KNOW there is nothing that cannot be done dear ones.

We could guide on the use of energies but we are not here to lead, we are here to support at this time. We ask that ALL lightworkers who were taught about energy re-evaluate what they were taught and ask if it still serves. Where there were rules look at them and process them with the heart. YOU will know if they are illusion. Energy just IS, there are no rules when that energy is connected to from the HEART, for the HEART is TRUTH. Have faith and trust in YOU, for it is YOU that creates this human life experience and it is YOU who is responsible for what it contains. Step into the power that is YOU and begin to dream and create the experience that YOU want.

We acknowledge that many may be triggered by our words but once more we guide that illusion may be strong around certain scenarios. All that contains and constricts is illusion dear ones. Where you are told “no” there is containment, where YOU define YOU there is containment. We ask that you detach from the illusion teachings of containment and step in TRUTH and the growth and expansion that is the human life experience.

We are the Arcturians and we come to support ALL at this time. We work in UNITY with ALL realms for ALL ARE ONE. We are here with YOU at this time, reach out and FEEL our energies, for ALL ARE ONE.

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I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

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