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17th June 2016 - TRUST

I have joined a new spiritual group and during meditation I was enveloped in lilac clouds. I saw a golden rope hanging down from the clouds and climbed it quite easily. Above the clouds was a beautiful elephant with golden decoration on his forehead, I remember wondering how he could stand on a cloud and the word I got was TRUST. I climbed onto the elephants back and stood up, balancing myself, then walked back and forth along the elephant’s extended trunk as if I was a trapeze artist. I then sat in the elephants curled trunk with my arms outstretched as he swung me around. Eventually the group leader asked us to request a message or words of inspiration for someone in the group.

I slithered down the golden rope and found myself on a large stage in a theatre. Like a magician, I invited someone from the audience onto the stage and it turned out to be one of the group leaders! The key word was Trust and today I feel this word was meant for the whole group and that many more would be invited up onto the stage.

I brought down the golden energy and tuned in to see if I could get more information.

We have centred the focus of our attention on our Beloveds on Earth and we bear witness to greater demonstrations, outpourings of Love from the Great Divine, bringing in that golden energy that will sustain you through these coming months. We believe in a greater resolution of services being brought to your door, and as we speak we rein in the harmonies, bringing that Love around you, that veil of transparency that will help you to see.  We use the forces of nature to guide you demonstrating our ability to fly, and fly we shall over those mountain tops on to greater destinations, and we shall bring in the vibrations necessary to make this happen with greater speed and accuracy!

We ponder on those issues that have led you astray in the past but we reckon on a greater, fortuitous time for us all, opening those portals of Love that bring you to us, accelerating our gift to you. We beam you aboard, recognising in you those talents that shall come to the fore and be recognised and acknowledged. We give recognition to the services of all those who come forward to answer the call and we remain as always your brothers and sisters of Light from those furthest reaches, come once more to join you in greatest harmony.

We believe there are many of you that answer the call, many of you who listen to that quiet still voice within and as you focus and pay more attention, our voice will become louder and louder still, opening those reserves of energy within you that beg to be used in greater service for mankind. Please believe us, these are no idle gestures to spur you on, for in truth this will be your greatest mission! And we bring in the frequencies needed to allow this to happen with greater speed and accuracy!

I’m sure I’ve just used that phrase!

And so you have my dear but we need to make the point more obvious! We register the concerns within your heart that you will fall short, and we encourage you not to lose faith but to TRUST! We discourage all forms of regret and remorse, remove these from your mind, allow the old to fall away to be counted null and void in this your journey to Heaven and beyond. We shall not have you discouraged or downtrodden, we shall lift you up from the abyss, we shall lift you out of the shadows where you hide, oblivious to what is available to each and every one of you. We know you have within you that golden spark, born from the eternal flame of Love and we register this in all of you, in each and every one of you.

We shall not take pity on you, but reach out and bring forth that spark of flame within you that is there and has been all along. Please allow us to mould and shape you into that which you are destined for and we shall see you flower and grow, opening up and broadcasting our messages one by one, uplifting those in deep despair, bringing them the truth of who they are, everlasting Beings of Light clothed in flesh, reborn again and again in different formats!

Oh wow, as I gaze at the clouds and speak these words, I can see different faces of men and women floating by. It will be so wonderful to be able to give messages to people who have lost loved ones, to let them know that life goes on, that there is no death only freedom of spirit.  And the animal kingdom too, oh I can see monkeys and Lions, sheep and horses. Oh Great Spirit the Love in my heart is bursting forth, I thank you for leading me to this wonderful meditation group that is helping me to develop alongside all the other beautiful souls there. I am a willing pupil and I pray I will do justice to all that you bring that I will be relaxed enough to bring through the words in front of an audience, please help me Great Spirit to do this!

We are beside you all the time my dear and you know this very well. We bring in various energies for you to sample and we shall see greater commitment, greater entertainment for us all.

Can I ask Great Spirit about a message I was given about going to Canada, was it for a holiday or will I be there to work for Spirit?

All in good time, Dear Heart, we bring forth the experiences for you to partake and as each one comes forward they shall be honoured accordingly. We ask you to be aware that all is possible, there are many possibilities laid before you. You have choices to expand and grow in each direction and we come forward with opportunities that shall assist you in your growth and for your entertainment. Do not be put off or put out for these experiences are your rewards for having travelled thus far with a loving heart, and we open the doors so that you may pass through to explore your most cherished ancestry. There are many surprises waiting your delight and we shall look further afield when the time is right, opening up your horizons and noting your ability to take all in your stride. Seek and ye shall find!

I have closed my eyes and see beautiful purple and crimson clouds enfold me. Oh Great Spirit, thank you so much, it’s nice to have something to look forward to! I asked if there were any other words before I signed off and looking at the sky I can see White Clouds and a blue sky above. I know there are good times ahead because White Cloud has told me! Oh White Cloud of course it’s you, thank you for your words today, I Love you! Thank you for your help and for your blessings.

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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on June 21, 2016 at 9:05pm

Thank you Eileen for the beautiful encouraging message,

With gratitude and love,


Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on June 21, 2016 at 10:55pm


Comment by Eileen Coleman on June 22, 2016 at 5:28pm

Ah thank you Ishema for that beautiful picture. SohinBen not sure what you mean by Fantasy, but sometimes they bring through messages in storybook form.  

Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on June 27, 2016 at 7:50pm

Dear Eileen,

When we see certain things in our visuals are like day dreaming and because it may not necessarily real...may be or may not be....that's why...Fantasy ...


Comment by Eileen Coleman on June 28, 2016 at 9:20am

Hi there SohiniBen, I feel that Spirit uses our power of imagination to create these visions, in this way they can demonstrate what they are wanting to convey. Its a bit like Jesus with his parables, they tell a story in pictures which has a deeper meaning. TRUST was the key in the words they brought, and so the elephant standing on a cloud demonstrated that trust. I've had some fantastic visions along my pathway to help and guide me and yes they could be called fantasy but I love it! Love and Blessings and thanks for sharing your thoughts.  


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