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"Regarding your becoming during the important deadline of 2008-2012, we would like to say the following:

"Certainly many things will happen on ‘Planet Earth' and many things will happen within you as well.

"For a certain period, you will progress considerably in much greater spiritual awareness, especially in greater Love.

"If you do not progress in this, you will suffer. We know that each of you present here, as well as many others, has the ability to go beyond. This will be asked of you.

"In the years that you will go through, the hardest thing for you as human beings will be to deprogram yourselves of your ways of being, of believing, of loving and of perceiving. You have been so strongly formatted over thousands and thousands of years! Your cells are impregnated with habits that you bring from each incarnation. For thousands of years, even if the experiences you went through were always evolving, you have still been impregnated by the energies of all that you have gone through.

"What you will be asked is to be, but to be different. One must learn how to unlearn, one must accept the unacceptable. This does not mean that you will struggle a great deal as you go through certain events. This means that for human consciousness formatted thus, it is sometimes difficult to accept what you cannot yet understand.

"Sometimes you say that you are totally ready to welcome us, to perceive us; however, based on the current level of your vibratory rate, we are saying that you are not yet ready.

"In this dense matter, you are impregnated with a certain vibration. You are part of the children of the stars, you come from several points of the Universe, and before taking your vehicle of manifestation, before entering this dense matter, you had great knowledge as well as much more Love. You had greater awakening. This is not true for all human beings but only for those who are now open.

"When we are saying that you are ‘old souls', it means that you have accumulated a lot of experience. You are coming now to the end of a cycle of immense importance where you will have the ability and the opportunity to act with all that you have integrated, all which is ready to be received and to be perceived, and that is within your soul. You will also be given the opportunity to regain your knowledge as a child of the stars.

"At the moment, many children of the stars are languishing: they find that we are spending too much time until we manifest ourselves, that life in this world is becoming more and more difficult. For us, time has no reality. For you, time will have less and less reality as it slides between your fingers more and more. You will ‘straddle', more and more, the notions of past, of present, and of future. This will be one of the things that may disturb you – and be certain there will be many other things which will disturb you if you do not have your mind sufficiently open to anything that can happen in this world, to anything that can happen to you.

"We are not talking about events, we are talking about a free consciousness. We are talking about what you are going to discover within you, what you are going to discover of life.

"Human beings are bound by habit: they think this is needed to be able to function with a certain balance. Habits are comfortable. You will experience a period where creating habits for your comfort will absolutely not be possible, for every day, every moment that you go through will bring you a new spiritual experience, new sensations, new feelings. Every day that you go through will bring you closer to your true reality.

"If we were to suddenly remove the veils from each of you, you would be dazzled by the self which is revealed, dazzled by what life really is, and this could significantly disrupt you and even annihilate you.

"Your veils will be removed progressively as you go forward, depending on your ability to integrate new bases of life. As long as you are not able to integrate these new bases of life, as long as your emotions are powerful, as long as you do not have sufficient control, these veils are protection for you. It would be a ‘bad service' if we removed them.

"There are more and more of us to work among you. There are more and more of us to work in what is perhaps a very temporary vehicle of manifestation. We will manifest ourselves more and more by your side, within the energy, in your heart, in Love, whether during your meditation, during the course of your day, or in your dreams. We will establish a dialogue between you and us. You must recognize that what you receive is not coming from your unconscious or from your mind, that a dialogue is being established between you, children of the Earth striving on this world, and we, children of the stars who are helping you with this work.

"For us, it would be so wonderful if a large part of human consciousness awoke to our reality! In this way, we could work much more and, above all, more effectively toward the transformation of this world and of all life, because part of this is incumbent upon the beings of the Earth.

"Of course we have immense opportunities to help you, whether through technology or other means; however, there is a parameter that we do not control and you will understand right away what this parameter is.

"Remember that your Mother the Earth is a living entity. She has a soul, a consciousness that we perceive, a consciousness with which some of us come into contact. We do not all have this opportunity, but some of us have it. We are talking about a contact much more important than what the inhabitants of the Earth have when she gives them messages.

"Everything that will happen in your world depends on what the Earth Entity decides. If you can give her enough Love and can recognize her as an Entity of Light, if you can generate much less suffering, fear, a lot of things will rebalance themselves and a lot of transformations will take place very differently, even smoothly.

"According to the Hierarchies who are above us, what they receive from the Earth Entity is that she now really wants to expand, to transit, and if the energies generated by human beings stop her, she will act in such a way that they no longer hinder her, and this will correspond to major disasters, to large or even enormous turbulence.

"When we say that you are the artisans of your becoming, we are referring to this as well. The more that positive thoughts, thoughts of confidence, thoughts of Love, thoughts of peace emanate from men of the Earth, the more your Earth will lighten because the energy generated by your psychic emanations will not hinder her.

"Thus her transition, her ascension, primarily depends on you and on what emanates from you, from your heart and from your elevation of consciousness! Make sure that your energy helps her to rise smoothly, with Love.

"At this level, we cannot do much because you are the ones living on this world, you are the ones generating this energy.

"We can interfere only to evacuate you if this becomes too terrible for our brothers, humankind. We can only instruct you over and over so that you can open your consciousness. The more that human consciousness is open, the easier the ascension will be, the easier the transition of the soul of the Earth will be, the transition of all lives.

"Always listen to yourselves. Be aware as well of the immense opportunities that are within you.

"Make a parallel between your own ascension which may be hindered by your doubts, your negative thoughts and your fears, and your ascension which can be accompanied by your thoughts of confidence, of faith, of peace and of Love.

"What human beings can experience, the planet can experience as well! The parallel is easy to understand, and we hope you realize that the more you transform yourselves, the more you move closer to the transition, the more you will be a valuable aid for the consciousness and for the soul of the Earth, as well as for all lives toward their transition, toward their elevation."


Du ciel a la terre

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on March 13, 2010 at 9:25am
I hold this message dear because it tells us to continue our work to help Mother Earth in Her Ascension Process and all Living Beings, especially Mankind, living on Her surface to create a SMOOTH passage right into the new energies of the 5th dimension :-). It is sooo important not just to talk but to actually APPLY ... Thank you for posting this, joni!
Comment by Joni on March 13, 2010 at 10:22am
your very welcome sonja....of the so many messages I have researched and taken into consciousness this one also is special to me.
Our spirit and soul recognize truth. This special encouragement and admonition has blessed and affirmed the truth inside.
Thank you for making this site a place where we can all bring bounty to the table of light.
May we all contribute and consume that which brings life.
blessings to you my special friend.
Comment by Sunspiritsmiles on March 13, 2010 at 1:06pm
As the saying goes, "Everything we know, we learned in kindergarden" and so it's time to go back to that innocence of pure love, lack of fear and faith that all is well in the world. Thank you Joni for your precious sharing.
ps. at the end it says to read more at...Du ciel a la terre ~ can you put that into english please? Is that a website?
Peace, Joy & Contentment
Comment by Myriel RAouine on March 13, 2010 at 6:43pm
Du ciel a la tierre means from heaven to earth.

Be Blessed,

Sonja Myriel
Comment by Joni on March 13, 2010 at 7:01pm
thank you sonja....haven't had time to retrace my steps
Comment by Myriel RAouine on March 13, 2010 at 7:57pm
You're so WELCOME, dear Joni :-)

Comment by Cristina on March 15, 2010 at 5:21am
Thank you so much for sharing !
Much LOVE to you all !
Comment by Joni on March 15, 2010 at 7:08am
you're very welcome Cristina....blessings to you my friend...


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