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The Yi Gin Ching (muscle tendon changing classic) Stage 1 of 4 step enlightenment kung

Anew blog I have formed over time I will lay out a specific path to the higher states of vibration.

Here is the chi ing exercise the first step.

I tried to give also a basic explanation of the movement and techniques used.

In this process we turn the body from weak to strong inwardly and outwardly.

Step 1 Chi Ing In this stage one opens the 3rd eye chakra and develops the ability to draw energy into the body via the 12 primary chi channels via the conception and governing vessels the Run along the front of the body (conception) and back of the body Governing vessel.

This exercise with familiarize the practitioner with the energy of the inward body and the external energies without.

It will also teach the user how to enter a dream state of consciousness while remaining conscious this will enable the mind to develop very strong EMF,s needed for the training.

It will also open up the 3rd eye chakra and this area needs to be able to communicate the energies from without of the body to within the body as visa versa.

Using the conception vessel the energy will then be placed into the Sacral Chakra were over a 3 month period this will activate both chakras.

First one needs to understand that just as the physical aspects of the body needs sustenance by way of food and water , Your internal systems and internal organs glands etc run on what many know as Bio Electrical Energy Chi Yin and Yang air they are all aspects and explanations of the same energy.

I will refer to it as Chi or life force.

It is important that we understand that as well as veins for the blood to travel throughout the body there are also Chi channels these are used like their name implies for the energy to communicate within the body whereby they perform important tasks un be knowing to many or most people on this earth.

The Yi Gin Ching is designed to align develop and improve the current system that has been (governed) or held back my many influences Upon and about the earth and non earthly realms of existence.

This is why many today do not possess the myriad of abilities that our earth ancestors or galactic brothers and sisters have.

Think of a Chi channel in layman’s terms as a garden hose if the hose is positioned correctly the water will flow if not the flow will be lessened.

This is why posture in practice is very important in the early stages of the training.

It is important to be well grounded to Gaia (Earth) So bare feet is preferable . Face the front and relax the shoulders place the feet together toes facing forward .

Keeping one foot stationary lift the right arch but keep the heel on the ground face the toes of the foot so they are facing directly to the right, Now keeping the ball of the foot (this is the part under the toes ) on the ground lift the hell of the right foot and move it to the right until the right heel is in alignment with the toes and they are facing directly to the front leave that foot there and repeat on left leg.

You should now be facing the front and both legs and toes are facing the front , They will want to form a v don’t allow this as it will kink the hose (so to speak) and block the flow of energy. It will feel awkward in the beginning and you will feel a slight tension along both legs up into the knees. This is good . If you do not I would say that you have practised one of the newer arts like Tai Chi or Yoga.

Now this is your part of the posture for the standing Yi Ching training next bend the knees slightly (gently lifting the pelvis and buttocks. Relax the shoulders and very slightly allow the head to tilt forward as we want to correctly situate the head to the upper spine this will allow the head to sit correctly this can be aided by gentle massage around the back of the neck and eventually quit quickly the correct alignment will slot into place.

Place the tongue on the roof of the mouth as this will connect the conception and governing vessels and allow the yin and yang energies to interact.

Relax the eyes but do not close them as they need to remain open so we can bridge the consciousness and subconscious together into one consciousness.

The eyes will sting that is good because as they water some organs will be cleansed

Also try not to swallow sliver allow it to dribble down into the body this will heal many imperfections and illnesses that may have devaloped if not it will energise the body to a higher state of well being.

Place a black dot onto a wall in the front of you that aligns to the 3rd eye chakra some 5-6 feet away while in the chi ing posture.

Plase the hands relaxed beside the body with the backs of the hands facing the front .

Now I want you to imagine that the dot is moving into the body move it slowly and smoothly the slower the better as you will find that the slower you go the deeper state of being you will enter we call this state the quite state.

now as the dot moves into the 3rd eye chakra let it move into the head and then down the body until it reaches the sacral chakra 3 inches below the belly button . When it is there leave it there and repeat the exercise bringing down another dot. Now on the 3rd dot allow the arms to raise in front of the body to shoulder level then bring them into the body making sure that the elbows are kept tucked in toward the body and are (not allowed to lift outward like wings) so keeping then inward allow the hands to draw into the body and then allow then to flow down to the original position again.

Keep a check that the back stays straight in the beginning it will want to bend backward just be mindful of this and correct each time this happens. Also when the hands are drawn inwards the wrists must be kept relaxed like a dog begging for his dinner keep the wrists loose and don’t allow the hands to raise with the palms exposed as this is what they will want to do.

Your breathing needs to be long deep and all done through the nose with the mouth closed don’t worry about coordinating the breath with movement as we do not want this just allow everything to happen it does not matter how many breaths one take per hand cycle or dot movement just be.

Do this for 3 months and the following will happen.

1 Very quickly you will see and aura around your black dot it will be the color of sunlight .

You will get excited and try to see it but it will disappear do not worry as it will reapair when you are within the quite state and the duration will increase until you are able to manifest this state at will. do not try for the moon to early just do the practice and it will happen this I give my word as the practice is sound.

2 your arms will levitate buy themselves during practice , This will not be that you think they are levitating they will!

To such a degree that you will get a fright .

You will get excited and try to see it but it will disappear do not worry as it will reapair when you are within the quite state and the duration will increase until you are able to manifest this state at will.

You will actually physically feel the dot moving after time and the sacral chakra will feel like a barrel filled with energy.

After 3 months and the energy has manifested in the given chakra you will be energized 3 fold and an amazing this will happen. Literally aging will slow as the oxygen intake will have trebled hence this is one of the major causes of damage of the cells due to insufficient supplies of Oxygen (chi life force). Now you will find that your chakra sacral chakra will draw energy in fact you will see your chakra expanding in and out with every breath you take .

This is not a new state as if you look at babies or infants up to 5 years you will see that this is how they breath you have just returned to this original state of being.

Also you will notice some brain activity increase as the brain sell use about 10 times more oxygen then the other parts of the body hence only a very small of the brain remains activated in what we call modern society.

Because there is more of a supply so to speak more will activate as it is as it should be because it will be needed for many of the exercises that will become available to you in your ascension journey.

In older times this was called GODS armor as if you wish it this energy can be integrated within the body and a force field activated . This will give the ability to deflect both physical and non physical energy . I can remember my master jumping from 8 feet onto this area after the shield was developed and he was just bounced of effortlessly without any harm at all. It is how a higher energy state reacts within the illusionary existence and you will find that much more is available to you in this realm.

I will add the second exercise soon as there are many many more that I will place here for anyone interested in ascending.

Love William

There are many roads to understanding our true nature so do not concern yourself with this path or that path if this teaching resonates within you and you feel the words here find a place within your heart and being then follow the path above and it will lead you to fruitishen.

Ps please excuse the spelling LOL as I have lead a reklisive life of sorts and lack in many of the traditional academic skills.

Thanks William

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