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The Vision that Changed me Forever by Pat Kammer

Dear Beloved Friends,

Isn't our Oneness beautiful! This writing reflects to me not only our Oneness with all things and all beings but also a way of co-creating a new reality for ourselves, one which allows for a greater sense that all is indeed so very deeply and beautifully interconnected through the Essence of Creation itself. I hope you will find this sharing as beautiful as I did.

Wishing you the beauty and bounty of All That Is!






By Pat Kammer

It was early morning. My head was heavy, my stomach, queasy. I flopped back onto the bed, not willing to face my day quite yet, thinking a little more rest might help. At that moment I was instantly transported into a vision of such impact it would prove to be a major turning point in my life. Like a sort of lucid dream, unplanned, unexpected, and definitely unrehearsed, it flowed out from my inner core. I couldn't stop it. I didn't want to stop it....

I was standing in warm sand, on a sunny beach, feeling it squeeze between my toes. I gazed out over an expanse of placid turquoise water to a far distant shoreline. Like an irresistible magnetic force, the distant shore invited me toward it, beckoning me hypnotically into the water.

The water was warm, like bath water. And shallow. At least it felt like the kind of water you could walk in forever without it coming up to your waist. Then suddenly it did, and when it did, I looked down through the crystal clear depths and saw my body was gone from the waist down. Strangely, I wasn't upset at not having the lower half of my body. I didn't even give it a second thought. As if in a trance, I continued forward, deeper and deeper, until only my head remained above the tranquil, warm, and comfortable blue-green water. When I saw that my body had disappeared, it seemed sensible to immerse myself completely.

The 'I' that was me became water. I was aware of the different temperatures. The coolness at the bottom. The warmth at the top. I felt the shores all around me. It was strange being water, getting used to no longer being confined to a certain space, to being everywhere at once. I felt life going through me. The understanding was slowly sinking in. I was water! Unbelievable!

Being water wasn't normal. It was outside the realm of my normal experiences. “I am liquid,” I told myself, trying to get my mind around my new self. “Mind, what is a mind? Does water have a mind? It must,” I reasoned. “What happens when I go into waves?” I quietly mused. I lay still, feeling all the sensations of water, wondering deeply about its strangeness. But I didn't wonder for long.

My attention was now drawn to a large white bird flying overhead. It was beautiful. So pure, so white, and so big. It wasn't a seagull or any bird I had ever seen before. It was larger and more graceful. Mystical. I watched as it swooped up and then down, gliding effortlessly above the water and high again into the still blue sky. I was mesmerized by its beauty. Suddenly it stopped right over me, hovered, and swooped down into me. And then I was on the back of the bird, flying higher and higher over the landscape, free as a breeze, a gentle loving breeze.

What a thrill to be so free, so high in the sky! I could see the curve of the earth at the horizon. I could see on and on, forever. I loved the feeling of the feathers beneath me – no, around me!, and the thumping of the heart, -- my heart! I basked in cozy warmth like the warmth of love. I felt safe.

A soft rain began to fall. A lovely, pleasant, gentle rain. I savoured its wonderful scent, thinking how good nature smells. I saw a beautiful tree in a flower garden, a pathway meandering through it, and children swinging in a play park nearby. I was welcomed to the tree. As soon as my claws grasped on to a branch, I became the tree. I stiffened into twigs and branches and trunk, and roots which reached deep into the earth. The sensation was immediate and startling. I was a tree! A tree with millions of leaves! “Can a tree think?” I wondered. “I am a tree and I am thinking what it feels like being a tree.”

Around me children were playing in swings and on teeter-totters. They were laughing and shouting the joy of being young and alive and unaware of any tomorrow, just enjoying the sunny moment. Now was all they cared about, the carefree abandonment of being in the moment. Ah. How wonderful to be so free.

I watched until the sun slipped down into the horizon and parents came to whisk the children away. It was a beautiful moment in time. “Hmm. Time. Yes, time. Does it exist, or not?” It made me wonder if I could control time. I wondered if I could speed it up by just thinking it.

I began to envision it moving forward faster and faster. I shuddered a bit and felt my leaves  growing, then becoming golden in colour, drying, and losing their hold. The wind came up, tugged them off me, and scattered them on the ground beneath and around me.

I sped time up even more and felt the freezing cold penetrate into my cells, watched ice and snow settle onto my limbs. The skies grew grey and threatening. I slowed the fast passage of time now and then to see what was happening, and took pleasure in seeing the children return, making snowmen and building snow forts below me. As I sped time up again, spring arrived and flew past. Summer. Autumn once more. Season after season passed in flashes. Zoom!, one would arrive, and, zoom!, disappear. And then something happened to change this existence.

One day I felt something cutting at me. I slowed long enough to see someone at the base of my trunk felling me with a high-powered machine. I sped up again. My roots remained intact below the ground. Where was I? Darkness surrounded me. I could not feel any life except for the insects in the ground with me. I heard voices above me. A shopping mall had been built over me, and I was trapped below it in a dark place. Trapped, but able to hear.

The voices were angry. A man and a woman were sitting on a bench arguing about a mother-in-law coming to live with them. I shouted out to them, “Why worry? Why fret over something so trivial?” They couldn't hear me. I shouted again, “It will soon be over! It passes so quickly! Quit fighting. Enjoy each other. Enjoy life. It is over so soon.” Again they didn't hear me, and I was grieved at not being heard. I was grieved that they could not, that they would not hear me.

Having given up trying to make anyone listen, I decided to speed up time again. Over those who would not hear, I wept. And wept and wept, until I stopped time -- and found myself where I began, by the water looking at the distant shore. I smiled as a voice spoke to me.

There are some who are listening. Tell them they are loved. Tell them there is nothing to fear. Tell them life is to be enjoyed. They can have anything, be anything, go anywhere. Any and all questions are answered. I AM is here. I AM the water, I AM the birds, I AM the trees. I AM them, I AM you, and All is One.

This was a defining moment on my life's path. I was renewed. I was whole. The vision was an overwhelming experience which I kept to myself for many years. The silence is over. It is now released to find receivers of the truth. You are One.


Pat Kammer


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Comment by Myriel RAouine on August 7, 2013 at 10:03am

THANK YOU so mucu for sharing, dearest Onura!

Blessings in OneNESS :-)

Sonja Myriel

Comment by Rick Jordan on August 7, 2013 at 10:22am

Wonderful posting Onura! Co-weaver of Creation!

This reminds me of a time I slipped into a similar trance and "became/embodied" the Earth and felt what it was like to actually be the Earth. This was in 2010 during the oil spill. Suddenly a great vision overtook me, that taught me a great truth in the form of metaphor. The Earth was just like Jesus on the cross, and the flowing oil was like Jesus' flowing blood. During both of these two images, there was one common connection. Total, unconditional Love for all there is

Comment by Patrizia on August 7, 2013 at 1:08pm

Thanks for posting! I was really captured reading it, i saw everything while reading, and was GREAT!

It remembers me about  a song, titled 'Rainbow' that a famous italian singer, after passing, dictated to a medium, a friend of him, singer too, sings it, and it says: i'm the air you breath, i become the sunset, i become flowers, i'm the colors of rainbow, i'm in a bird who flies, i'm in the clouds, i'm wind, i'm sun, remember, rainbow is my message of Love ''s very exciting, your experience was really great, my dear!

Love, Patrizia

Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on August 8, 2013 at 2:59am

What a lovely vision!

Thank you for sharing it Onura.

Blessings, Ishema

Comment by Onura on August 9, 2013 at 12:11am

You are very welcome dearest Sister Sonja. And what a lovely image!


Beautiful Brother Rick, your Oneness experience with our Earth Mother was very beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us. It is always a pleasure to hear from you and to share in your experience. I share with you one of my own which comes to mind: I was enjoying the Easter Sunday Service at a lovely spiritual centre. One member was chosen to read a passage from the Bible about the life of Jesus. I was most intent on listening to it and as I opened my heart to it, all that she was reading began to take place within my own heart. Time and space disappeared, only Now. I became One with that part of His life as it began to unfold within my being in the Now and allowing me to experience a most beautiful realization that through our Oneness, what one lives, all live. When one blesses, all bless, and when one creates, all create. We are never alone.


Dear Sister Patrizia, first let me clarify that it was not my experience but one that I resonated with so very deeply by way of its beauty of expression. I thank you for your sharing. You have reminded me of another song which you may have heard (I believe it is by Dwain Briggs) - it is called "I am known by many names"... Some of the words " I am the sun, I am the... etc..."  Blessings to you.


Dearest Ishema, you are welcome. As always it is lovely to hear from you. I am enjoying the graceful image!


Thank you and blessings to you all.





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