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The resonance of the old patterns


Letting go of the old patterns, even if they are not mine to begin with, is sometimes easier said than done. Especially when these are not triggered over a longer period of time. Yet to emerge when pain and sorrow are a common factor caused by the transition of a loved one. When it comes to organize and planning with more than one sibling, can open up old emotional wounds. Because the sorrow is such a raw place, it also turns our inner world upside down. We feel vulnerable, and are being asked to step up to the plate within. Leaning on or being depending on the love and presence of the loved one will open up the fears and anxiety that lies hidden.


We can choose how to deal with these fears. It will enable us to grow and expand within ourselves as being the self-assured and authentic person we can be. Faith and trust comes from within instead of seeking it with others in various relationships. Either parent or sibling, this will differ on the roles of importance they have played in our lives. Of course the influence of a parent will have a great input on our development over the years we grow up from infant to adult. There lies the first imprint  on our emotional and mental state. Yet the role of the siblings are also part of this growing up process. Every member of the family will have its own unique learning process. Family matters. The way we grow up within our family will have a great impact on our relationships we develop over the years.


Also the number of siblings as well the hierarchy amongst  them will have effect on our emotional growing up. Big families have other challenges as one with 2 or 3 children. Every step of the way, we are being reflected and experiencing the way the older or younger in line will behave or are being treated by parents and other siblings as well. Each soul choose to come in this relationship of the parents, because this would enable it to grow and be all the best it can be. All lifetime lessons are combined through DNA, ancestral lines, connected with the expression the soul will create in order to heal and balance certain aspects. This creates the perfect setting for the soul and the individual journey to experience those settings in life and family. All the soul wants is to bring in a new and most of all loving way of changing the emotional wounds that are being addressed.


Sometimes we are being confronted with emotional patterns that are not ours growing up in a family. Because each member has its own agenda and lifetime experience we are not always on the same page when there are conflicts to be worked out. Some may be karmic related, others will appear through the friction that appears just by being part of the same family. In times of despair and sorrow the pain will reveal itself in the interactions between individuals, even more so when it is between siblings. There may be times there is no trigger present that will reveal what is lying underneath the common way of engaging with each other. Yet when the emotions are raw and out in the open, coming to the surface, the friction will present the emotional disharmony that is covered up. Sometimes it is just through courtesy and avoiding conflict, or disinterest this will not show in the normal day to day routine.


So what to do when in times of need the old patterns are revealing themselves. Creating conflict and adding more sorrow, pain, insecurity when the walls tumble down. Even when the love is evident, it will bring up the way the roles have been perceived over the years. Growing up within the family has had an impact on the way someone develops a relationship. This is also connected with our inner relationship within us. The way we perceive ourselves in contrast with the other members of the family we grow up in. Maybe being the oldest or the youngest, or the in between. It all had a different impact on the way we grow up. The way we are being brought up and our parents perceived us as being the different persons with our own unique pattern and expressions.


It seems to me we have choices to make in our lifetime how we want to deal with old emotional turmoil that comes up. During times after a transition of a dear one, the emotional state of everybody will be raw which creates a portal for any lingering processes that needs addressing in order to heal and rebalance again. Time of grievance will always bring up our insecurities and vulnerability. Not just because of the different ways we might perceive it, grieve has its own way to express every emotional wound that needs healing. The anger or depression, the fear or the way we felt neglected.

The resonance of these old emotional energetic wounds will be also assisting us. It will bring in the need to deal with that which has showed up. In order to bring in more balance and ease, it will allow us to stop and watch what has been touched. The energy that is brought up, will also be recognized for what it is. Old resonance of past lifetimes experiences, renewed this lifetime in order to be healed. How we want to deal with the energy as well how we can allow it to come up, go through the layers so to speak.

For me this resonance of grieve as well the way I was taught to handle emotions are part of an old pattern. The message of showing a strong mask, hiding the emotions behind it. Be strong, show no weakness in front of children. Allowing the tears to come up being alone, in the comforting darkness of the night in bed. No one who will be there to stop the flow of the emotions, the tears that come up, the flow it assists to let go of the old patterns as well.  In loving connection with my ancestors as well, whom I feel so close standing by my side. Courage as well strength have different faces at times.

And so it will be done

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 29-1-2020

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