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Beloved Ones I Will Start this Course Of The Twelve Commandments with
this next example
Deuteronomy 5:5-23 (by Moses / Moshe):

Hear, O Israel, Jehovah (יהוה Iod, Hei, Vav, Hei) our God is one, (He is
Adam Kadmon, the Multiple Perfect Unity)

1. I am Jehovah thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt
from the house of bondage.

You shall have no other Elohim before me.

You shall not make for yourself a graven image, or any likeness of
anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or
that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them or
serve them; for I am Jehovah thy God, a jealous God, visiting the
iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth
generation of those who hate me, but showing steadfast love to thousands
generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.

Mark 12:28-34 (by Jesus):

And one of the scribes came up and heard them disputing with one
another, and seeing that he answered them well, asked him: "Which
commandment is the first of all?”

Jesus answered: “The first is, ‘Hear, O Israel: Jehovah our God is one;
and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all
your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ The
second is this, ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself.’ There is no
other commandment greater than these.”

In Gnostic Kabbalah, which is Daath-Knowledge, we have to learn the
psychological work that we have to perform. This work is nothing new; it
was always performed in ancient times by the Great Masters. This work
has been taught in different ways in order that we can follow the path
that leads to the Self-Realization of the Being.

Kabbalistically speaking we say that Moses gave the people of Israel the
Ten Commandments, which are ten rules, or ten steps that we have to
follow, in order to attain the Great Work. It is unfortunately rare that
few people see the Ten Commandments from the psychological point of
view. They think they are just ten rules that are blindly put there for
us to follow, but we have to realise that the Ten Commandments are
related with the Ten Sephiroth of the Tree of Life.

The Ten Sephiroth in Kabbalah are studied in the Tree of Life. This is
one of the trees that we find in Genesis, the other being the Tree of
Knowledge – both trees share the same roots. These two trees are two
sciences that we have to study. The Tree of Life is related with the
Being – the Being in itself is God. That is why the Ten Commandments are
the ten rules that are related with our Being, the rules that we have
to follow in order to incarnate the Being, in order to Self-realize the
Being in ourselves. God, the Spirit, our Father who is in Heaven, wants
to incarnate in every one of us.

We now discuss the psychological steps in order to achieve the First
Commandment. It is written that all the Commandments are within the
First Commandment, and in order to understand what the Commandment
encloses we have to study God in relation to the Tree of Life.

When we look at the Tree of Life we find the Ten Sephiroth arranged in
three triangles with one Sephirah alone at the very bottom, making Ten

The Three Sephiroth of the first triangle are called the Three
Supernals, or the three Witnesses in Heaven – this is the triangle of
God. This triangle in Christianity is called the Father, Son and Holy
Spirit – the three Witnesses in Heaven, the three primary forces; Holy
Affirmation, Holy Negation, Holy Conciliation; The Holy Trinity.

In the Holy Trinity the highest is the Father, which is the center of
gravity of this Supernal Triangle. The Father is represented as a crown.
The Heavenly Man wears a crown, which in Hebrew is called Kether – this
reminds us of the Crown Chakra in Hinduism, the Sahasrara. This chakra
is related with the pineal gland – in the pineal gland we have the Seat
of the Soul. Descartes, the great philosopher, says the pineal gland is
the Seat of the Soul - or the consciousness, as we say in psychology.
Consciousness and Soul are the same thing.

These Three Supernals are what in Hebrew are called אלהים ELOHIM. Elohim
means "Gods and Goddesses." It is a female name (אלה Eloah) ending with
a plural masculine ending (ים im).

The Father, the first Sephirah, emanates from the Unknown, the
Unknowable – called in Hebrew the Ain Soph, the Limitless, the
Nothingness. That is why when you read the Hebrew Bible the name of God
has four letters, because Moses knew very well that the Holy Trinity,
the three Supernals, the three primary forces, emerge from the
Unknowable. And that Unknowable is what is called the Cosmic Common
Eternal Father; which has no form.

In Kabbalah, we call the Father “Kether” and is symbolized with the letter י IOD.

The Son “Chokmah” is symbolized with the letter ה Hei.

The Holy Spirit “Binah” is symbolized with the letter ו Vav.

יהו Iod Hei Vav in Latin Letters is I A O.

יהו Iod Hei Vav emanated from a uterus, from an Unknowable Divinity –
the Ain Soph: that uterus is symbolised by the letter ה Hei in Hebrew.
That is why when writing the name of God we repeat the letter Hei at the
end of the name: יהוה Iod Hei Vav Hei. This is the Holy name of God,
which in Greek is called the Tetragrammaton.

When we are uniting the three Supernals, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
with the Unknowable Seity, then we are making a Divinity that has no
form, that we can form no image of, it is impossible to symbolise, to
have an image of that. Many Kabbalists call this Iod Heva, or in English
we write as Jehovah. Of course, יהוה Iod Hei Vav Hei is that Unknowable
God which is symbolised in the World of God, in that first triangle, by
a Great Head (vast countenance). In the Zohar we read that God appears,
Kabbalistically speaking, like a Great Head, but only showing the right
side, never the left, because the right side is related with the three
Supernals, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three forces in one God, the
Holy Trinity. The left side, which is not shown, is the Unknowable
Seity, the Ain Soph- which is from where the three Supernals emanate.

That is why in the First Commandment Moses says:

Hear, O Israel: Jehovah our God is one: And thou shalt love Jehovah thy
God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.
- Deuteronomy: 6:4, 5

Mark 12:28 - 34:

And one of the scribes (an intellectual – someone that was reading the
Law), came, and having heard them reasoning together, and perceiving
that he had answered them well, asked him, Which is the first
commandment of all?

And Jesus answered him: The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O
Israel; Jehovah (יהוה Iod He Vau He) our God is one:

And thou shalt love Jehovah (יהוה Iod He Vau He) thy God with all thy
heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy
strength: this is the first commandment.

And the second is alike, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as

There is none other commandment greater than these.

And the scribe said unto him, Well, Master, thou hast said the truth:
for there is one God; and there is none other but he:

And to love him with all the heart, and with all the understanding, and
with all the soul, and with all the strength, and to love his neighbour
as himself, is more than all whole burnt offerings and sacrifices.

And when Jesus saw that he answered discreetly, he said unto him, Thou
art not far from the kingdom of God. And no man after that durst asks
him any question.

Well, of course this is synthesised, because when you read the Ten
Commandments in the Bible, then in the Sixth chapter of Deuteronomy –
you read that Moses explains "Oh Israel your God is One." Or Jehovah
your God is One, and Jesus repeats that.

Because that is the first thing that we have to accomplish, but that is a
psychological work that we have to perform. Precisely when we talk of
the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Three Witnesses in Heaven, we find
that those three primary forces are related with creation. Nothing can
exist without the activity of these three primary forces, and in order
for the creation of man in the image of God, which is the Self-Realised
Person to appear, we need the three primary forces.

We find that in the first commandment Moses call the astral or emotional
body “the earth,” but we have also the physical body which is Malkuth,
the Kingdom, that is also called the earth, because above the physical
earth Malkuth we find the Sephirah Hod which is the other earth or dry
land of the Third Day of Genesis.

Why is Malkuth called the Kingdom? Because all of its four kingdoms are
made by the Mixture of all the forces that come from all of the

Mineral Kingdom – the water, the soil, the earth, all the minerals, the
metals, the stones the rocks that exist on the planet
Plant Kingdom – all the plants
Animal Kingdom – all the animals
Human Kingdom. – all the intellectual animals from the 12 zodiacal signs
or 12 Tribes of Israel
This is all that there is to the planet Earth: the four kingdoms,
organised very wisely by God in what we call matter. The planet earth.
But we say that the human body, the physical body, the human earth, is a
microcosm which is similar to the planet earth, with the four kingdoms.
We have to develop the four kingdoms, and to command the four kingdoms,
because the human being is called to be the King or Queen of Nature.
So, in the physical body we have also the Three Witnesses, related with
the three brains that we have:

The Mind, or the Intellectual Brain, in which we find the Father. The
Father is always in Heaven, that is why in Catholicism, when they do the
sign of the cross and say; "In the name of the Father...," they begin
with the head. Kabbalistically speaking we have a magnetic centre
between the eyebrows, in which we find the Father, an atom of that which
is Unknowable, an atom of the Father. That atom is nourished with the
oxygen that we breathe. That is why in the lungs we absorb the air, the
oxygen that we need to be alive. The Father is that life that enters
through the nostrils – that oxygen that needs to purify the blood, which
is in our heart.
The Emotional Brain. In the heart we also have life, because the blood
sustains the physical body – that blood needs to be purified by the
oxygen, by that intelligence which is between the eyebrows when we
breathe. In the heart we have another atom in the left ventricle which
we call the atom Nous, the atom of the Son, the second Witness. The Son,
the blood, and the oxygen, the Father, becomes one, in the lungs, when
the blood is purified. Then the Father and Son circulate as one in the
whole body.
The Motor-instinctive-sexual Brain. The third witness is in the Waters –
the seminal energy, the sexual matter that we have in our ovaries and
testicles, prostrate and uterus. The Waters of Life. This is related
with the Third Witness, the Holy Spirit.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the three witnesses in the body – the
Breath, the Blood and the Waters of Sexuality.

These are the three brains that we have to work with, because the entity
of God acts always through the three brains. In the three brains we
have what are called Bobikandelnots or the vital capital that we have in
order to survive physically. Also we have the Soul acting through the
three brains, in order to do what it has to perform. What does it have
to do? ‘To love thy God with all thy heart, with all thy mind, with all
thy strength.’ In Hebrew, strength is related with the sexual strength,
sexual force. This commandment is something that we have to attain
psychologically – it doesn’t mean that we are going to perform this
perfectly every day, because we know that the Ten Commandments are the
rules that we have to follow little by little in order to achieve
Self-Realisation. It is impossible to find a human on this planet that
can fulfil the First Commandment 100%.

First we have to state that the consciousness, the soul in everyone of
us, is bottled up within the ego, within that which we call ‘my lust’,
‘my pride’, ‘my envy’, ‘my vanity’, ‘my laziness’, ‘my gluttony’, etc.
These are seven capital sins that we have within, and which we have to
overcome. That is why the First Commandment states that we must not make
any image, or any carved image in Heaven. So when we study Kabbalah, we
know that Heaven is related with the mind – it is not referring to
carving images in the physical world. Before an artist or sculptor can
carve an image of anything in wood or marble, he has to imagine that
first, he has to have his mind very well concentrated. If you look at
all the inventions in the world, they were images, forms in the mind of
the inventors. Technology is all the things that are created by the mind
of many human beings in society. All this was first in the mind. This
is not related to physical things but to our mind.

The First Commandment is indicating that we have to be attentive. To love our God with all our mind, means that we have to put always our
mind on God.

The Commandment also states that we have to love our God with all our
soul, or consciousness. To love our God with all our soul means to put
God in our consciousness – to be aware. Moses says ‘God has no form’ –
and if you are thinking or imagining something, that thing, that
something has form. That is why in Buddhism when you are remembering the
self, it is not remembering the ego, the myself - remembering yourself
is remembering the Self, the Being, which is God, which has no form. And
God is omnipresent, exists here and now. Omnipresent means that it
exists always, present, all the time. It is not a God of the past, of
the future, it is an Omnipresent God, which is always here. Past,
present and future are in a ‘now-brotherhood’, always there. So if we
want to love God we have to be here, with the consciousness, meaning
that we have to do the effort to be here and now. When we do that effort
to be here and now, we have to put the pressure in the pineal gland,
and we feel the pressure there. To be attentive is to be situated in the
pineal gland. All the soul is there, and then we have to follow with
all our mind. Because then the soul which is in the pineal gland, acts
as Will-Power, Will-power is a masculine effort, action that we have to
exercise. We have to be always strong, controlling and commanding the
mind. But in order to control the mind, we have to remember God, and to
remember God is to live in the present. Because God is Omnipresent, is
here, and then we are in connection with the Elder of the Days, with the
Father of all Fatherhood, which is in Heaven. God in Heaven, the Head
of the three Witnesses. And here in the earth, He is related with the
pineal gland, the Crown Chakra. We have to remember God, to be in the
present. To love God is to be awakened. Not to be asleep – to be asleep
is to forget God.

So then when you are remembering God with all your Soul, consciousness,
then you apply the Commandment, ‘with all my mind, with all my heart.’
But heart means Love, the emotion that you have to put into activity.
Superior emotion is necessary, because we have many inferior emotions.
That is why the observance of the three brains is indispensable in order
for us to follow the First Commandment. Moses knew it, and that is why
he states "You shall make no image in Heaven, on Earth, or in the
Waters" – which are under the earth. This is indicating the three
brains. Because, psychologically speaking, in this area of the heart, we
have our own emotional earth, (this is the dry land or “earth” that
appears in the Third Day of Genesis), which is the astral body, above
our physical earth. Another earth that is above this physical earth,
physical body - that we have to control.

We must not carve or build any image in the mind or in the earth. How do
we do this? In the area of the solar plexus is where we have all our
desires, and always we build different desires in the heart and the
mind. The mind is atomic, and the heart is molecular – that is why we
say that the ego is molecular and atomic.

When you rest physically and go into dreams, then you see all the images
or egos that you carved in the past. But God is commanding "You shall
not have any image," in other words, you shall not have any
psychological aggregates inside of you – because when you have
psychological aggregates inside of you, you always bow before them. You
always obey them. Many times when we are outside of the body, instead of
being awakened and seeing God face to face as Moses did, and all the
servants of the Lord, we are just asleep, we dream, with different
images, with different forms or desires that we have. And in this
physical world we always follow our own images or desires. So the
Commandment states, "You shall not worship any carved image in Heaven,
or in Earth, or in the Waters beneath the earth."

The Waters beneath the earth are related with the sexual energy. We need
to know how to transform the waters, to make of the waters the correct
transmutation or transformation. If we do not know how to transform the
waters of sexuality, we create a lot of images, or we carve a lot of
psychological aggregates inside of us.

That is why the Commandment states ‘because I am a jealous God.’ This is
not egotistical jealousy, but when God wants to awaken, God wants to
awaken here and now in all of its parts, or His parts. When we talk of
God, God is Omnipresent, is always awakened, up there in Heaven. But
Gods wants also to be awakened, to command, to control the earth, to
control the whole body in ourselves. But if we are following our lust,
our anger, our laziness, our gluttony, or many other defects that we
have inside, God is not completely awakened, because he is the Being and
the Being has many parts, as the Tree of Life shows us, and God is
jealous, or zealous, and wants to be awakened in all of his parts, he
wants the Self-realisation completely awakened in all of the Sephiroth.

That is why he never allows any image inside your mind; that is why He
says, ‘I visit the iniquity of the Fathers on his children, from the
third to the fourth generation.’ If you don’t know Kabbalah, or
esotericism, or the initiatic path that we have to follow, you will not
understand, and think that God is talking about my children and the
children of my children etc, in the physical world.

But this is a psychological statement. Because the first generation is
the physical body, or when we enter into the initiation, it is the first
serpentine fire that we raise. The second generation is related with
the vital body, the superior part of the physical body. And the third
generation is the astral body, and the fourth generation is the mental

Where do we find the ego? In the emotional and mental bodies. If you
observe the three brains you will see that the ego is alive in your mind
and in your heart. That is why in the beginning we state that we have
to observe our mind and our heart, our thoughts and our emotions.
Because the third generation is related with the astral body, the
emotional body, and the fourth generation is related with the mental
body, and God inside of us, inside of anyone, is always watching the
heart and the mind. That molecular (emotions or desires) and atomic
(mental subjective thoughts) ego that we have within is the iniquity
that we have within.

Those entities that we have inside, that the Commandment states is the
third and fourth generation, are precisely those elements that hate God.
This hate is an attitude, a way of acting that is always opposite to
the laws of Self-Realisation. Few people comprehend this, because
everyone has money to earn, problems, and has no time for the
psychological work for themselves, or to perform any Religion. In this
day and age few people are interested in God, and even they think that
He is outside of them – they ignore that God is within. These
Commandments are related to the psychological work, not something that
we have to follow in a fanatical way. They believe only in a God
belonging to a certain sect.

We must realise that Religion is a Latin word, coming from Religare,
which means ‘to unite again.’ This is what we are trying to do in the
psychological work, to unite again the Soul with God. God wants to
humanise himself within the Soul, and the Soul wants to Divinise herself
with Him. The mixture is what we need, but in order to achieve that we
have to work here and now, psychologically.

That is why we read in the First Commandment; ‘You shall not have other
Gods before me.’ But this is interpreted wrong, it should say; ‘You
shall not have other Gods above me’. Or as the Hebrew Bible says, ‘You
shall not have other Elohim above me’. When we study Kabbalah we find
that the word Elohim is stated for the Divinities or Beings that exist
from Kether below. But when we enter in the Unknowable Divinity, Ain
Soph, there are no Elohim there, because the Elohim emerge from the
Unknowable. So it would make no sense to think that above Iod He Vau He
there are Elohim. And that is why when we work in the studies of
psychology in this Kabbalah, we understand that the Elohim are the
angels, archangels, seraphim, cherubim etc, in Christianity, which in
Hebrew they call Malachim.

First He is the One in side of us, that is why the First Commandment
states, ‘You shall love thy God with all thy Heart, Mind, Strength.’ And
Jesus says, ‘And then the second Commandment is likewise, and you shall
love thy neighbour as Thyself.’ Thy Neighbour means the God of thy

We must remember ourselves, remember our God, and observe our three Witnesses, our three brains, intellectual, emotional,
motor-instinctive-sexual brains. Because God exists in the three brains
and wants to control our three brains. And we remember Him – and in the
measure that we remember him we realise that not only ourselves are a
Child of God. Others are children of God as well. That is why in
relation to this Commandment we have to accomplish the type of love
called filial love. Filial love is to feel that one is a child of God.
In order to do this, one needs to remember oneself here and now, to feel
that one is a child of God, not to think it, to feel it in all of the
three brains – mind, heart and sex. And putting the attention of God in
your pineal gland is with all your soul, then you are a child of God.
Filial love. So being a child of God you remember Him, you love Him.

Because to love God is to remember Him – you cannot love your God if you
do not remember Him. If you are doing anything and you do not care what
God is, you do not remember Him, then how are you going to love your
God? How are you to love your girlfriend, your dog or cat, and you want
to hug them etc, if they are not there? You need to have some
relationship, to show your love. So God needs to be loved, but where is
God? God has no form – ‘you shall not make any image’ because if you
make an image then you are identified with the image. To love God is to
remember God. And that is the First Commandment.

And the Second is that my neighbour has God inside as well, and so we
have to love and respect the Being or God of our neighbour as ourselves.
That Self is the Being, that we are loving and working with. So God is
Gods, God is Elohim. When we say ‘And thy neighbour as Thyself’ you know
that God is inside of you too, but when you come to your God, ‘You
shall not have any Elohim above Him,’ because all the Elohim are beneath
the Great Head. Above the Great Head there are no Elohim, there is only
Him. That is why it is called the Perfect Multiple Unity, so that unity
is inside of us, and in that way, this is how we are following or
performing the First Commandment. It is a psychological work that we
have to perform in the three brains, by observing the three brains, by
remembering God, and by acting also with our neighbours, by acting, by
showing them the same behavior.

This is the way to walk towards the path of the Self-realization.

Do not to fall into the mistakes of sects, other groups, that by not
knowing about the Tree of Life, they think that this Commandment is two
Commandments. Many think that the First Commandment is: ‘You shall love
thy God..’, and the Second Commandment is: ‘You shall not make any
images...’ But they are mistaken, because ‘You shall love thy God' and
‘You shall not make any images’ are one and the same first Commandment.
That is why Jesus says that ‘You shall love your God with all your
heart, with all your mind, with all your strength.’ And Moses explains
this with his own words – ‘I am the Lord thy God that brought thee out
of the land of Egypt.’ Egypt is ignorance in this way, that
psychological state in which we are in darkness. When we start working
psychologically we are out of the Egyptian Amenti, we know the Doctrine,
the Law, that we are studying now, from out of bondage.

‘Thou shalt have no other Gods above me.’ That is why in Buddhism it is
stated that if Buddha appears in your meditation, you have to slay him –
because it is an image, and God has no form. In order to reach ecstasy
you have to be empty minded. Any carved image, any psychological
aggregate in activity, this is an image, and you are worshipping this
image – you are putting your attention in it, instead of putting your
whole attention in God and remembering Him. Whosoever remembers God
cannot think – it is not that we are incapable of thinking, but that if
your mind is active you are not remembering God which is Omnipresent, so
be attentive, and if your mind throws up any image inside of your
intellect, do not pay attention to it.

To be in that blessed state, or to observe thoughts without identifying
with them, is something very difficult, but we have to start at least
doing it when we close our eyes, in order to meditate, in order to
contemplate God. There is a mantra which helps us activate that
remembrance of God: OM MASI PADME HUM. This mantra activates the pineal
gland and the heart together, in order to stay here and now, because we
are always out of the state of awareness.

‘Thou shalt have not any Elohim above me’ - this is jealousy, to
remember only Him, to be awakened. ‘Thou shalt not make for thee any
graven image or any likeness of any thing that is in Heaven, or that is
in earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth’. This is
related with the three brains, or the three Witnesses, which are the
three parts of our body. Heaven is the Head. In the heart we have that
emotional earth. And in the sex we have the waters beneath the physical
earth. Controlling the three brains is how we accomplish the First
Commandment, but if you observe yourself everyday at any moment you will
see that you have a lot of images that you have carved in the past.
Your lust is an image that you carved in the past, your anger, your
vanity, your envy, as well etc. Many images or psychological aggregates
that we have carved in the past. God did not do this, do you think that
God created anger inside of us? No, we created all that, those images
that we have carved inside of ourselves. God wants us to destroy all
these images inside of us. ‘You shall not bow down thyself unto them.’
Observe them and see that you bow down before them. When you are angry
do you love your neighbour? No, you bow before your anger, before your
pride, instead of loving your enemy. ‘Deny thyself’ says the Lord, but
we do not. We are angry because someone hurts our self-esteem, and this
person has to suffer our anger, and we bow before our anger, that image
that we created inside. The Commandment says you shall not bow down unto
them nor to serve them, because our God "visits the iniquities of the
fathers on the children unto the third and the fourth generation." God
always visits us, and sees that we are idolaters, especially in the
third and fourth generations, which are the astral and the mental
bodies, the heart and the mind. We are always following that.

‘And showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my
Commandments.’ Mercy. Mercy is the Sephirah Chesed; when we are trying
to accomplish this every day the blessings of God come to us, the
Innermost. Within the Innermost are all the powers, or senses that
everybody covets: clairvoyance, the powers of the saints and prophets.
Moses had a lot of powers - raising the dead, Moses controlled the
elements, those powers, capacities, are developed as a blessing of God.
These are not animal powers like hypnotism, or channelling like mediums -
anyone can develop these types of powers. But to develop the powers of
God, divine powers, to receive those blessings, or gifts from our Inner
Interior Being is something that we have to earn by working in ourselves
worshipping our Inner God. Those are the blessings; it says, "Thousands
of blessings are come to those that love me."

That First Commandment is not a commandment of believing or doing
something fanatically – it is psychological work. Remember that the soul
works through the three brains. When you are thinking, you are
utilising the intellectual brain. When you are filled with emotions, you
are working with your emotional brain, when you are moving you are
acting with your sexual-motor-instinctive brain. That is why Moses and
Jesus say "with all your strength." Here strength is related with the
motor brain. When you need physical strength you need to put into
activity your muscles. That is related with your motor brain and also
your instinctive brain. And when you want to perform the sexual act you
also need sexual strength. That is why strength or might is always
related with sexual force, because in the area of the sex we have one
brain that is called the motor-instinctive-sexual brain. Three forces in
one that act in the physical body. So the soul, the consciousness is
inside of the physical body, and acting through these three brains. But
remember that through these three brains are the three Witnesses on the
earth or Physical Body – the breath, the blood and the sexual waters.
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit – three forces in one, because the blood
that we have in the veins transforms itself into semen, sexual seed, in
the ovaries and the testicles.

So therefore the First Commandment is a psychological work that always
the student that is follow the Self-Realisation is performing everyday,
everyday, everyday.

Remember your inner God in this moment – feel yourself in your body and
observe your three brains. And start to clean your three brains in order
to love your God completely, 100%. Because if you observe yourself
right now you perform that commandment only three percent, because we
have three percent of soul free of bondage, out of Egypt.

The remaining 97% of our consciousness or soul is in bondage to the
devil. That devil is lust, anger, pride, envy, laziness, greed – images
that we carved in the past. That is why that scribe that asked the
question to Jesus says, ‘Master, you have said the truth.’ Because
anyone that follows this Commandment, performs everything. And Jesus
says to him, ‘Blessed be thou that seeth this.’ Because not everybody
sees this. In ancient times in order to see all this that we are stating
here one had to study very seriously and carefully with the True
Masters of Kabbalah etc, to study Kabbalah in order to comprehend
finally. Now this is explained publicly because humanity is mature in
order to understand the psychological work.

Hear, O Israel, יהוה Jehovah (Iod, He, Vav, He) our God is one, (He is
Adam Kadmon, the Multiple Perfect Unity)

“Hear (with the Chakra Vishuddha) O, (twelve zodiacal signs or twelve
tribes of) Israel, Jehovah our God is One, (He is Adam Kadmon, the
Multiple Perfect Unity, your Internal Monad).” [Monad from the Greek
word “Monas,” Unity.]

I am (Iod, He, Vav, He = Kether, Chokmah, Binah and Ain Soph) Jehovah
thy (internal) God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt (the
lower abdomen), from the house of (psychological) bondage.

You shall have no other (will of any) Elohim before me (in Tiphereth).

You shall not make for yourself a (psychological) graven image (within
the 49 levels of your mind, Netzach), or any likeness (psychological
aggregate of Mythomania) of anything that is in heaven above (Netzach),
or that is on the (emotional, molecular) earth beneath (beneath Netzach,
in other words, in Hod), or that is in the (sexual) waters (of Yesod,
that is the Sephirah) under the (Sephira Hod, the emotional or
molecular) earth; you shall not (psychologically) bow down to them or
serve them (instead, you must comprehend them and annihilate them); for I
am Jehovah thyGod, a jealous God (jealous of all of its divine parts,
especially the particles of pain that are trapped within your ego),
visiting the iniquityof the fathersupon the children (human souls) to
the third (the Body of Desires situated in Hod) and fourth (the Inferior
Mind situated in Netzach) generation of those (quarrel and noise egos)
who hate me, but showing (my) steadfast love (Gedulah, the Innermost,
the Spirit) to thousands generations (in Malkuth, the Physical Body) of
those who love me (psychologically with filial love from moment to
moment) and keep my commandments (with Thelema, Willpower).

Eternal Light Love and blessings


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