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The End of WINGS and the Death of the Old

May 14, 2010

To all my readers:

At the beginning of May, I left the old shell of an old self behind. Like a massive death and final ending, my time was up and everything that went along with it was gone as well. As my star family continued to tell me, “Your time is over now. You have finished what you came to do, and it is time to come home.”

As with all endings, so many of the doors around us close, never to open again. Backs are turned, spaces will not open, and there is nowhere left to go. In these ways, we become virtually invisible, as we are no longer residing in the dimension we are about to leave. It was indeed time for me to jump into the dimension above me, and to have a very different existence than I had experienced up until then.

Many of my writings explain how we get “kicked out” when we no longer belong in our old spaces. These old spaces become so unbearable that we can no longer tolerate their energies. In this way, we are shut out and encouraged to leave by the very unpleasant behavior of the energies who are still residing there.

For some of us, our next dimensional leap is into the energies and reality of the heart. In this way, if we find ourselves around anything that does not emit the heart energy, we can become acutely uncomfortable and feel lost, not at home, wounded, abused, and at best, be unable to communicate or connect to anything that does not come from a heart connection.

Putting on a “suit of amor,” a tough exterior, or even utilizing deliberate “protections” in order to survive in the world does not work with the heart energy, and for me, has never and will never be an option. I came here to experience this planet as the soul that I am, and I intend to continue to do just that.

My time for writing the WINGS posts and e-books was over about two years ago, but I was asked, like many of you, to continue on for a while until the direction of the planet and the path was permanently set. In this way, I continued on longer than I had ever intended, and even came back at the end for this purpose. I will not be returning again. I no longer reside where I used to reside, and I am permanently finished with my prior role and all it entailed. As we have now chosen as a planet to arrive in a new world in a way that perhaps we had not envisioned, I will also then, no longer be offering Soul Celebrations or creating Angels Rest. I have been cut loose in all ways.

In Creating the New Reality, there is an explanation about soul infusion and what it feels like to be embodying a form with your soul when you have evolved beyond it. Very simply, we are not all there anymore. By following our hearts, we will automatically be taken to our next “form.” So although we may at times feel we have experienced a very permanent death, because we are experiencing ascension times, we frequently have the option of dying, but can take our forms along with us. When our souls arrive in their new space, they come alive once again.

I did indeed have a death experience with all the bells and whistles, a life review, a final farewell, and a permanent end. One of my exit points was triggered. After the beginning stages of the process began to snowball, I found myself at a specific stage where I chose to keep my form here on earth in the heart energy, as the heart survives all death. My star family has offered me 24/7 access to home, encouraged me to visit often, and told me that I am welcome to come and go as I please. Currently, I am having a very needed time out for rejuvenation and for learning some new things for my new space here on the planet, and trusting that my needs will be met during this time.

As soon as I knew with absolute certainty that I would never again write another WINGS post, I cancelled all the subscriptions for regular automatic payments, as I did not feel comfortable accepting money for something I was no longer offering. This is why some of you received a PayPal cancellation notice. If I have missed any of you with regular subscriptions, kindly go into the history section of your PayPal account and cancel your subscription. If you have any problems, feel free to contact me, and I will take care of this for you. For all of you who donated on a regular basis, even though I thanked you each and every time, I thank you again now…I cannot thank you enough for keeping me up and going. And for those of you who sent me wonderful letters of gratitude, I thank you as well. They were fuel for my soul each and every time.

In times to come, my new space at will be available for those who desire to experience the heart energy, although the web site is nowhere near completion or even in its beginning stages at this time….I am still in “protective custody” for a while longer completing my process. In this new space of The Heart of the Night, there is no agenda, no intent, no purpose, no teaching, and no “New Age” energy or higher level information. It is a space of center and calm, and full of the heart of the ordinary and pristine moments that are available to us now, as we wait for our mother earth to complete her endings in all ways. It is also a space that perfectly reflects who I am as well…the pristine, subtle, and more simple energy of my true and authentic self. (For those interested, if you are on the Emerging Earth Angels e-list or choose to sign up now, you will be notified when The Heart of the Night is ready to be experienced.)

The Emerging Earth Angels web site will remain up and running for anyone who wishes to access any of the information here, or to order books and e-books, as there are still many who are now asking for their next step. Everything will remain the same as it is now, but with no new information added on a regular basis.

In the very last WINGS post for May 2 (for those of you wondering, for various reasons it was not announced via the e-list), higher level ways of living and being had not yet manifested to a large degree on the planet. Once I left my old space behind, I immediately found myself embraced by an unlikely group of human angels exhibiting all of these qualities, ways of being, and more. I would never have thought to find these angels where I did. Looking back now, I can barely remember the person I used to be. And my new space at The Heart of the Night will give me the opportunity to be in the best space with the best offerings I have yet to have experienced so far. For me, my new beginning and re-birth will be as it has been in times past...far beyond what I could have ever imagined for myself in my own mind.

In the last WINGS post, there were three possible options explained to me for my choosing. In the end, I chose all three… What will you choose?

With much love and gratitude and a heart-felt good-bye,

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Comment by Joni on May 15, 2010 at 3:55am
The Three Options

May 2, 2010


Missed the WINGS post for April 30? You can view it here.

We are again at a crossroads at our soul levels, and although I just posted a WINGS message on April 30th, after visitation from my star friends, I feel a need to share a bit more about our current situation on the planet. Each and every one of us is strong and wise at our core, and personally, I have always felt that we have our own barometers, strong and clear, and using that individual muscle is always the best way to go. In this way, all the postings I place on the web site have always been meant to validate what we are all experiencing, and although individuals, we are all in this together in many ways.

For the past few months, I have been given the option of staying here on the planet or making my final departure. We may wonder how many band-aids we can put on a massive planetary wound before it is time to throw in the towel, or even perhaps how many disappointments a soul can endure before it begins to wither and die. And if love is the air we breathe in this new reality, we may breathe it out with ease, but we still need to breathe it in too in order to survive. What do we do when there is no air left to breathe? How do we continue to sustain ourselves and fill our lungs with the precious fuel that we need in these new and higher realms when love, caring, and the heart energy seems a very rare commodity?

On April 29th I had a birthday. For all of us, there exist exit points and pre-planned departure times for each soul, which can be utilized or not. Many times, our birthdays signal the time for a re-birth, and we get to choose if we will stay and have a new experience here, or make our final departure and have a re-birth somewhere else. I felt the departure signal very strongly this time…it was nearly overwhelming. The last time this occurred was when we decided to make a very new plan and set up the separation of the worlds in September of 2009 (no birthday energy that time). Something was definitely over and finished. Many of us were given the option of staying or leaving. And many of us chose to stay, as a new world was then at our fingertips, consisting of souls who appeared to be willing and ready. We were going to get a fresh start and go back to what we had always known, but on a very new palette.

Now we are finding that the creation of the new reality is once again going in a very different direction. This time, we have decided not to wait for enough souls to be ready. This time, although many souls have chosen to remain in denser energy of thought and being, the planet is forging ahead all on its own. With the personal choices made by each soul currently on the planet at hand, we many very well indeed experience this massive shift in ways much more uncomfortable than they ever needed to be.

Today, knowing I was now perhaps in my final days, and being called home by my family from the non-physical world, I sat down and decided to have a chat with them. It was then that I was given three personal options, and I share these with you, as I know some of you are in the same position.

Option One:

Wait it out. This means that we can lay low and disappear into the current world for a while (until 2012). The WINGS post for April 30 gives much more detail about this option. We will be taken care of in strange and mysterious ways, but will be staying to ourselves quietly with no agenda, while we wait for the storm of the final days to reach its completion.

Option Two:

Make it happen. Sounds contradictory to the first option, but what in means is that we will stumble upon and find ourselves experiencing strange and unprecedented ways of utilizing the new energy. For several months, I have been having these kinds of heart centered experiences. These experiences help us to feel much better about what is occurring around us. It’s how one feels when one has crossed over from the 3D reality, only we are still in a form now, having these same feelings and awarenesses.

For instance: While driving across the United States last week, I read a billboard that said. “No services for another 200 miles.” “You’ve got to be kidding!” I muttered. Immediately below the first sentence arrived another one on the sign. “Just kidding” it read. A few moments later, I said outloud, “I’m getting really hungry.” Immediately a sign appeared by the side of the road for a restaurant called “The Hungry Traveler.” And when my father entered the hospital for the last time, I received a recorded “wrong number” phone message from a funeral parlor advertising its services…the universe telling me that he was finally preparing to depart. These experiences have been endless, and I always feel that God is speaking to me, letting me know that everything is always okay and right where it needs to be.

Option Three:

We can leave this world through the death of our form, or basically, die the old 3D way. This means call it a day. The final ending. Throw in the towel. We have gone as far as we possibly could. There are no more options for us. There is nothing left for us here right now. We are too tired to get a second wind going yet another time. We would rather watch from the side-lines.

None of these options is right or wrong. Each individual soul will chose the best option possible. In times to come, because souls residing on the planet have chosen the pain and suffering method of shifting over, and seem determined to hold onto their lower level ego beliefs and feelings of survival, we will begin to see big shifts in regard to the heart energy. With all the endings and losses on the horizon, the inhabitants of the earth will be placed into situations where they now know what is really and truly important, what they value most, and what they are really grateful for in their lives. And maybe, just maybe, we will all finally revere each other, see each other, be grateful for each other, and simply enjoy what is already here and always has been.

We are most certainly in the end times...the final stages of death…death of the old reality and the old world. We may find ourselves reminiscing about better times, wanting to go back to the good old days as we know at some level that everything is finally over and we may never have those experiences ever again. We may wish we had done things differently, wonder if we lived our lives well, and find ourselves now truly cherishing every moment for the beauty that lies within it. We may find that people from our pasts and things that had never been resolved are now coming to the fore-front, as in the end, we always touch noses with everyone who touched our lives. These are symptoms of a dying world, of an impending death. But we also know that after each death, there arrives a new birth. A very new beginning. And this time, it will be a new reality of the heart.

With much love and gratitude,
Comment by Joni on May 15, 2010 at 3:58am
very sad to me....
Comment by Myriel RAouine on May 15, 2010 at 8:14am
I understand her perfectly well. Something very similar is happening to me ... I am being called to other planes. Karen is not gone - she has chosen to go on, to take the next step! I appreciate her a lot and what she did gives me strength to continue on my own path.

Namaste - WE ARE ONE - We are CONNECTED! ALWAYS - no matter where we are ...

Love and Light,

Sonja Myriel

Comment by sheena ann baker on May 15, 2010 at 11:19am
I understand what is happening to her, i am going through the same thing, have been suffering the last 2 weeks with terrible back pain and constantly on pills,
Last night the energy was so powerful, dizziness and nausea feeling like i was going to pass out, is it the pills i thought, no can,t be they are not that strong, then the colours started coming through, then the Hindu Gods, which i have had before, but this time the colours had a lot more power to them Kundalini was happening. i can,t take this i am saying in to much pain, pulsating head, then for the first time Spirals one after the other, then a peaceful night.

So alot happening at the moment have to keep calm and in my own space.

Bless you Karen for all your suport, i thank you and send love
Comment by Jean Victoria Norloch on May 15, 2010 at 5:50pm
Here's to moving on.... many blessings as you further your journey...
Comment by Joni on May 15, 2010 at 6:10pm
i do understand what kathy is saying ...just not sure how all 3 options operate...hmmmm
3 choices and she chooses them all....i would choose them all 2...not exactly sure how.
Comment by Myriel RAouine on May 15, 2010 at 8:52pm
I think she tries to tell us that she HAS died - died out ofthe old 3D form, so to say, passed over and returned new born, kind of ... does that make sense?
Comment by Joni on May 15, 2010 at 8:59pm
yes makes perfect i got lost in all the words ..taking things to literally
Comment by Angel~a on May 15, 2010 at 9:26pm
I was sad to see her go-but she is so lucky!!!!!!There wil be another site but it will have nothing going on in it like the wings post did!


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