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The Emergence of Christ Consciousness & The Levels of Initiation + Amazon Update ~ Children of the Sun


Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation      


  • The Path of Initiation  
  • Message from the Elohim 
  • Amazon Accomplishments    

  • The Power of our Ascending Merkaba
  • Self Realizations and Embodied Truths
  • Next Planetary Grid Transmissions (New Moon &Solstice!) 



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The incoming of the Divine Feminine aspect is now in full embrace of our beloved planet. She is greatly amplifying our initiations into Christ Consciousness while helping to rejuvenate our bodies in order to transcend into the new Divine-Human... and wayshowers of the emerging I AM Race.   

Christ Consciousness, the Divine Union of Love, Wisdom and Power, is available to all while still in physical embodiment and it is by Divine Decree that we, who walk this Earth during these auspicious times, are the ones to fulfill this prophecy of "the second coming of The Christ". Through our advancement into the 5th initiation, we achieve our ascension while in the formed expression.  

Due to the planetary quickening from the closing of cycles, collective humanity has been granted Divine Dispensation for the fastest development ever undertaken by a race of beings. In this historical evolution of the human design, each of the phases of spiritual initiation must still be taken and cannot, in anyway, be by-passed. This has to do with both the safety of our vehicles and to prevent the potential misuse of power.


We are all encouraged to review the evolutionary Path of Initiation in order to ascertain where we are in our personal endeavor. It is now ultra important to understand from an intelligent thinking mind what it is that we are doing and aspiring towards.  


We are making this evaluation effort to more deeply coalesce our energies while keeping our focus firmly anchored and unified as we collectively progress in the group formation.




Message from Elohim



It has been confirmed by the Council of Elohim that we now have more than 144,000 people upon the Earth that are at least 5th level initiates and who have achieved and are now living in the frequency of Christ Consciousness.    


Fifth level initiation is referred to as the "Resurrection". This demonstrates full mastery over the pull of matter. We completely return to the Monad and merge with the Group I AM while retaining a physical "light body" form. This is the attainment of 5th dimensional consciousness which is characterized by the experience of oneness.


The 144,000 was the number needed to trigger the mass advancement of the race including the great domino effect among all other Planetary Light Servers, which now number in the several million across the globe. This 144,000 Christ Harmonic is able to greatly strengthen and raise the rest of us (and Humanity) into direct experiences of Christ Consciousness as we continue advancing in our remaining initiations.


The Elohim have impressed that many of us will be in the vibrational frequency of Christ Consciousness by the end of this year, 2012 with this being supported by greater levels of Divine Intervention. In other words, the momentum for the I AM Race world movement is on schedule.

They say that, as a group forcefield, we are activated and have advanced to sufficient  levels of purity that our ability to create is more powerful than we even know. They encourage us to create now in much bigger ways from the group consciousness and to take greater action out in the world scene, opening the portals of light in large numbers and in all geographical regions.  


They also impress that the activation of the planetary Crystalline Grid is now fully accomplished to the levels that we and the Councils of Light were intending in relationship to its ability to support the Earth body ascension and its race advancement. They remind us that the vast potential of this crystalline matrix is infinite and ever evolving as is our own consciousness .

It is important to understand that our final initiations into Christ Consciousness, initiations #4-5 cannot be taken until initiations #1-3 are completed and there is unwavering mastery over the personality body and our free will is completely surrendered. Again, this is for our own safety in the planetary acceleration and also prevents any potential misuse of revealing power.


We will have the authority and accompanying ability to truly wield the elemental life and the Sacred Fire when the Monad, the Group I AM Consciousness, has full command over the personality body and we personally have reached the evolutionary phase of 4th level initiate.


While we have great support due to the planetary transition, we all still must do the required work. It is an exponential quickening which will spiral faster and faster. It is our survival to remain connected to the group field especially those who are still in phases of lower body purification. 

The ascending group merkaba is absolutely pivotal to help us all remain stabilized in the flows of group support.


With all my love, 

Tiara Kumara
Children of the Sun Foundation 



PDF Article: The Levels of Initiation into Christ Consciousness





Amazon Accomplishments  

May/June Expedition  

 dna brain



Our purposed and phenomenal work while recently in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle gave us a very tangible idea of the sheer profundity of what "prototype" actually means and as this applies to not only the personal self but to the group as a whole.


The experimental testing that we endured in this 3rd Expedition related to how fast a diversified group from many parts of the world and in different levels of the spiritual initiation process could weave our webs and rise together into the frequency bands of Christ Consciousness.  


Several of our participants carried severe emotional trauma and deeply seated unconscious pain cycles. Others were with tenacious ego patterns, negative implants and entity possession. We had early stages of awakening mixed with participants in more advanced phases of self realization.


Knowing that no level of initiation can be hurdled, this Expedition proved beyond any doubt that all levels of consciousness responds and can greatly accelerate through a series of spontaneous back-to-back initiations and as this is supported by a high powered and dedicated group field consistently radiating unconditional love and acceptance.  


From a solid framework of program objectives combined with the purity of our intentions, we built aligned strength through the Law of Invocation and with daily support from the Sacred Fire. The Galactic Federation of Light came with their download of the Christ Consciousness codes. The great host of Ascended Masters came with their constancy of love and encouragement. The Sirians blessed us with an implant of light tissue technology. We drew upon the daily assistance from the jungle plant intelligence.  


It all resulted in a deeply purifying but surprisingly gentle ride and an internal quickening beyond anyone's ability to understand from the rational mind... all mostly owing to the group Christ Harmonic and each participant's focused surrender within the downpour of celestial light from a Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse and the historical Venus Transit.


We accomplished BIG in the Amazon. We proved that a group harmonic vibrating in resonance to unconditional love can strengthen and raise the weakest links in order to fulfill the intended mission. In other words, the vibration of mass consciousness, as this is contained within a higher vibrating group matrix, can be raised to directly experience levels of Christ Consciousness. The KEY is the group energy and to remain within this group energy in order for the necessary clearings and subsequent quickening to stabilize.


The question many of us have is... how will mass consciousness do it? Nobody can escape the initiation process and still evolve from Planet Earth. Well, it may just happen through us! We can greatly assist mass consciousness by connecting everyone into our rising merkaba and consciousness matrix thereby lifting off big pieces of the human framework and potentially foregoing, for the many, the long and difficult road to self -mastery.



The POWER OF THE GROUP both quickens and stabilizes us all!  







The Power of our Ascending Merkaba



The swift changes that we are all experiencing are in response to the unmistakable and synchronistic flow of Divine Grace with us each and every step of this profound planetary group work.


Most importantly, what the Amazon group clearly reflected for the whole is that our greater unity is empowering a massive and influential field referred to as "Group Merkaba". All people connected into this purified, highly tuned geometric matrix of rarified light and sound, either actively or linked through another, are greatly supported and increasingly transformed as it gains in prominence and strength.


Everyone can be greatly quickened by this activity through mere "linkage" to the ascending group consciousness and interlocking group matrix. We have proved this truth through our recent Amazon Group Expedition. (See some of the results below.)


All Planetary Light Servers who are sincerely dedicated and participating in the Path of Initiation are linked as one in this endeavor, no matter the level of initiation. We flow and spiral synergistically as an ascending field of infinite potential. 

Absolutely nothing can prevent the purity of our collective intentions to reveal self realized God Consciousness if all is consistently held in heart alignment to Divine Will and in accordance with the highest good of ALL.



The Planetary Grid Transmissions  
this New Moon Tuesday, June 19 

 and Solstice, Wednesday, June 20 



Self Realizations and Embodied Truths 

from the Third Amazon Expedition Team


Receive their Energy Transference!

Christ Consciousness Codes and  

Assistance to Build your Light Quotient


During the Planetary Grid Transmissions 

this New Moon Tuesday, June 19 

Solstice, Wednesday, June 20 



We give great appreciation to these courageous souls who have endured and are now integrating from some of the most accelerated transformations at a physical core level while placing the body in service for the collective Group Soul.


It resulted in a deeply purifying and greatly accelerated internal quickening... all mostly owing to the group Christ Harmonic and each participant's focused surrender within the downpour of grace light from the recent celestial alignments. The experimental testing that was endured by this Expedition group related to how fast a diversified group from many parts of the world and in different levels of the spiritual initiation process could rise together and into the frequency bands of Christ Consciousness. We did it!


Join us this Tuesday and Wednesday as we receive their actualized Christ Consciousness codes from the greatly expanded light body quotients together with all of our direct experiences from the one Children of the Sun Group Avatar Soul!


loveUnconditional Love is the acceptance of all that is... accepting and flowing with every situation and person that comes into our field of energy.


The path of dharma is a path of surrender. I surrender myself fully to God. I surrender my soul, my life in service of the Greater, trusting and knowing beyond doubt that all will be provided.


simpleSimplicity is key. I am allowing myself to continually simplify methods and understandings. In simplicity lies great joy, peace, revelation and love.



I continually connect to oneness through both the third eye and the heart... all life around me is one family, this unity consciousness will provide the field of infinite love and support that will lead to all right action, Christ understanding and will carry us all deeper into the light and love of God.



The new blueprint carries no attachments to limitations or previously know truth. Old healing processes and preconceived notions of prerequisites upon the path may no longer be necessary.



There is no separation from Source. The sense of abandonment, exclusion and aloneness are of our own making. 


let go

Mastery is the letting go of control


As one group body, we have given birth to a great child together within our one consciousness.... a child for the future of all humanity.ego let go

While the ego must be de-throned, it is not destroyed but embracedlove do in love.  In love, I keep it in check and at bay. 

From the purity of intention aligned to Divine Will, we create through thought and feeling alone.  I AM Elohim.


I connect to All That Is at the deepest level by directly experiencing inexpanded states of consciousness, Source. Thus, everything bkennaecomes available and we can intervene at anytime through the act of creating, creating, creating.


I agiselem trusting all reflections back to the Self. What would Love do now?


I release all unproductive emotions, such as anger, envy, shame and self-loathing to open my heart and let love in.happy


We release our individual and collective stories. We release our attachments to these stories. We release all need to create other stories.

tiara hatWhen we raise our vibration and quotient of light, pain and suffering gomelvinaway.  

We are not healing our 3d polarized bodies. We are upgrading to a new design.  


As more light enters, the old simultaneously melts away. The key is to surrender to the light and to let go completely.


Journey to the Heart of God

Our precious Andreea J, Expedition participant, shares a profound experience   


 tarantula tiara janecrystal ball

Thank you to the spirit of the Amazon including all of 
her powers of nature that visited us each and every day
with the perfect shamanic medicine to take us even deeper!

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