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"The Divine Mother - You Balance, in Her, Between Love, and Fear."

When things get out of proportion,

what do you do, to balance life?




Balance, is finding the Proper Distance, to Balance Two Extremes.

There are Only Two, Root Emotions, Love and Fear.

One Feeling, gives Birth to the Other, Opposite Feeling.

Every Other Feeling, Originates from These Two Emotions.


If You are Feeling "In Love", on the Earth,  then Move,

in Balance, towards Facing Your Earthly Fear.


This is Your Fear, of Losing External Love,

until the Love, and Fear, are Balanced, and "Made Clear".


When You Try to "Cling to" External Love,

Fearing the Loss, of External Love,

Then, You will Experience the Fear,

of Losing that External Love, Naturally.


True, Unconditional, Divine Love

is Not Increased by Desire,

but It is a "Given Love".


It is Given to You, During Conception

and Until the Moment of Birth.


Divine Love, is Your "True Nature".

You "Are Divine Love".


Fear, is the Opposite of Divine Love,

the Fear that You could Lose Divine Love,

that You could Lose Your "True Nature".


This, is an absurd Fear.

It is Not Possible, to Lose Your True Nature.

This is an Unreasonable Fear.


This is Fear, that Divine Love, could be "Taken Away from You",

This is a Shadow Fear, because Earthly Love

can be "Taken Away from You".


Divine Love, can never be "Taken Away from You",

for Divine Love, "Is You", within Your Divine Mother.


People, born in the world, will believe almost anything,

in Fear, They are Born, of Being Born, in a World of Lack,

when Influenced by Negative Thoughts and Emotions.


Look at the Situation of the Baby, being Born,

Born, Out thru the Birth Canal.

It is Absolutely Terrifying, to the Baby, 

and the Baby Gasps, and Cries, Naturally.

Everything comes into Spontaneous Functioning,

in Awareness, of Lack.


Once, that We are Born, the Need for Breath,

and the experience of the Senses,

Cold, and Light, and Heat, Sound, Thirst,

Hunger, Comfort, Pain, Lack, Need,

All "Appear", and Fear, is Born, with Us.


Once These, start to "Exist", as We Exist, in the World,

Then, the Very Nature of the World, which is Not Dedicated to Us,

is to Withdraw All of These Things from Us.

Then We discover "Our Need",

and Seek Love,  and Comfort, and Feel Fear.


This Divine Mother, is Reflected, at Conception,

 in Your Earth Mother.

As Above, So, Below, - As Below, So Above.

  - You are Balanced, in Your Divine Mother,

Between Love, and Fear.


At Our Conception, in Our Temporary Earth Mother,

Until the Moment of Birth, We experience No Lack,

and a Baby has No Expectations of Love, or Fear.

Nothing can be "Withdrawn",

because Nothing has Been Withdrawn.


An Unborn Baby, simply "Is Love",

and Needs No External Feedback.

Love was Its Nature, Learned,

while Growing in His/Her Mothers Belly,

It Feeds, and Drinks, and Breathes,

Bloodstream to Bloodstream,

and Feels Comforted, within the Watery Birth Sack.


Return to "That State", of Balance, in Your Divine Mother,

Having Neither Expectation of External Love, or External Fear.

You were "Born Twice", Once, at Conception,

and the Second Birth, was at Birth.


You were "Born Again", when You were Born, to the Earth.

You can Lose Your Second Birth, in Death,

but Never  -can You Lose Your First Birth,

for this Birth, is Eternal Life.


In the Universal Mothers Womb,

there is Nothing - that is External.

Everything is Provided, -

Here, from Within Her,

Here, From within You...


That is Your "True Nature", within Her,

In Her, You are Completely Removed,

from the Conditions of This World,

You are Living in Your Eternal Mothers Womb,

You are Her Child, right Here, right Now...

Lacking Nothing, to Live, thru All, of Eternity, inside Her...



Find Your Balance, Right Here, Right Now.....

It is Here, within You, within Her...

Merely Seek It, and It is Here.


This is the "State of the Divine", and at the Moment of Balance,

You become Her Child, You Become Divine,

with Her Divinity, within You, Also.

Divinity is Not Found in a Religion, or a Bible.

Only Fear, is Born, inside of These.


Divinity is Your Inherited Nature, from Your Divine Mother.

Divinity is Your Very, Inherited Nature.

Find Your Balance, and Find Your Divinity.

You cannot Describe Divinity with Words,

or Concepts, or In Terms of the World.

You must Experience Divinity,

in Intimate Connection, with Her.


This, is the Ultimate Balance, that is Your True Nature.

Some Call to God, Allah, Shiva, Krishna, Rama.

These are Names for Divine Fathers, Not Divine Mothers.


The Divine Mother, is the Creator of All.

Earthly Mothers, are Earthly Agents of the Divine Mother.

 She is the Origin of You, and the Provider of All.


We are Falling Down a Black Hole, of Worldly Fear and Love,

Born of Our Earth Mother, We are afraid that We will Die.

Go Neither to the Left, nor the Right,

They are Born of Hope, and Fear.


You are Neither Hope, or Fear.

You are Someone Greater, than Any of These.-

You need not Fear, or Hope for What You are,

You need not Fear of Hope, for What She is.

Trust, and Fall, into Your Divine Mother.

You have always been there, You have forgotten.


The Only Thing that We have to Guide Us, to the Bottom, is Balance.

The Black Hole, is the Womb of the Universe, and We have never Left It.

It is Here, It is Now.


The Greatest Mother, is the Mother that You can never Leave.

You have never left, nor can You ever leave Her.

She will never leave You, and can never leave You.


We cannot "Be Born", Out of this Universe, This Great, Eternal Mother.

There is "No Out", and There is "No In", There is Only "Here", in Balance...

We are Her Beloved Child, Who will never Be "Lost".


Are You "Lost, in Space" ?

Find Balance, and Find Your Divine Mother..

She is "Here"....



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I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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