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The Armor of your Mighty I AM Presence!

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We have spiritual remedies that have been transferred into our power to address every unreal condition. One of the most important is the ability to call forth the Light by the Power of the Spoken Word - decrees, affirmations, and prayer. Call for the Flame of Truth of Cosmic Law to reveal the reality of the way things are to be in life and let the facts of that Truth speak to the legislators, electors, judges, and opinion makers as well as those who compose songs, write stories, and direct movies so that they reflect the Truth of the Eternal Being of the Godhead.

Call for the Divine Mind to be restored to our nations and our peoples. Visualize the Light of Ten Thousand Suns coming from all points of the compass of the Great I AM and converging in America and radiating out across the Earth. See an Electronic Circle around this land and every freedom-loving country. Then see the Light of Ten Thousand Suns as the dazzling White Light of the Panoply of the Christos, of the Great I AM who hears your Heart's call.

The Chohans and the Archangels of the Rays operate in octaves close to the Earth. They are most grateful for your invocations so they can actually make the difference with those calls to be invisibly visible at the pivotal points where history is being made and destinies are being decided. The Chohans and Archangels are able to save up all of our calls and use them where and when they can be most effective.

We can stand and use the I AM Conscious Cosmic Christ Command and say, "Thus far and no farther!" Be the electrode that allows your Presence to be the doer through you and let that Light and momentum come forth that is already present at inner levels. Rise in attunement and make more room for a vaster magnificence and Power in your own Mighty I AM Presence than you have heretofore considered. Remember that your Christ Presence looks dispassionately upon conditions and is unmoved. It directs the limitless Light into conditions and gives no power whatsoever to lesser appearances than the Divine Reality of God.

Hold the doorway of your consciousness open and be receptive to your Presence so that you can enter into the action of the vigil even when you're not able to physically participate. By doing this, the unified body of the Torch Bearers will be able to have a greater impact on the world scene because we are truly all one in the Body of God. By the Dispensation of the Golden Helicon, a Liquid Light thread flows from Heart to Heart, augmented by the Maha Chohan, Saint Germain, and other Masters who hold the doorway open to your Heart Flame. You can pause whatever you're doing in the busyness of life and put your attention on your own Mighty I AM Presence, the expanded awareness of Golden Helicon, and the Mystic Rose of the Ecclesia for even a moment and have the sense that your brothers and sisters are decreeing at that very second and you are there with them in the Fire.

Hold the vision that the Flame of the Sacred Fire that is invoked in these vigils will be such an Unfed Flame that it will continue to burn as the Dispensation expands across the world for the Golden Age. Have the sense that the Light is going to be victorious and will be the two-edged Sword of Christ Discrimination that will cleave asunder those things that are born of the human imagination and those that will open the doorway to Eternal Being and bring those divine elements upon the world scene.

It is wiser and better for us to send the Light to encircle those conditions, places, and misqualifications on the astral plane and deal with them as akashic records foreshadowed onto the screen of the future before they precipitate into the physical than to ignore them and hope they go away. This is an opportunity for all to come up higher, to enter into that service and make room for the limitless nature of their own Mighty I AM Presence as the God of very Gods to take its rightful dominion because the Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof and all that dwell therein.


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Comment by ayana on April 23, 2013 at 2:13am

Thank you Sunspiritsmiles!

We love you~


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