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Talking about sacred places or ancient sites

What comes to mind are the trips I have made over the years, mostly through Europe and how I connected with the Energy of some of those places, a really deeply Heartfelt energy, bringing into light events that had happened throughout history and how my inner world reacted on it.

Like I did in the North of France, driving in the car through the landscape that changes with every corner you take up and downhill and coming out of the woods into a valley and all of a sudden my heart opened up with a happy and emotional sense of belonging. And more than just a personal sense or feeling, it was such a deep and powerful experience I only could honor it at the time.

It also made it clear to me, every place we are, there is an energy that either can draw us in with joy and pleasure, or can bring in lingering emotions buried deep through history about events that has happened.

Visiting a small beautiful castle in Luxembourg, in Beaumont, with a small pond and swans, coming up the stairs and immediately felt the lingering fear and pain of torture that had happened there a couple of centuries ago. Or staying up in the South side of Belgium in the Ardennes country side, honoring the spirit of the region and how I could be of service during my stay.

Driving along an ancient mediaeval castle, drawn to it taking pictures and a huge energy lighting up in the sky as a connection with my inner offer. So many encounters through time and space that came to life in places I have visited.

Upon a hill in the French countryside, standing on an ancient burial side, looking in all four directions and start crying for all that has happened there during world war I and II, and being guided by a big colored butterfly up to the top, and on the way down again appearing and guiding us down the hill back to the car. So many encounters that colored my life being able to visit the countries around us, and the old ancient energies I came in contact with.

I know, these are not the big sites the whole world knows about. These are just the small regional places, and yet, their energy is powerful in itself as guardians of the surroundings and aiding to help out clearing old emotional wounds that are still in place.

Mostly in Nature, in the valleys, on a hill top, just beside the lake scenery standing and connected with the Spirit of the Lake and environment, I came to the understanding how valuable it is to make a deep inner connection with any place we stay, any place we life, to offer our service, to bring in Love, to aid in any way is needed, for I received so much Love in return.

Travelling though time I did as I spent holidays in my favorite country sides, and from deep within also connected with other places around the world, bringing up old memories from past life’s, old emotional wounds that didn’t fit in with this lifetime, to bring in this healing connection with the spirits and guardians of the landscape, the spirit of Gaia, the elementals and most of all, it gave me always a sense of belonging and Home.

Just sharing my experiences on a personal level with you, heartfelt encounters through every connection here as well in our personal encounters, we all are connected and have a story to tell.

So many more to tell, to give credit to, to make conscious, we all are curious were we came from and where we belong, and why we are born in just that country we did. Each place teaches us, if we are aware, if we take notice and listen to the messages of the landscape and its guardians. So much we can learn and also so much we can do to serve.

In loving connection with all,
And so it is

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 6-1-2014

picture (C) Rhea Dopmeijer

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