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I was asked to share a few of the tools that I have uses and continue to use for the purpose of spiritual uplift-ment the above is one I will share more at a later date love ever

Before a journey is undertaken there is always that first step .
However this journey is of a different kind.
Our goal here is not to reach a certain destination but rather a state of being.
Normally we would start at a specific point of origin however as Human beings we are all at different stages in our spiritual journey.
Because of this your starting point is where you are right now !
Today if we want to get from point A to point B we would use a car or bus ect.... I want you to think of your mind as the (vehicle) and it is this vehicle that will aid you in helping you to attain a healthy Happy Spiritual understanding of the world, where you fit into it, and the universe beyond. It will also lead you to many of the answers to the questions that you have about who are, why are you here, & whats the point of this life etc ....
Many of these answers lie within , but we are so used to looking without.
Often the answers to the most profound questions lie already awaiting to be discovered within your own inner being.
Te mind is a tool nothing more that can aid you in the spiritual understanding of what is.
Before this journey can be undertaken we as individuals need to understand that we are not alone in fact quite the opposite we are connected by consciousness also a simple understanding that we are all on a path is also helpful.

We all come to a time in our lives whereby we feel as though something is missing normally we try to fill this void with WEALTH POWER LUST CAREER .........
We confuse this void or emptiness with worldly possessions or emotions an example would be the rainbow we can chase after it however no matter how close we get it always just seems out of reach !
In the same way we find short term relief in worldly things such as sex or money only to find that the emptiness or void still remain after these things have passed so we keep trying to fill this void with these same experiences (chasing the rainbow) so to speak.

The reason we get no real fulfillment is that these feelings of emptiness and at times confusion are the inner spirits way of leading the outer experience to the challenges needed to gain the inner understandings needed to create a para dime or change in ones pattern that with lead you to the deeper more fulfilling understandings that will again align your existence LIFE to a happier one one filled with love and Compassion.
The first important undertaking is the recognizing that we are on a journey and that we are in fact in control of it .

As far as spiritual cultivation goes this is HUGE it will put you firmly back into the drivers seat of your life.

You will gain a deepened sense of oneness and purpose.

I would like to share that as individuals we are everything that we have experienced and been through in our many life's.
I have grown to understand in my own journey that the cultivation process is filled with many roads not all are straight many posses bends and hills the odd pot hole with the occasional road block but it is these very obstacles that highlight things within us that we were once unable to see and by seeing the things that we can change from within gives us the ability to manifest great change in our lives for the better :0)

In my journey I have also come to the understanding that at times what seems to be the fastest road to cultivating the spirit may not in fact be ,
Truth at times seen to be its opposite. In life when we learn to look past the obvious we can start to see that this is indeed an accurate statement.
For example take water nothing is softer Yet even great obstacles such as mountains or cliffs cannot stand its test of time only to eventually find themselves eroding over time.
We can now start to see that many obstacles in life are in fact or CAN BE useful tools that can greatly help us to surface or illuminate things that we can change in our lives that will greatly lead us to a deeper understanding of life and our true life's purpose .
When we understand this and an obstacle is place upon our path instead of going into the automatic mode of OH HECK meet it head on and ask yourself what the universe is trying to show you a little quiet contemplation will lead you to the answer you desire.

The good news is this when you learn the things to change and make the changes necessary in your life you will NEVER have the need to repeat the experience again Yippee.

It does not take long before this process is adopted by the self and from this point on life starts to move in a positive direction.

Every person has a deep sense of morality it may differ slightly from person to person but the closer you get to the source the more inline these inner understandings flow.
However at times especially in modern society individuals create illusion within their lifestyles either within the past or within the future and living now becomes clouded between these two places.

It is the Hills the bends and the obstacles in one's life that are there to realign the self into the now enabling us to see what we have become and then to make changes if needed.
This is how we cultivate and grow as spiritual beings.

When we realize this and align with reality the now these obstacle in life do not need to present themselves and they simply cease.

The next time you are presented with a obstacle try asking your inner self what it it that you need to see or change and you will be quite amazed at the results in fact that obstacle will cease to be an obstacle and will in fact become a useful tool one that has helped you grow as a person and helped you to lead a rich and fulfilled existence

William Abbott.

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