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Soul Connections are Magnetic

When our soul relates to the crystals and the planet, there will be a magnetic pull between them. In fact, there is a knowingness, the moment we enter this material world in our human form. The way we are being raised and which believe systems are implemented, will definitely have an impact on it. When the soul has had many earthly experiences through different lifetimes, the connection will be felt in a more esoteric matter.

The attraction with Nature, elements, crystals and other energy forms will be strong when this has been experienced before. There is this inner understanding of the energies. Not always seen with the material eyes, yet with an inner eye perception of the nature of things. As well the feel and sense of the humans around, with each their own signature.

The energy of the aura may be sensed or seen even. This will tell a lot more about the soul within the human form. The magnetic pool between souls from a same family so to speak will be pulling them together.

This might be feeling uncomfortable sometimes, because the recognition isn’t through the appearance. It is through the energy exchange that will clear a lot of the illusions most people carry with them. This is a different kind of attraction as to the way we are being labeled to have a relationship with someone.

This connection and pull through the magnetic energy will be felt with a deep sense of confidence, as well trust and dignity. Trust and love are powerful magnets, they will bring family members together in different ways.

The way we are able to connect on internet, through the messages we receive about spirituality, light energy, enables this even more powerful. In the old days it was probably different to find those we feel connected with on a soul level. Maybe we weren’t that scattered all over the globe in those days.

For now, in this time and age, it is easy to connect with kindred spirits or soul family through the internet. It enables the magnetic pull by the soul to read the energy even from a distance. Energy is a flow and is felt instantly when you could tune in.

This isn’t always understood by people, how this connection works, even between people who have never met each other. Living in different parts of the world, with oceans between them, on the northern or southern hemisphere. Or from different backgrounds, gender and race.

The feeling when you meet someone and you experience an immediate sense of familiarity, recognition so to speak. The same kind of signature so to speak, wired in a similar way. Which results in a magnetic pull between 2 souls.

It is like the inner crystal resonates with each other, sending messages across the energy wavelength. I know you and you know me, kind of a feel. When you are familiar with the way energy works and have the knowledge how souls connect with each other through the energy field so to speak.

The residue that was left behind wherever you go. So, people might say, I still feel your energy around the house, even when you are gone. Gone as in moving to a different place or moving on to a different kind of existence.

The way people can talk with souls that have made their transition to the other world, the unseen world for many. Senses which are more evolved by some, able to see, hear, sense, smell those who are not living on this material planet as a 3 D reality.

We know this as being clairvoyant, Claire sentience, Clair auditive, ways to receive information through a different channel so to speak. Like you are fine tuning on the radio to receive the right channel, to receive the music or program you want to listen to.

For me this worked as if I am fine tuning, picking up the wavelength of a person. Either in front of me or sitting behind the laptop even. This way it enables me to read the energy of a person, emotions and physical well-being, as well the underlaying issues at hand. These are signs to interpret within the encounter with someone else, when asked for advice.

The way the connection is made, tells a lot about the connection between the souls. If it is familiar, feels like a sense of I know you, or if the other person isn’t truthful and upright.

Through the energy field that surrounds us all, we can connect on a different level, a soul level. This way can find the souls that are part of our soul family, or soul tribe. Coming back to earth will immediately ignite the crystalline structure within your physical being as well. Which connects you with the crystal that holds all the information you have gathered over lifetimes even.

This way it is a multi-dimensional journey through life. To hold the energy and explore with the challenges and experiences in this present time. It enables to connect with the spirit energy of the surroundings you are living in. Sensing where you should be or needed, in order to work with the current energies.

Depending on the job at hand you chose for to do this lifetime. Just being and grounding is part of my core assignment the love I have for Gaia and all her inhabitants, every life form and crystal Core of Her. That’s all it takes to know what I need to do. Just Be and Grounded.

So, will it Be

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages October 2, 2019

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