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RAPID RESPONSE TEAM - Eileen Zizecli Coleman

Sitting in my sanctuary early this morning I asked - are there any messages you would like me to share with the people of Earth today? Almost immediately back came the reply:-


Oh blessed creature of Light, we are well prepared to take on this summon of enquires and we broadcast for you in equal measures of honesty and truth, opening up those boundaries that keep us apart. We honour this connection and take you aboard


I’m getting the words - ‘Rapid Response Team’!


We broaden your horizons, opening up the tailgate to success with a pardoning of all misdemeanors that have led us astray in the past. We speak to the population of Earth, initialising the greatest respect for those that answer the call, opening up a network of associations that will allow a broadening and strengthening of energies that shall manifest in due course. There is bombardment on a mammoth scale and we allow this process to take place, summoning further requisites, this can be a lengthy process and one that is sorely needed. We accept a reconditioning that shall strengthen our boundaries, propelling you further forward. A mismatch of energies have led us to this point in our evolution together as one kind and we allow you a peep into the annals of history; here you will find a just solution to the ways of mankind, ushering in an alliance that will stand us all in good stead.


There has been a clamp down in certain areas and we wish you to tread most carefully, a distinguishing of cultures has led us on a wild goose chase but was necessary to kindle your curiosity, to kindle your respect for those that walked the earth in a time of great courage. We speculate on a new world of outstanding beauty and we petition you to accept the reasoning we bring you with the greatest respect. We ask you to honour your fellow man, bringing yourselves to that point being made ready at this very moment in time, a foreclosure on the days of old, a foreclosure on those elements that have brought mistrust on a grand scale, dishonouring your own kind with thoughts of a jealous nature and disrespecting yourselves. Humility and a surrendering of past misdemeanors bring nourishment to the soul and greater rewards. We challenge you to uplift your spirits, to come among us in peace and harmony, opening up that spectrum of delight and immeasurable joy.


We temper our messages allowing you free rein, supplying the measures needed to bring greater success in all that you do, and the champagne shall flow and we shall not hold you back from celebrating this massive learning curve that is there on the horizon, just inches away from the success you deserve and with our warmest regards! We have chosen you to come among us and we envelop you now in those thought waves of Love that shall petition greater advantage. We tread in the footsteps of the esteemed, asking that you follow on with greater expertise and courage and we allow a falling into place of those conduits necessary to make this application work. We shelter you from the cruel winds that blow and follow up with decisive action, taking us across those boundaries to the other side.


We have a meltdown of services and consider our next step forwards; never let it be said that we exposed you to a raw deal! We entice you forward, expressing our condolences to the masses for allowing the upkeep of these services when we should have initiated this final countdown at a much earlier date in your history. We extend our energies recalling you to that final scene, stating the obvious. It has been so in countless ages past and we resurrect you, opening up that network of services that shall have us holding our heads high.


We make an application for clemency resurrecting the human race and pointing them in the right direction, a mass gathering of souls claiming the right to regenerate and to rise again, dedicated souls who fight for freedom from oppression, galvanised into action and spreading the word loud and clear - we are here - we are here! We ‘are’ here, ready to overcome those malfunctions of the spirit that have given cause for distress in the past and we open up your vision, propelling you forward into the great unknown, spearheading our Light, cutting through the darkness with clearness of vision. We make ourselves heard in every direction, in every walk of life and we promise you eternal life in a new dimension! 


How do we reach this place, the people of Earth will ask . . . “how do we do this”?


All you have to do is just follow your heart. You don’t ‘need’ to do anything but to be who you really are, who you truly are . . . that spark of ‘Light’ from the Great Divine within your breast. Let the trappings of Earth fall away . . . the material constructs . . . they are of no importance.


I’m getting the feeling now of stripping away the façade, taking the armour off, once protection from life’s knocks and blows, stripping away the supports from this earthly existence, getting right back down to basics to the nitty-gritty, to stand in our own truth like new born babes just sprung into life. I’m being shown the picture of a curled up newborn surrounded by Light shining out from him like a golden star. All around I can see rocks and asteroids just bouncing off this Light and the child remains unharmed. This made me think of Jesus who shone his Light but they took him and nailed him to the cross . . . they bit into his flesh and destroyed his body. So did this really happen? In my mind I’m saying “Oh ye of little faith” but is it me or is it my friends from the spirit realms


We will vanquish those thoughts of doom and gloom; we will sanction a reprisal of energies that shall take you to the abyss and beyond! 


But what about Jesus – did Jesus die on the cross and ‘why’? 


Jesus was an appendage of energy projected to the masses to bring Light into the world. His followers were brought into our jurisdiction to give fellowship and harmony to those who followed that true warrior spirit, a warrior of hope and joy. A warrior spirit brings alive those energies that are within us all to project Light . . . to project Truth and Honesty and when all else fails, when all crumbles around us we rely on that true sprit within our very being. That is our connection with ‘home’ from where we draw our strength and courage and our Master was borne before us, opening up that pathway to the Great Divine. He leads us to gentleness of spirit, gentleness of thought . . . at all times loving and open to those energies from the cosmos that gave him strength to overcome those physicality’s. We are more than mere flesh, blood and bones . . . we are stronger than you can ever imagine and we shall rise above all discord and strife, we shall rise above those mundane issues that surround you. You have only to call out and we shall be there by your side! We sacrifice ourselves to the cause of helping mankind and we strive ever onwards to reach that brightest Star, a star we hold in our bosom for direction, for warmth, for purpose and we envelop you in our Love and bid you a good day! May the Love of the Great Divine be with you now and forever more!


I’m getting an image in my mind of a strong man with tanned face; he has big bushy hair and a beard which is full of dust. There are sandals on his feet and he is using a long staff to help him climb up the mountainside; displacing rocks and stones that fall away as he climbs higher. I have the sense that he has great determination and will not give up on his quest. He has now reached the top and is turning around excitedly to beckon others to come up too. At first I thought it might be Elijah going up the mountain to pray to God but it feels more like the time of Moses where he was shown the promised land of milk and honey. I’m now getting the words - we are almost there and the song ‘there’s a place for us somewhere’.


Thank you friends, thank you so much - I Love you. May the Love of the Great Divine be upon this earth, this planet we live upon and we send our Love and Light to the new world that is waiting for us somewhere.


I had in my head the song ‘Somewhere’ from Westside Story and Michael Jackson’s version of ‘We’re Almost There’.  (“No matter how hard the task may seem, don't give up our plans, don't give up our dreams. No broken bridges can turn us around, because what we're searching for will soon be found. Just one more step because we're almost there, just one more step; don't give up because we're almost there”).


This is an excerpt from - ‘We Come as One Voice’

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on February 12, 2016 at 9:34am

Thank you so much for sharing, Eileen!

Comment by Beverly Karakochuk on February 12, 2016 at 10:58am

Ok. One more step, Please help me to HEAL completly

Thank you for this healing

Comment by Eileen Coleman on February 12, 2016 at 11:27am

You are forever in my thoughts Beverly, last night as I lay down to sleep I asked for healing for you and will continue to do so.

Comment by Apple Goddess on February 12, 2016 at 12:07pm

Eileen...this is very you know the date you transcribed it? 'Impossible Dream' and 'Somewhere' come to mind ...both 'signature' songs for me....much love...Faith

Comment by Eileen Coleman on February 12, 2016 at 1:10pm

Hi Apple Goddess, I haven't kept the dates but it must be at least two years ago. I've just done a word search on my book and found the quotes 'the Impossible Dream' and the 'Unreachable Star' so thank you I'll post that piece next. I aim to post an excerpt from my last book each week until I get fresh information; they are keeping me quiet at the moment until spring I think.

Comment by Myriel RAouine on February 12, 2016 at 10:03pm

Interesting, Eileen - every time I wanted to write a broadcast message I was stopped ... I had even written an entire message for January, but never sent it out ... not due to a lack of information, but something else ... still trying to grasp what's going on here, lol!


Sonja Myriel

Comment by Albert V Powers on February 13, 2016 at 1:52am

The Impossible Dream is right here now in all our hearts. Enjoy the connection.

Al Powers

Comment by Sylvia Liney on February 13, 2016 at 5:46am

Thank you dear Eileen, one more step.....seems it's a very long step, if they told you this 2 years ago....meanwhile I am continuing on releasing & Self Love....

In Peace, Joy, Love and Oneness, my dears, I Love you all

Sylvia Melaynia....xoxo

This is a Healing Mandala for all...

Comment by Eileen Coleman on February 13, 2016 at 10:39am

Dearest Sylvia, we are encouraged step by step, a more recent message was 'baby steps' for us. I think it is them encouraging us and as we reach each way station we are then encouraged to take that next step forward. Looking back I have been on this journey like you for many years, sometimes I falter and go back a step or two but am always encouraged to keep on. These messages started coming to me around 30 years ago but have become more intense as the years go by. We are getting there dear heart!

Comment by Sylvia Liney on February 14, 2016 at 3:08am

Indeed, dear Eileen....I well remember the first 'Spiritual' course I did, my Teacher emphasised that...Baby steps.....she also said, if we are faltering, we should 'go back to basics' (ie read our Course notes) where we would find the answers, & I have to remember this, as it almost always

I am aware that Rome wasn't built in a day, lol... I was just alluding to how long ago they gave you that message, I think I was expecting that you received it, say, last week, for instance....

As usual, my dear, you are so wise, thanks for the encouragement.

We just had our St Valentine's Day breakfast....Kevin is def not into Saints! But he cooked a nice meal from yesterday's leftovers (on toast, lol) with an egg on top....and it was delicious. We decided no cards this year, as I cannot get to the shops, oh boy I miss my car....he bought us some Roses chocs (on sale) for our treat, & treated himself to a T-Bone steak.....with a small poached chicken breast for me & served with lots of steamed veg, that will be our Valentine's Dinner. We have been focusing on helping each other with the cooking/cleaning etc, as I can do some things he can't & back went out last week) so no bending for him, but I can still bend!. I can't reach high with 2 arms, but he can, you get the idea! It's fascinating to see him so happy when we do something together, without any problems, not his usual 'modus operandii'  lol. We have been together now for 23 years, a sometimes rocky ride, but the Love keeps us going, thank goodness....He has been looking after me very well, I have to report...he's amazing....Thank You Divine Father for sending Kevin to me....

Well, time for me to wash up, hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day, with Lots of what you Love, and maybe someone to cook for you, or at least feed you something

In Joy, Peace and Love love Love, my dears...I Love you all

Sylvia Melaynia  xoxoxo


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