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Prosperity! Removing the Barriers-From the Children of the Sun

Prosperity! Removing the Barriers  


here is a Prosperity Code in every person that, when activated, hands over the papers to our divine inheritance, free and clear. Embodying and radiating this code is more important than the current method of monetary exchange or any new system developed around it.


A true and lasting shift to unlimited abundance for each of us will occur when this code is active and operating within the majority of members of our intimate soul grouping. No one can advance too far out in front, until the whole group is well on its way.


This is one of the qualifications of our advancement into Unity Consciousness as deemed by evolutionary law. We are being initiated to no longer function singularly or with selfish pursuits. If we are engaged in self-seeking desire while proclaiming unity, our life is guaranteed to become increasingly challenging as the group transparency strengthens.


This gives reason to why Planetary Light Servers, as a grouping, have not yet been gifted large sums of expected financial support for the bigger visions and projects. There has been more surrendering required of our separated identities and the polarized egoic holds. It seems, however, that we are now approaching readiness!


We are going to enact one more REVIEW of some of the common hindrances to realizing the 'prosperous' nature.


Overcoming The Money Challenge


The challenges with money are but the maya of the world. To the mind that truly knows, there is no such thing as lack and all situations of financial crises are illusions that come from human ideas and concepts.


It is not money that is the problem. Any type of economic anguish is usually a dilemma of the distorted belief system. This often places us into emotional fog causing us to lose sight of what is really running the show.


To lack anything in life is to be, first and foremost, without the knowledge of Divine Principle. There is still identification to the personality self. This causes blindness to the wellspring of abundance that exists for us, at all times. Selfish motive is at the root of all problems in our materialistic and greed based world today.


Examine your Motives!

We are encouraged to deeply look at, with commanding honesty, our motives for all that we are engaged. Are our motives coming from the highest expression of love and selflessness? 


If this makes you feel the least bit uncomfortable, or, if you are still struggling to make ends meet, it might be very beneficial to review some of the main deterrents to realizing the prosperous life.

Right, it is not so fun to look at these things... although we must. Let's review this since we are soon to engage in a world transmission to seed the grid and humanity's higher mental body. Many of us would do well to hear it again. 


Self-Created Barriers to Realizing Prosperous Living

Three of the greatest personality manipulators that keep us gridlocked in financial deficiency are:

* Attachment to the Self Identity

* Emotional Glamour
* The Controlling Ego

All of these are driven by identifying to the self as the controlling factor. It is when we can disengage completely from the binding hold of the personality that we can begin to experience upgraded levels of financial freedom.

Most of our struggles in life are driven from the emoting bond to the SELF IDENTITY. 


When we realize the self as one with an all-pervading benevolent force, we gladly throw aside all self-preoccupation and live our lives according to the sustaining principles of the life divine.


The reason why there is selfishness is because there is attachment to the human identity. We live life as a personality and not from the stability of the inner Presence that governs all of our manifestations, perfectly.


To change this reality, everything that drives the attaching personality must be surrendered to allow the greater aspect of our nature to emerge as the guiding influence.


During this next transmission, we are with intention to annihilate the remaining barriers that contribute to the experience of lack in our lives. This includes final dissolve of the remaining false perception that we attach to our personality's identity and any perceived self-importance.





The solution to suffering can never be found in the false world of appearances. 
I AM the only Source of supply. 



Glamour is essentially emotion driven desire colorizing itself on an illusory screen through the lens of the conditioned human personality.


These illusory forms enliven our lives, sometimes with ecstatic sensations. They are limiting consciousness patterns that outplay in fantasized realities, false values, misleading desires, distorted perceptions and many needless necessities.


There are an infinite number of ways that emotions can be glamorized. These false formations can always be found where there is any degree of criticism, pride, emotional attachment, and a sense of superiority.


Glamour can be so deeply embedded that it is not even recognized or thought of as hindrances to greater revelations in consciousness. The condition of glamour is an inherent component of our make-up stemming from ancient astral patterns and age-long personality desires.


Following is a very brief summary of the more prevailing types of glamour that keep the personalities of light servers in a foggy cloud of meaningless desire.


Please review and see if any of these apply to you.






The Glamour of Self Identity 
This is the major trigger for all other glamour and the one that creates the greatest separation between self and other, between the human and the divine. This is attachment to the physical human expression including its bodily appearance, its image and perceived role. The emotion of personal identity creates unending desires, cravings, fear, doubt, and neurotic tendencies from all of the preoccupied thoughts about the self.


The Glamour of Power from Personality's Image 

This glamour often develops during a time when one feels to be in great spiritual alignment while experiencing bigger openings and brand new abilities. There is emotional attachment to the sense of power that develops. There is a growing tendency to call attention to one self, to the mission that the personality is carrying out and that our view is the one of the best views. Some people go to the length of branding the personality as a marketing icon.


The Glamour of Self Importance

This glamour produces self-aggrandizement, selfish motive and vanity. There is overemphasis towards one's own achievements or from a sense of duty or responsibility. There is hurried energy, impatience and always something to do, create and plan. Self centered tendencies create continuous desires to share the opinion, the experience, the creativity, and the message. Pride and superiority complexes develop.


The Glamour of the Messiah Complex
The Glamour of Playing Guru  

The one who wears the messiah mask is attaching emotion to the role of being a savior and with illusion of having to take on the suffering for others. This is a very common glamour experienced by teachers and healers. Guru complexes are also arising from those who are developing extra sense abilities and not remaining humble to the real source of this power. Often, it is only the distorted astral plan from which these energies are being channeled.


The Glamour of Spiritual Devotion

This is one of the strongest forms of glamour amongst lightworkers due to deep levels of devotion to anything related to spirit. This can innocently result in the formation of glamorized desires and ideals. There is great emotional attachment to a teaching, a concept, a vision, a view, a teacher, a Master, healing something, assisting the Earth, and so forth. The glamour restricts the more expanded vision while closing us into a box of fantasy, personality longings, a long list of desires and to do's. While immersed in this glamour, it is impossible for divine messaging to be correctly interpreted or even to be received.


The Glamour of Materiality

This is the attachment of emotion to outer forms and false appearances, which creates desire for needless material possessions. It is the false perception of values that ignores true spiritual principles and our forward movement into selflessness as a group consciousness. The present world economic situation is a result of this particular glamour in which we all have contributed.     


The Glamour of Psychic Perception

As a result of the quickening of planetary energies, many people are opening into the realm of extra sensory perception. This provides easier access into the colorful and inviting realm of the psychic world and the illusory astral plane. One thinks the incoming visions and messages are divine truth when, in fact, they are clothed with distortion. This occurs due to spiritual pride, zealous ambition and emoting attachment to the self-identity and its developing abilities.


The Glamour of the Spiritual Path
The Glamour of Destiny

As a result of emotional attachment to one's spiritual walk, this glamour produces selfish interpretations and self-centered behavior due to the focus being held upon the personality versus the group consciousness. This is also attachment to the belief that we are the 'chosen ones'. There is much preoccupation with identity and an overemphasis of spiritual ambition. Fantasized realities and exaggerated idealism are the result.


The Glamour of Sentimentality

This is overemphasis of emotion placed upon a sought after response from another person in order to satisfy our own personal comfort. This glamour attaches to the personalities of others, to a given service, teaching or healing. There is a needed emotional comfort derived from another person's response. It is also the strong emotional desire to be loved, acknowledged and praised. Usually this comes from low self worth and personal insecurity.


The Glamour of Speculative Belief

This is the formation of held concepts, beliefs and resulting emotional patterns based upon the attachment to information that is not derived from one's own illuminated consciousness. The glamour produces conditioned belief through the blind acceptance of information from someone's philosophy, channeling, theory and assumptions or from messaging that is based on a guess, a potential, a prophecy or ancient claim.






There is nothing in the world of the ego that has the controlling  power to free the imprisoned self.  
I AM the Presence that liberates. 




Fear of death and polarization of the egoic mind are two of the strongest traits of our human oddity.  


They are part of a genetic structure that has been manipulated time and time again by certain influences, taking us further away from our original nature.


As we shift into a more balanced form of transparency, the layers of our pre-programmed sheath unplug, to eventually unveil our illumined core.


Releasing the polarization of the "need to be in control" is no easy task. It requires us to stand naked in front of the mirror, while our manipulating ego is exposed and neutralized. The resistance to looking and the pride to hide has to be fully surrendered. Very often, these negative imprints are unconscious to the beholder, which makes this an extremely challenging condition to uproot.


Following is the short list of the more common locking mechanisms that prevent our transition into an unbounded nature.


This begins with the fear of death, the core anxiety and main reason why the ego sets itself up to maintain a manipulating stance in our personality's brief existence.


Please review and see if any of these apply to you.



Fear of Death: 
- Fear of being out of control

- Needing to have everything in order around you
- Over emphasis on security and securing yourself
- Fear of the dark

- Prolonged grief and anxiety over loss

- Uncomfortable to be alone

- Fear of intimacy

- All of the others below.


A Territorial Nature:

- Driven by having a sense of personal territory

- Holding on to energy, coveting information, hoarding

- Comparing what is yours versus what is someone else's

- Keeping secrets, telling secrets

- Fear of being robbed, over insuring yourself
- Overemphasis on needing protection

- Constantly focused on wanting, having, owning

- Judging your worth based upon what you own or have


To Control or to be Controlled: 
- Needing to be in control 
- Allowing yourself to be controlled

- Subtle mind manipulations to get people to believe or agree with you

- Projecting or forcing your ideas upon others

- Being controlled through external dependencies

- Attachment to teachings, masters, psychics, channeling, external guidance systems, spiritual practices

- Dependence upon outside tools from which to access supposed power and information.

- Being controlled through materialism and materialistic views 

- Being controlled through attachment to people, things and circumstances

- Controlled by your fears, anxieties, stress, self pity, anger, complaints

- Controlled by your sensual pleasures

- Controlled by money

- Controlled by societal programming, traditions


Behaviors of Compulsion, Obsession and Aggression: 
- All compulsive behavior and reactions 
- Not feeling secure unless things are figured out, needing a logical plan

- All acts of oppression, obsession or aggression

- Using force or pressure to make someone do something

- All behaviors of conflict, division, and separation

- Addiction to polarity and the extremes of life

- All energies having to do with over consuming, seeking, getting, competing

- Addiction to rituals, ceremonies, spiritual practices, the media, the internet

- Substance addictions such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, food, caffeine, sugar

- Life addictions such as working, winning, being perfect, relationships, making money
- Addiction to family dramas

- Needing to have things... the bigger/better/more syndrome


Polarized Emotion: 
- Seeming split personality (kind and gentle to harsh and mean)

- Quick emotional reaction without thinking or feeling things through

- Being antagonistic, argumentative, needing to feel right

- Defending, justifying, taking sides

- Seeing something as right or wrong

- Holding an attitude of "us against them", seeing or perceiving a "they"

- Racism even on the subtlest levels

- Emotional states like fear, guilt, anger, resentment, frustration


Attachment to Identity, Fear and Victimhood 
- Always concerned about your reputation, what others will think

- Fear of losing your identity

- Constantly scanning for threats, always thinking about survival, what could happen

- Fear and resistance to letting go of your belief systems and structured life

- Not taking personal responsibility for the creation of your life experience

- Blaming outside influences

- You often feel being taken advantage of

- All forms of conscious thoughts that put you as the victim






To realize lasting prosperity, you must die to the old self and move into deep intimacy with the unknown. 
I AM your faithful Sustainer.  

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