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The word 'programs' is the term I use to describe all aspects of yourself that are separated from

your Spirit.

The Higher Self (Spirit, I Am presence), is the aspect of yourself that is loving, peaceful, wise,

joyous, eternal, perfect. When you idenify with love as who you are, you are living through

your Higher self.

Programs are recorded energies in separation from love, These recorded energies are unhealed

experiences, belief systems and behavioural patterns, passed from person to person through many


Programs are how you learn to Identify with fear. Your recorded energies teach you to associate

fear with the experience of being human.

Energy that is in separation from love (your Spirit), is in separation from God (the true reality) and is

therefore fear. All recorded energies (programs) are in separation from your Spirit and are of fear.

How are programs taught to you?.

Programs are energies that are passed on from parent to child, from family members, friends,

enemies, teachers, classmates, work-mates and through the mass culture.

As a general principle, at the moment of your birth, when you took your first breath, you inherited

all the recorded weaknesses and secrets of one of your parents.

If first born, you inherited everything that your father and both of his parents were unable to heal-

all secrets and weaknesses.

If second born, you inherited all the recored weaknesses and secrets of your mother and both

of her parents.
The third child inherits the fathers energy line of weaknesses and secrets and the forth child

comes down through the mother's energy line.

Your inherited weaknesses and secrets are the lessons you particularly want to learn and heal in

this lifetime.

People also choose a parent or experience for karmic reasons. Karma (reap what you sow) is

incurred when you live out your programs. This is because programs are energies that are in separation

from love and the universal laws of life as created by God.

From conception to approximately age three, you are programmed with the ancestral energies at a

deep and UNCONSCIOUS level.

At approximately age three to twelve, you are programmed CONSCIOUSLY by the family and

other major influences in your life.

From approximately twelve years of age, you begin to self-program from all your experiences,

including past lives.

When you heal a weakness or secret that you have inherited, you also heal it to some degree, for

the parent who passed it on. Your healing also affects the ancestors from the inherited energy line,

for example, grandparents. This is so, even if the ancestors have passed over to the astral plane.

What are some examples of programs?

A program teaches you to identify yourself as being only your physical body, your thoughts

and emotions.

Everyone is taught that to be human is to be the body you are born into.

Through mass programming, you are taught that everything of a physical, mental and emotional

nature connected to your body, is who you are.

For example: your name, gender, age, address, education, employment, financial status, the

groups you identify with- racial, cultural, social, religious, political,financial, scientific,

professional and so forth.

All of these are experiences you have while on the earth plane. They are not who you are.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Not a human being having a spiritual


I use the word 'ego' to describe your programmed self.

The ego identifies with its experiences as who it is because your ego only recognizes energy that

is of its own creation. The previous examples are creations of the ego.

Your ego believes that the fear it creates in the body, emotions and mind, is the true reality. It

believes that the separation from love it sees around itself in the world, is the true reality.

The only true reality is love. Separation from love is the illusion of reality.

The ego empowers the illusion as the reality and places itself in separation from love.

It is your fear that stops you from accepting your divineness.

You have a physical body but who you are is not your body. You have the capacity to think and

express emotions, but who you are, is not your thoughts or emotions.


Emotions and thoughts are projectiles of energy that you create with on the earth plane,

through your ego.

Emotions are the energetic expressions of your ego (programs) Emotions are always triggered by

something outside of yourself and are energies projected outwards from you.

Thoughts are neutral creations of either your ego or your Higher Self, depending on which aspect

of yourself you choose in each moment.

Emotions and thinking out a thought created from a program, draw you out of the now moment,

into the past or future, away from your Spirit. They create the need to want and do things rather than Be.

Emotions and programmed thoughts create more of the illusion because they are separated from

the true reality of love.

Your Spirit is your feelings of love, peace, joy. Feelings descibes the state of Being, the now

moment, oneness, unity, balance between head and heart, knowing, wholeness, the inner Self,perfection,

love. Your Higher Self creates through feeling.


How do you heal your programs?
The power that your ego has over you will depend on how much belief and energy you give to

your programs.To the degree you identify with your ego, is the degree your programs control your life.

All is choice. God has given you freewill. You have the freewill to use your life force to create

either love or fear.

Each moment that you choose love, instead of a programmed response, you surrender to God

through your Higher Self. You are choosing to identify as a being of love rather than fear.

You are allowing the loving aspect of yourself to remove the pain of the program from you. Each

time the program reveals itself, you surrender this aspect of your ego to your unconditional love, called

your Higher Self. Eventually, because you have accepted and loved this aspect of your ego, the program

does not quite have the hold on you as before.

The program eventually ceases to be acted out, or to influence your daily life. This is because you

are focusing your attention and energy on identiying with love rather than the programs. If you are

healing a very deep program that you have carried in a number of lifetimes, you will apply this process

many times.

This process is a moment by moment choice. Sometimes you will be acting from your Higher Self

and other times you will live out your ego. It is unnecessary to be conscious of each program to heal

all your fear. Everything of your ego is brought into the light each moment that you surrender to your

Higher Self.

The programs that influence your life on a deep level, continue because your ego chooses to hold

onto these programs. The ego accepts these fears as being more real than love.

Accept yourself as you are in each moment. Forgive yourself for the fearful choices you have

made in the past. It has all been part of your learning. Those choices have brought you to this now


What you judge about yourself, is the energy you hold to yourself to be lived out again.What you

judge in others, is what you first judge in yourself.

Your Higher Self never judges you. God recognizes only love and sees only your light.

Allow yourself to experience and release your emotions. Most people hold their emotions in or use

much of their life force hiding from their emotions.

People are afraid that once they begin to experience their emotions, they will become trapped in

the intensity. It becomes easier to hide in the head and experience life through thought and constant mental

activity, rather than experience and release the pain.

Fear only seems intense and overwhelming when you perceive fear to be the reality. When you

truly believe that love is who you Are, all aspects of yourself that are of fear are surrendered to the light.

You are not your fear.

Your breath allows you to expand into Yourself. It is your lifeforce in motion and is a creation of

your Spirit. Your breath brings your awareness into the now moment and out of your emotions and ego


When love, peace and joy become the greater part of your daily life, you have raised your

vibration to that of your Higher Self. You are acting from your Spirit most of the time. When you are in a

moment of fear, you will find it easier to come back into your peace.

You will always have a degree of ego for the time you dwell on the earth or astral plane. Make

peace with these aspects of your ego by bringing them into the light. Now is the time to take responsibility

for your ego, rather than deny and judge your fear and live it out again.

What you cannot take responsiblity for and accept about yourself, becomes a secret. It is your shadow.

You cannot take your secrets with you when you ascend into the higher realms of light.

Make each moment the first moment of your new life.

You are powerful with love. Love is everything you need. You are love.

Wake up and take your rightful place beside all other beings of light and love!

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Comment by Cristina on February 24, 2010 at 8:08pm
Thank you ! Vey informative and helpful !
Love, Blessings, Light and Peace to you !
Comment by Luke on February 25, 2010 at 12:28pm
Thank you for your comment.
Comment by Myriel RAouine on February 25, 2010 at 4:33pm
Thank you so much for posting this, Luke!
I know exactly what you mean when you say that we only judge ourself by judging others. And still, again and again I realize "Ups, I was judging again!" ... I can only hope that as I can see it so clearly this shall be a sign that I have already learned to SEE and realize what's going on because I'm on my way of REALLY letting go all judgement for the better once and for all!

And it is true: to finally be able to let go I will have do admit to the FEELING as well ... not just realizing and suppressing the feeling because I already judge again, namely my own feelings as BAD and not appropriate ....

Thank you for posting, Luke, bcause in the course of writing this response, this became clear to me now :-)

I know now what I have to do the next time - only hope I have the courage to admit to the FEELING part of it all ...

But I'll try to do what you say: Make each moment - and especially such a moment - the first moment of my new life :-)! And see what's going to happen ...

Let's dig and find the COURAGE necessary to experience HEALING!


Sonja Myriel


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