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Prepare Your Life! ~ The Rites of Passage 2012 ~ Children of the Sun




Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation 


Prepare Your Life  !

 The 2012 Rites of Passage Begin Soon 

  • The Rites of Passage begin this September   
  • Prerequisites and Preparations       
  • Preparing the Body Temple    
  • Whenever we think of God, we ARE God 





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Due to the planetary quickening from the closing of cycles, collective humanity has been granted Divine Dispensation for the fastest evolutionary development ever undertaken by a race of beings. We are witnessing a historical acceleration of human consciousness as we all advance upon Initiation's Path... at an exponential pace!  
Enlightenment, Self Realization and Christ Consciousness are words which describe a greatly expanded perceptual awareness that neutrally observes from a unified state of peaceful compassion, non judgmental love and the equality of all beings. This realization is available to all who consciously aspire to this new awareness as God Immanent.


It is by Divine Decree that we, who walk the Earth during these auspicious times, are the ones to fulfill the prophecy of "the Second Coming of the Christ".




The Rites of Passage begin this September


Children of the Sun Foundation has again been gifted with the responsibility to co-create a Rites of Passage Program for all Planetary Light Servers in which to guide a 12-week group initiation into levels of Christ Consciousness and the genuine perceptual and experiential awareness of the self as God.


Overlighted by the great host of Ascended Masters, the Foundation's ultimate goal in delivering the 2012 Rites of Passage is to guide people through an expedited process of back-to-back initiations. Our highest priority is to attain the level of purity required to emerge as a Christed Group Harmonic with the authentic power to bless and evolve the human race.


Through the 12 week Rites of Passage, our direct demonstration of a Christed group tone will ripple out through the planetary Crystalline Grid catalyzing a dynamic upshift in our level of unity consciousness thereby lifting off big pieces of the human framework and potentially foregoing, for the many, the long and difficult road to self-mastery.


Each of these 12 Rites is an initiation, whole initiations within themselves. It is going to be as a Cosmic Christ lightning round in preparation for our grand emergence. This has never been done before in such accelerated fashion.  













Prerequisites and Preparation Phase


To undergo these Rites, it is HIGHLY recommended that you have an advanced level of control and balance over your three lower bodies - the physical body, the emotions and the mind.


This entails a demonstration of physical purity, having brought the needs and wants of the body under the dominion of your soul. The astral/emotional body is limpid and calm, demonstrating the ability to maintain a state of harmony and balance in the face of adversity. In achieving control over the mental body, your thoughts are qualified by the Divine Presence within and demonstrate a high level of stillness and inner quietude.


In other words, these Rites are intended for those who are already awakened, that have been on the Path of purification/initiation for some time. These are Planetary Light Servers who clearly understand and are highly resonant to the group mission of Children of the Sun and the collective ideas behind the use of the Sacred Fire, the purpose of spiritual initiation and the evolution of the planetary race.

We are calling forth those souls who are authentically ready to resurrect their life into a completely new system of energy.


On a final note...

There are many paths to God Realization. Children of the Sun Foundation chooses to remain steadfast upon the Spiritual Path of Evolution from which to guide our efforts in these final missives. This is the human initiatory process created by Sanat Kumara and assisted by and through the divine radiation of the great host of Ascended Masters.













Upcoming New Moon Cycle and Continuing...   

Preparing the Physical Body Temple      



With only four planetary grid transmissions (two months) left before our grand initiation through the Rites of Passage, the call is going out to all Planetary Light Servers to PURIFY and PREPARE!


Begin now to fortify your body to receive nourishment from God as we place our full attention on the perfection that we are. During this New Moon, we highly recommend starting internal cleansing and major housekeeping on all levels; lightening up on what we are consuming materially and especially what we are putting into our bodies.


Preparation Recommendations:


The Yoga of Fasting


Long have the spiritual masters demonstrated the value of strengthening and cleansing the body through the yoga of fasting. During this practice, we greatly re-qualify our energy to be utilized for more divine purposes instead of the heavy workload involved in digesting and excreting. As we temporarily empty the physical body of any additional matter density, we are free to vibrate at a higher frequency with our thoughts focused upon the living-light nourishment available to us as particles of God.


The ability to fast also demonstrates a more advanced level of mastery of the needs of the physical body which is imperative to moving forward on the Path of Initiation.


Fasting on Sundays


We are greatly encouraging everyone to tune in to their inner guidance and ascertain whether or not you are ready to integrate a weekly fasting regime into your process of purification. It is our sincerest wish that those planning on participating in the Rites of Passage institute the practice of fasting one day per week with a preference towards Sunday as this is the traditional day of rest and spiritual communion. As with all recommendations, please do what works best for you in honor of your personal flow and bodily rhythms.


Communing with the Elements of Nature


While you are fasting, it is important to place your attention upon divine subjects and the presence of God, the eternal sustaining source. Immerse yourself in the kingdoms of nature as this is where true life-giving energies are at their highest. Allow the elementals and devic builders of form to assist you in your daily ablutions in the spirit of grace and gratitude.


Divine Nutrition and Lightening Up


As we prepare for the greater influx of light and physical plane mastery, we are being guided to consume that which is of the highest light quotient and food that is filled with vibrant life sustaining energies.

Eating fresh organic fruits, raw vegetables and sprouted legumes/seeds/grains is highly recommended during this preparatory time in order to receive the most abundant supply of God living sustenance through our food.


Slow and prayerful chewing/eating is also very helpful in assimilating the physical and etheric nutrients available within our daily meals.


In further support of lightening our physical load, reducing the amount we eat can prove highly beneficial. Reserve the mornings for a mini-fast and a greater alignment with the pranic energies of the Great Central Sun and Mother Earth.


Taking our meals sometime during the noon-day and setting sun may allow for a higher level of light absorption as we cultivate our ability to live on the God Force that pervades all things.


You may also wish to research proper food combining in order to assure your body is able digest and receive all the available nutrition from your meals to optimum capacity.


In closing, we would like to thank each and every one of you for coming this far with us as one Group Avatar. These upcoming Rites of Passage will lift us to levels of consciousness that have been merely conceptual until this turning point in our divine evolution.


Arm in arm, we stand at the Christine gates of the Kingdom, preparing for our collective entry as one Body of God. All we can say is... HALLELUJAH!














Resources and Support ~ Physical Body Preparation




1. Personal Sessions of Transference



Our Light Transmission team stands at the ready to assist any planetary light servers in transmuting any physical limitations during each moon cycle. If you are feeling the need for a greater level of support, please do not hesitate to contact us prior to transmission date to receive the gargantuan bolt of Divine Love and Perfection radiated by these dedicated transmitters.



2. Supporting Audios  

Mp3 audio download page

The following audios contain helpful guided meditations in purifying and preparing the body for increased levels of divine light:

The Amazon Transmissions

Building Our Light Quotient

Expanded DNA Code Activation



3. REVIEW!  
Rites of Passage 2011


We highly recommend the review of this outstanding program created for our 11-11-11 passage and presented as a gift of grace from Children of the Sun Foundation. These present the virtues of Christ (Unity) Consciousness in the form of 7 Rites, 7 Seals and  7 Gifts.  
















Summary of Our Focus for the Remaining Months of 2012


  • Keep the focus solely on God. Put God everywhere... before all, within all, around all, enveloping all, enfolding all. 
  • We are focusing our whole thought upon the goal, seeing nothing but the end result. (God Realization) 
  • God is our focus point upon which every thought and act is centered as this brings forth the Divine-Human Self.  
  • We have one objective to accomplish which is to have our will in complete focus with the Will of God, the pure mirror of our thought-force. 
  • When our desires are set forth in this way, it is always Divine. With our divinity always projected, our desire is conceived in Divine Order. 


All is Within 

We will conclude this focus with a final reminder that we must let God stand forth through us into full outer expression. It is no longer necessary to seek the Divine through any outside sources.

When we know that the source of all love, the spirit of all wisdom and the understanding of all truth is within us, we can tangibly experience the Divine Remembrance of our infinitely powerful God Self in physical form. 

By placing our focus upon God within and seeing God standing from us, inside out... we are placing our focus upon the Supreme Deity in the whole human family! To place our attention upon anything outside of that or to give our power over to outside sources is to maintain separative action. 
The new emanation is the one life that is in all and through all.  
Whenever we think of God, we ARE God. 




Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation, Inc. | |404 M. Mt. Shasta Blvd, Suite 320 |Mt. Shasta|CA |96067

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