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Our Connection With ETs as We Ascend into the New Age of Earth

Our Connection With ETs as We Ascend into the New Age of Earth

I am Commander Lord Triton of the Hasidic Command of the Eagelian Triad and I come to you to speak to you regarding your connection with extraterrestrial beings as you move into earth's new age. As you well know, you have already begun entering into the new age. You are in the very early stages of it and know that planet Earth has always had its connection with extraterrestrial beings. We have always been connected with planet Earth and we have come to you many times at different points in your evolutionary process and assisted you in your technology, in knowledge, in your wisdom, and in your lives. Sometimes we have come to you in our manifested form. Other times we have allowed ourselves to be born among you through earth bodies, and sometimes we have entered as walk-ins, and sometimes we have implanted ourselves among you. We have always observed earth and watch from the point of her manifested creation. We have always had probes at various points within her form. You may have noted that there are more communications coming from your extra terrestrial star brothers now than ever before.

Extraterrestrial connection with earth will be as it always has been - very very close. With respect to starships that some may see and some may not see, (this is dependent upon one's vibrational level) they are all over your known heavens. We have placed a shield around Earth into the far reaches of your known space to prevent any of your destructive satellites from going beyond it. We monitor your satellites. We also monitor everything that is sent off into space from Earth. We will not permit anything that we deem to be destructive to other planetary bodies to go beyond that shield.

We are connected to and communicate with some of the higher aware beings upon your planet. Usually it is a mental (telepathic) connection because this is the highest connection. So many of your entities wish that they could see an ET, and yet so many do not even realize that most have done so. We will not walk among you in our alien form unless that form is similar to yours . There are many among you who are alien beings as you like to a term it. We are helping, as you well know, to bring in this new age of Earth, so that you will have a beautiful planet that you can experience in a time of peace and joy and brotherhood, for these are the elements that are present upon all advanced planets

Many of you, in your sleep state, are traveling with us, are working with us, and being trained by us, for your work in the new age. As your awakening consciousness shuts down and you travel in these higher realms, you are ever learning. What you learn, you will take back with you and when it is time, when certain things soccer within the process of the new age, this knowledge will come forth into your consciousness and you will do the work that you have been trained to do. However, not all earthlings are being trained. Those who have been chosen are of the awareness level that they care about their planet, are of service to others, that they have no fear of their star brothers, and that they have relatively open minds always seeking greater truths.

The connection with your extraterrestrials will always be maintained. You see, we see you as our brothers and sisters, just as you call us that. The problem which we often see is similar to the one that your great master, the Christ, had. So many of you, because you have this awareness that we are advanced, see us as being different and somehow better than you. We do not see this at this level but rather we see you as the same as we see ourselves, but with different levels of awareness and at different levels of technology. Know that we see ourselves as connected in oneness with you. We see you as unfolding, just as we are, but at different rates, and different speeds. You are our brothers and sisters and so if we were to approach you in our true form, which are basically energy forms with consciousness, you would be just too awed by that. We do not want you to be awed. We do not wish to be worshiped. We want you to see us as we are-your brothers - connected in a great cosmic oneness. The ones who really comprehend us will be the one to see us in our true forms. Otherwise, when you walk down the street, you may see us, but you will not see our true forms. Until you reach the point where you see all in equality and oneness, yet all as unique, then you are not able to handle our true beingness.

I rather imagine that once you understand this, you will also understand that you are like us - energy with consciousness. It truly is a wondrous journey and the ET's who have worked so hard for your planet will be very much a part of the building of this new age of Earth and especially in the assisting of the raising of consciousness. This is what the new age really is. It is not the building of marvelous cities, or the building of a wondrous starships, or the ridding of the planet's pollution. Yes it is all these things, but it is really the raising of collective consciousness, because without that lifting of collective consciousness, there will be no change.

We are trying through many vehicles to get you to understand that there is so much more to you and to your planet, that you are able to see. If you can ever comprehend the wonder of your own being, of your planet, the wonder of all that is around you, and if you can ever overcome that which is termed fear, and if you can learn to utilize the greatest power within you which is love, then you are indeed going to have a beautiful golden age. It will surpass Egypt, and it will surpass Greece. These were the points where there was a high influx of advanced beings from other planets who came to earth to enlighten your planets beings. However, now this is a period of enlightenment and I think all of you are of the awareness to know that something truly wondrous is going on around you in terms of enlightenment. Vibrations really are increasing exponentially. Do not ever fear and extraterrestrial being for all benevolent extraterrestrial beings are advanced in their love beingness or they would not be walking among you. You need never fear if one should appear as an energy form. There is no benevolent star brother who would ever hurt a brother of Earth.

High Commander Lord Triton

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