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Opening As a Portal of Light ~ Children of the Sun

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Opening as a Portal of Light, Part 1

An Amazon Update



Collectively, we are successfully breaking through an energetic barrier, likened to a wall of fire-by-friction, which keeps us locked into the third dimensional matrix and its more limiting linear conscious perceptions. We are being bathed by the Cosmic Solar Fire, and receiving a holy baptism into the Christ Harmonic which is resulting in much deeper purging processes and, at the same time, direct experiences of multi-dimensional living.

It is now imperative that we use the wisdom gleaned from our expanded perceptions to bend the reality of our third dimensional existence. This, requiring absolute faith to walk into unknown and unexpected spaces, forever releases the tenacious hold of the ego and our identification to the self as solely a body. Those who can completely let go are being greatly lifted and absorbed into the light. The ascension is happening now.

All of the immense planetary challenges that we are facing can be transmuted by the Flame of Love. This will take place as more and more of us bring our consciousness into congruity with our Christ Self. We must consistently call for the fusion of our consciousness with the consciousness of the Christ energy, and, for that Christ Flame to continually impress in and through us. We must unwaveringly call for the Christ Consciousness to take over our life, to purge us of all darkness, especially that which is held unconsciously and very deep in the recesses of our tattered human blueprint.

Our body vehicle must be transformed, without exception, as the body of our Holy Christ Self. Through that Love, the planet will be transformed and Humanity will know that Love has returned. Our actualized awareness in this Christed frequency of Divine Love and Unity is the fulfilling prophecy of the "second coming".

THIS is our mission in the Amazon and that which we are transferring to you through this trilogy of transmissions.

The Amazon Transmissions


Our Jungle Temple of Love which was built for this Group Focus

Beloved Family of the Sun,

Our pioneering group of Avatars has finally emerged from the depths of the Amazon after undergoing a series of intense initiations and physical transfiguration.

The transformations that were catalyzed through the power and presence of our group harmonic created a dynamic upshift in the entire planet's vibratory field. All who were in attendance could tangibly feel the momentous power of this program, and, despite the deeply intense nature of this training, every Avatar has left feeling that it was all incredibly worthwhile and vital to our Group Mission to evolve the race genetic.


It was the solidifying of unity consciousness on the physical plane that was the catalyst to this program's resounding success. The love, trust, frie ndship and deep soul sharing brought forth an incredibly amplified group harmonic forcefield which allowed us to reach new heights in consciousness while going DEEP into the recesses of our being to shed and transmute the outdated human blueprint.

The great host of cosmic beings who guide our Group Soul were ever present with vast amounts of Divine Light to lift us into higher planes, loving us every step of the way. We are so grateful and blessed to also have been held so preciously in the verdant embrace of Mother Amazon and the unconditional support from the jungle pueblo and our facilitators.


We give great gratitude to this level of service from all participants who underwent a major rebirthing process. We commend their courage, strength and faith to enter into the depths of the ego deaths that were experienced and are still being integrated by many.

During the New Moon on March 22nd, the Amazon Avatars uploaded their collective realizations and activations as a packet of light to the planetary Crystalline Grid. This transmission can still be received at ANY time by simply attuning to the grid through your divine intention and invoking your desire to receive.

Due to the magnitude of this work, this transmission will again be our focus for the upcoming full Moon on April 6. The supporting audio will be released soon!

The following brief article blocks gives the highlights of these transmissions.


The Amazon Initiations
and Code Transference

Unity Consciousness through Group Formation

Since the introduction of The Amazon Transmissions, we have been greatly emphasizing that it is our interlocking matrix that is the KEY that unlocks the codes to the new genetic programming. It is this unlocking that fires our collective DNA, allowing us to absorb more light into our physical bodies, and, to be absorbed into the light.

The instantaneous nature in which the Amazon group participants merged into a loving and fluid group harmonic... unlocked within each participant the direct experience of Unity Consciousness. They exemplified the power of the "Christ Harmonic" and what amazing things this field of energy is capable.

Actualizing Divine Harmony through the Program of Conflict

As a race, we are moving off the wheel of karma and on to the spiral of forward evolution by transcending dualities and coming into the consciousness of All That Is.

This evolutionary momentum is greatly assisted through the planetary ray of "Harmony through Conflict". The whole of human history has been conditioned by the planetary program of the dual, conflicted nature. It is this energy which has determined the ring-pass-not barrier within which we must work to bring about right human relations and the growth of the universal spirit of goodwill among all people.


By transcending conflict in our lives and through the lens of absolute tolerance and unconditional acceptance to "what is", we actualize Divine Harmony. This is the embodied virtue that opens the door into multidimensional perception.

Our direct experiences in the Amazon took us to deep seated places to more greatly understand the perceived conflict in our nature.

This assisted us to:

- Release the bondage to the sense apparatus and attachment to habitual comforts

- Develop absolute tolerance and unconditional acceptance to what is

- Let go of limiting perceptions within stagnant relationships

- Strengthen our creativity and love for the beauty that is the Divine in all things.

It became very clear that our work in this first Expedition was about the harmonizing of the lower centers with the higher, the harmonizing or establishing of right relationship with each other, with the Amazon Jungle and with the raw and oftentimes harsh nature of the elements.

True sharing involves many little renunciations, and it is upon these small renunciations that we realized the capacity for our ultimate freedom. It is with the support of this planetary ray energy of "Harmony through Conflict" that we renunciated many known comforts and transitioned to the Cross of the Heavens, entering into multidimensional perceptual realities.


We received a confirmation in the sky of our transition into the "Cross
of the Heavens", entering into the multi-dimensional landscape of reality.


Our interdimensional shamanic work was guided by the pure presence of a Shipibo Shaman, Francisco Vasques Huousta, whose own guiding master is Jesus the Christ. We did not know this before going and was quite a blessing to say the least.

The supporting energy from the powers of nature enabled us to live in the Eternal Now and to renounce the bindings of time. Yes, we struggled and were conflicted. We endured pain and suffering through even greater deaths of the egoic hold.

Yet, finally and through the self realization of our inner beauty, we re-birthed into the light of knowledge and successfully harmonized into true unity consciousness, actualizing greater levels in the power to know.

cloud portal

Opening the Portal of Light

While our work in the Amazon was multi-faceted, it was the opening a portal of light in the upper regions of the rainforest that took center stage as this was a pivotal part of the divine mission involved in this project. The Amazon Avatars utilized their collective power to assist in the unlocking of codes buried deep in record keeper pyramids that held essential energies for the great shift in this jungle region.

It was realized that, in order to successfully open a portal of light, one must understand that our very bodies are meant to serve as a multidimensional gateways of divine light. Our physical vehicle is the key that unlocks the doorway into the higher realms. We serve as the grounding rods that hold the portal in place as it is opened and stabilized.

In order to properly assimilate the ordained levels of light required in this process, our physical bodies endured a rather intense level of reconfiguration, recalibration and reboot of mainly, its entire electrical system.

A note on Planetary Light Work and Nervous System Overcharging --

It is the mass level of ungrounded light absorption that has stimulated the recent growth in amped up nervous systems, mental disorders and imbalanced energy fields in the majority of planetary light servers and humanity itself. Without a deeply purified and recalibrated bodily temple, we may experience a symptom known as 'spinning out' as the heightened levels of cosmic light penetrate our cellular matrix.

Our mastery of this condition is one of the great services we can render to our beloved brothers and sisters as this will enable us to sustain a peace commanding presence - fully able to stabilize the incoming light and transform all discordant fields of separative energy... with grace and ease.

The Foundation will continue to address this topic in follow-up writings.


Anchoring the New Blueprint

with Assistance from Nature

Body Elemental Recalibration and Reboot

The plant medicines provided to us by the Amazon served to work on every level of our body elemental.


Every morning the Amazon Avatars were ingesting Saracura, a very rare plant deva who's primary role is to cleanse and recalibrate the nervous system. This was an intense experience for many as the overly charged electrical nervous systems of many Avatars were reconfigured

Recalibrating the nervous system is critical to our evolution as a race as this creates the ideal and peaceful environment within our bodies for the descent of our I AM Presence into our physical forms.

It was the intermingling of the plant medicines that served to magnify their transformative nature. Our blood was being deprogrammed and reprogrammed daily by the nourishing milk of Renequilla while the rejuvenating scarlet blood of Una de Gato buffeted our immune systems with extraordinary strength to support this deep level of cleansing.

Finally, the supreme cosmic intelligence of Grandmother Ayahuasca consciously sought out ANYTHING that required transmuting in the interstitial spaces between our cells, removing all of the physical/mental/emotional or spiritual debris that was standing in the way of embodying the new blueprint.


Through this grand synthesis of ancient rainforest flora, combined with a most meager yet purposed Amazonian food diet, we were successfully able to anchor the new coordinates of the Divine Blueprint in our etheric bodies.

It was an intense process for most, to say the least, but we feel our Group Soul is now ready to commence with the next phase of our transfiguration.

Actualizing the Group Christ Harmonic

Focusing with the Platinum Light of Divine Union

This small group of extraordinary people exemplified the power of the Christ Harmonic and what amazing things this kind of field is capable.

We were constantly reminded about the importance of the Platinum Cosmic Light of Divine Union and the role it plays in building the strength and power of the Group Harmonic. This stepped up frequency of God`s Supernal Light affects spontaneous transformation and catalyzes greater unity within our beings and groups through the energy of fusion.

This cosmic force dispels all illusions of separation through the power of compassion, illumination, resurrection and union. As the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies carried within each of us merge, we evoke the physical manifestation of our perfected androgyny. This inner merging of the formerly separative gendered opposites, creates and anchors a powerful portal of unified energy within the group harmonic. Such a frequency is truly a reflection of the all-inclusive forcefield of God.

Call this prismatic light forth into everything you do, holding the vision of a world united in love and service.

Through this divine activity, we are becoming in actuality on the physical plane, ONE Christed Body of God.

Living Outside the Mind

We have all experienced what it is like to be ruled by the mind. The ego is constantly wanting to 'do', 'judge', 'evaluate', 'comment', 'relive', etc., keeping us anchored in the past or projected into the future and far away from the present moment.

As the Avatars in the Amazon adjusted to the fact that there was nowhere to go and nothing to technically 'do' (which was initially quite challenging for the more fiery Avatars in attendance!), a blanket of peace descended over the jungle camp.

Hours of contemplation and just 'being' were graciously enjoyed as the simplicity of village life finally settled in. This experience allowed for a greater merging with our God Self as our bodies and minds were cleared of everything non-essential and we were finally able to experience 'living outside the mind'.

The urban lifestyle which the majority of humanity currently lives, where there is always something to do and somewhere to go, is one of the main contributing factors to the overly charged nervous systems that many experience. The constant need to move, fidget, and DO combined with the debilitating effects of the electrical grid is an equation which generally results in a distracted mind that is easily bored and dissatisfied with the peaceful mode of existence.

As we recalibrate, relax and release all attachment and identification with the lower self, we gently shift into a heightened state of being where we can more greatly experience the divine radiation and soft inner voice of our I AM Presence.

"I can of mine own self do nothing" - Jesus the Christ.

These words from our beloved brother and master Jesus Christ, can provide valuable insight into the importance of being an inwardly still, receptive and hollow instrument of Divine Will. Free of the self through the death of the ego, we are empty conduits through which the Sacred Fire can be channelled and directed outwardly to all life in support of our global deliverance unto the Kingdom of God.

It is Love that loves THROUGH us, giving birth to the Divine Human.

For more information on how to effectively utilize and receive the
Planetary Grid Transmissions from the Crystalline Grid,
please visit our website


The Planetary Grid Transmission

Full Moon, April 6

Mp3 Audio Support

Following are the key focuses of this transmission which we will all receive again, in conscious awareness of what is being transferred:

Unity Consciousness
was actualized through Divine Harmony in group formation and the interlocking matrix of code transference. A true Christ Harmonic was realized and the level of frequency harmonic that is needed for the success of communal living.

Liberation into Multidimensionality
was actualized through non identification and non attachment to the small self thus opening self as a multidimensional portal of light and transformation.

The Divine Joy of Living through a Deep Connection with Nature

was actualized through absolute faith, unconditional acceptance and the fearless surrendering to the unknown without resistance or any expectation of outcome. Going outside of the comfort zone to realize the simplicity of living holds the key codes to the new Divine Human blueprint.

Merging Into Oneness with the Unified Field

We merged into oneness with the Unified Field of Living Light. Mastery of the techniques of pure, raw meditation and being unplugged from the artificial grid of illusion sustained our subtle and physical bodies purely from the cosmic magnetics of the Earth and the Stars.

Deep Levels of Purification

were endured especially on the physical, emotional and mental bodies and in those places that shut the windows of the multidimensional mind.

We actualized the greater release of the old blueprint and held traumas and deeply embedded energy blocks.There were lessons in patience, non-attachment and practice residing in blissful awareness regardless of the surrounding illusion.

Resulting in...

- altered brainwave frequency patterning which dissolved the stories from the ego-personality narratives

- the opening of the crystalline seals held within the DNA resulting in cellular transformation and pineal gland expansion

- a re-wiring and rebooting of the nervous system in order to sustain the opened pathway into the expanded perception of multidimensional awareness.

- seeing and experiencing the light body

- balancing of the brain hemispheres...rising of the androgynous blueprint and divine innocent child; thinking from the heart-brain.

This is the daily prayer that the Amazon Avatars are using to support our collective transformational focus and one that is achieving tremendous results. Please join us!


Group Avatar Invocation

i am maltese

Oh Mighty I AM Presence and Legions of the Sacred Fire... we call forth the most powerful penetration of God's Solar Fire... to blaze in, through and around our entire Group Body. Connect us now... to the I AM Presence of All Life... including the wisdom of Ascended Nature and the Forces of the Elements.

We command that our multi-body system reflect and embody the patterns of the Immaculate Concept... transmuting any limiting energies into the perfection of God. We call for the fusion of our consciousness with the consciousness of the Christ and for that Christ Flame to continually impress in and through us.

May we be emptied of all that no longer serves the highest purpose of the Divine Plan... so that we may be as hollow instruments... open and ready to receive solar radiation of our I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self.

As living crystals, programmed to activate the divine blueprint, we invoke the FULL remembrance of our natural ability to transfer divine particles of energy outwardly to all life and to simultaneously receive this same activating energy inwardly through our bodies and the Unified Field.

Mother-Father God, fill our healing circles with the transfiguring power of Divine Love. Empower us to act a group of empty cups... as mighty conduits of the Amazonian life force... which is then to be transferred out to all Humanity.

All Mighty I AM THAT I AM, please use us as one Group Harmonic... as a super conductive forcefield through which to transfer the ascending streams of light externally to all life.

We affirm and command that our entire beloved planet and her host of lifeforms... be raised up to the SAME level of vibration.


Almighty I AM, Almighty I AM, Almighty I AM!

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