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On shaky grounds: falling or taking flight?

Last weekend, we embarked on a journey of seven perfect squares between Uranus and Pluto that will end on March 16, 2015.  The first occurrence has taken us even deeper then we already were in terms of emotional turmoil.  Since the beginning of 2012, we are witnessing one unusual (and major) cosmic movement after another and in the last weeks, they are occurring at an ever faster pace, which does not even allow us to catch our breath to ponder on the meaning of what just happened.

Looking ahead, we might think: «There will be six more cosmic events like this last one?  This will last until 2015?  REALLY?»  Yes, really.

I was asked today, if we were going to get use to the energy of Uranus and Pluto combined, or if the other occurrences will be as brutal as this first one.

My guess is as good as yours, but I believe the answer lies within each and everyone one of us.  If you are hoping or dreaming of having it easy, you may stay stuck in delusion land for a while.  If you are committed to make it easier for yourself by doing your inner work, than yes, things should get more «flowy».

By committing to do our inner work, we gradually heighten our awareness and our level of consciousness, which helps us flow through deeply transformative transits such as Uranus-Pluto squares; if we ignore the inner tension and do not make efforts to move beyond fear, we may find that each Uranus-Pluto square will be more challenging than the previous one.

Losing ground… to learn to let go

The reason why these events are not giving us time to breathe is because if they did, we would most probably fall back on our old patterns.  Isn’t it what humans do?  We think we have been shaken up, we think we have learned a lesson… and the first thing we know is that we are stuck in the same pattern all over again.  That’s because we have time to get comfy.  But we don’t anymore, and we won’t until 2015.  So there is no options here but to really, truly and fully embrace change.  The faster the better, because we will keep receiving cosmic waves that will prevent any attempt to set ground, get comfortable and fall back on our old patterns.

The key words here are «letting go».  Letting go of everything we ever thought, believed, wanted, desired…  Letting go of every idea and judgement about ourselves and others…  Letting go of all worldly attachments.

If you’re thinking right now: «I’m like this.»  Let go.  No you’re not.

If you’re thinking: «I’m not like this.»  Let go.  You’re still labelling yourself.

If your thinking: «I need this.»  Let go.  No you don’t.

If you’re thinking: «I shouldn’t need anything.»  Let go of all the «should», «shouldn’t», «could» and «couldn’t»: this only feeds guilt and shame.  Let go of that too.  Especially that in fact.

Tricky?  :-)

If I let go of who I am… then who am I?

What happens when you release all the labelling that you have been given by others and that you have given yourself over the years is that you eventually come to a place of void, of nothingness.  This is not necessarily the most comfortable spot in the world.  This is a place where you know nothing about yourself anymore.  Everything you ever believed to be true, you are questioning.  It doesn’t mean that it’s not true.  It just means that you released the «label» effect: all those ideas about yourself seem to be floating around you.  You feel naked, vulnerable and transparent.  You have no clue how to define yourself.

But in the discomfort of this place, there is an extraordinary empowering creative force.  THIS is the place where you get to chose to redefine yourself from Love.  This is your place of self-empowerment.  This is the place where you can consciously leave behind the labels of negative connotation and chose to dress yourself in Love, Beauty and Harmony.

In short terms, yes, the Universe is shaking us up.  Yes, we are forced to lose our ground.  But it is up to us to chose to fall or to take flight…

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