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On Channeling + The Issue of Using External Channels ~ Joshua David Stone




Here are two writings on the subject of channeling by Joshua David Stone:
i. On Channeling
ii. The Issue of Using External Channels


I hope enjoy!
Peace * Blessings
Esta Lior


I. On Channeling

A great many people in this world think that if it is channeled, it is true. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only is most channeling coming from the Mental or Astral Plane, but even when it is coming from the Ascended Masters and/or Spiritual Planes, because of the nature of channeling, it is filled with the belief systems, personality, philosophies, and personal agendas of the person who is doing the channeling. The development of one’s consciousness enormously affects the channeling process, even within the finest channels on this planet.

For a channel for GOD and/or the Ascended Masters is only as good as the development of one’s consciousness in a holistic perspective. If a person’s consciousness is not developed and balanced, the channelings and all psychic readings for that matter that come through that person will reflect that imbalance and ultimately be in danger of negative ego corruption, personal agendas, and contamination by the belief system of the person who gives the channeling or psychic reading!

This is not a judgement upon channelers, it is just the nature of the process of channeling itself. To give an example here, a person who is developed in the First Ray of Power will bring through powerful, commanding, and charismatic channelings. If developed in the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom, the channeling will be filled with love and Spiritual wisdom. If developed in the Third Ray of Active Intelligence, the channelings will reflect keen intellectual knowledge and very practical information, whereas a person developed in the Fourth Ray of Harmony and Beauty will bring through very poetic and beautiful words. If, however, the channeler is not developed in the First Ray, the information will lack a certain power, and if undeveloped in the Second Ray, lack certain Unconditional Love and/or specific Spiritual Wisdom.

A person developed in the Fifth Ray will bring forth incredible New Age science information, a person developed in the Sixth Ray will bring forth very devotional channelings, and if developed in the Seventh Ray, the channelings will come through in a very Divine order, with a certain pomp and circumstance.

Now, let’s have a look at the channeling process from the lens of the Chakra system. We all know that we create our own reality by how we think. This manifests within the Chakras as the Chakras being too open, too closed, or balanced. The overstimulation or understimulation of the Chakras is connected to our seven major glands. Improper thinking causes the Chakras to be overactive or underactive, which causes the glands to be overactive or underactive.

Well, let’s have a look at the channeling process now. If developed in the First Chakra, the person will be very grounded and their channelings will be very attuned to Mother Earth; if there is only little energy in the First Chakra, the channeling will be very heavenly or mentally oriented. If overactive in the Second Chakra, channelings will be very emotional in nature and usually very creative and poetic; if undeveloped in this Chakra, the channelings will be dry and intellectual. If a person is overactive in the Third Chakra, the channeling will be powerful and commanding, and timid, shy, and soft if underactive. Fourth Chakra: channelings will either be extremely loving and flowery, or very scientific and dry. Fifth Chakra: channelings are either highly communicative or focused on silent meditation. Sixth Chakra: highly mental and filled with visions and psychic experiences, or just very technical information. And if the Crown Chakra is overactive, then there will be a lot of information and light, but it will be very ungrounded and not integrated. It will be Spiritually uplifting but the person receiving the channeling will not know how to integrate it. If undeveloped in this Chakra, channeling will be more earthly in nature.

Every thought you think is reflected in the Chakras. Every negative ego thought you allow in your mind will reflect itself in the Chakras as being overactive or underactive. It is only when you practice and realize the goal of becoming an Integrated Melchizedek/Christ and Buddha that your Chakras can truly be balanced. Perfectly balanced Chakras are a byproduct of becoming an Integrated Melchizedek/Christ/Buddha. The ideal channel of information for the Aquarian Age is to become as integrated and balanced as possible within self, so the Love, Wisdom, Power that comes through your channel is integrated and balanced in nature.

This means carrying a balance of the Seven Rays. This means carrying a balance of the Three-Fold Flame of GOD of Love, Wisdom, and Power. This means reflecting a balance of the Seven Chakras, as well as the Twelve Major Archetypes, and the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac. It is perfectly in Divine Order for everyone to reflect a certain Ray or theme of GOD for that is how GOD created us.

So, the key understanding here is not that everyone should be exactly the same, or do channelings exactly the same way. The ideal is that every person strive to become an Integrated Melchizedek/Christ/Buddha in their practice of the Presence of GOD on Earth, and in doing so, even though your channelings may have a tinge or theme of your own monadic and Soul Ray, your channelings will also be reflective of being an Integrated Melchizedek/Christ/Buddha! One last thought on the issue of channeling: an enormous number of people and Lightworkers give their power to external channelings! Lightworkers are being asked by the Cosmic and Planetary Hierarchy to be much more discerning regardless of who the external channeled entity claims to be.

Remember, in truth, there is no such thing as channeling. There are only people at different levels of Psychological and Spiritual development bringing through guidance that is being reinterpreted by all their filters, lenses, belief systems, subconscious programming, and level of Psychological vision. Take all external channeling with a grain of salt, and trust your own inner guidance above all else for the above mentioned reasons, and never give your power or your Spiritual discrimination and sword of discernment away ever again!




II. The Issue of Using External Channels


When I use the term "external channel", what I mean is someone who is channeling other than your own channel and inner guidance. The guidance I give you here may surprise you.


There is a common belief among some Lightworkers who say you should only rely on your own channel and inner guidance. I don't agree with this. That belief is too independent. On the other side of the coin, many, many Lightworkers are too dependent upon one or many external channels, and don't trust their own inner guidance. The ideal is interdependence, and this has its reflection in the issue of external channels.


Let's begin with the understanding that there is not a channel or medium who has ever channeled, who is not doing it through their own personality and their own information banks on some level. This even applies to the greats such as Edgar Cayce, Alice Bailey, and Godfrey Ray King. This is the nature of channeling. It is always colored somewhat by the personality, information banks, past lives, ray configuration of the channel, mission, and so on.


Some channels are much clearer and more advanced than others. Much of the channeling in this world, over 90% is astral and mental plane channeling and has not even touched the spiritual plane. This is why Lightworkers need to be very discerning. There is an interesting phenomenon among Lightworkers that I have noticed. If you say it's channeled, they believe it and if it is not, they are likely to not believe it.


This is faulty thinking. There is so much confusion of this issue of channeling. Just because someone tells you they are channeling the Ascended Masters doesn't mean they really are. I don't care if they have written 20 books that they say are channeled by the Ascended Masters. Lightworkers are often way too gullible.


The Ascended Masters may indeed come through at times but the information may be contaminated by personality and negative ego and other distortions as much as 50% to 75%. Lightworkers must learn not to give their power to channels as is so often done.


I am going to give two examples here, and normally I never do this, for I don't want to come across as judging or critical of others. I also don't want to embarrass other Lightworkers who are often very sincere, beautiful people who have some distortion in their channel and program. I am going to make an exception to this rule because this issue is so very important.


The first example is the work of Elizabeth Claire Prophet. The Masters have guided me to stay away from her work, even though she is one of the most well known Ascended Master channels. I am not saying all her work is bad, for it isn't. I have looked through her stuff and I have gained a few points. I think most Lightworkers recognize though, that something is not right with her program. She is channeling the Masters, yet there is an enormous contamination going on.


The second example is the I AM America Map, which you probably have seen. Here again this is supposed to have come form the Ascended Masters, yet it is extremely distorted and faulty information. That map may have been a possibility 50 years ago, but it is total illusion now. I mean this as no judgment, but I have checked this out very completely with the Masters.


I bring these examples up to point a word of caution in regards to channeling of all kinds, even those that claim to and/or do channel the Ascended Masters. I am sure they are helping many people, for distortions don't discount their whole spiritual path.


Sometimes astral or mental beings claim they are Ascended Masters and take on their names and the channel doesn't realize it. Sometimes the person is channeling their own subconscious mind and thinks it is a Master. Other times, they are channeling a thoughtform and not a real being. There are millions of Lightworkers on this planet whose normal every day talking is far more advanced than 98% of the channels on this planet.


Now on the other side of the coin, is the point of view that one should only get guidance from inside oneself, that every person is an island unto themselves. This is dangerous also because as I just said, everyone receives inner guidance through their own "lens", so to speak. One should obviously trust oneself above all else. "Above all else to thine own self be true."


Even though this clearly is the case when dealing with channeling, it is very important to be interdependent and sometimes check things out with other channels of a diverse background. When one is channeling sometimes some very strange information can come through and sometimes confirmation is needed from other sources. This is part of group consciousness. If a person believes they should never get guidance from anyone but from themselves, then they should also never read a spiritual book.


What do you think books like the Keys of Enoch, Course in Miracles, Alice Bailey books, Edgar Cayce material, Urantia, Theosophy, Tibetan Foundation, I Am Discourses, and even the Bible are? They are channelings by other people.


I forgot to mention in the previous paragraph that people often channel information they read in books that their personality thinks is true, like the I Am Map. It is obviously wonderful to read and study the channelings of others in books that people write, including this one.


After we hear or read the information, we need to check it out with our own inner guidance, channel, intuition, and spiritual discernment. No one person channels the whole prism, so to speak. In my series of books, which I have collectively called The Easy-To-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path, I have attempted to give a view through the lens of the entire prism by writing an encyclopedia of everything regarding religious, spiritual, philosophical, and psychological matters.


I personally find it exciting to see life through the lenses of other Masters and channels instead of just my own personal ascension lineage and ray configuration. It must be made clear again that just because it is in a channeled spiritual book doesn't make it true either. I am amazed how gullible Lightworkers can be with some of the books that are out there that are channeled and have enormously contaminated and inaccurate information.


What causes the contamination? This can be caused by negative ego, the personality, their philosophy, negative emotions, past lives, the photon belt, power, greed, fame, fatigue, moodiness, past books they have read, limited information banks in their subconscious mind from past lives on a given subject, the Dark Brotherhood causing interference, astral entities, negative implants and negative elementals, lack of psychological clarity, the level of initiation, whether they are operating out of the master a, b or c grid, and the biggest of all, their belief system! Other causes are their ray configuration, monad and soul, improper integration of the twelve major archetypes, their astrological configuration, electromagnetic interference, even physical health problems, to name a few.


Any one or all of these are effecting channels. I hope this makes Lightworkers a little more discerning in the future. Saying they are channeling the Masters means absolutely nothing. My guidance to you is to never give your power away to an external channel. Even though I say this, I also say that one shouldn't throw the baby out with the bath water. Even people who are channels themselves need feedback and confirmation at times.


The fact is, 98% of the world's people are not clairaudient channels and cannot talk directly with the Masters. So, their information is limited to a certain extent. For those of you who would like information about yourself, such as your initiation level, or ray configuration, or light quotient level, and you would like help, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting help from a qualified channel.


This is the key: finding a qualified channel. Finding one good external channel is better than having a thousand readings from mediocre channels. A channel is only as good as the level of evolution of their own soul, mental body, emotional body, and overall psychological clarity.


So as you can see, I am pointing out both the dangers of channeling and the benefits. The key is to not over-depend on external channels as a great many Lightworkers do, and to not isolate yourself or under-depend either. Even when using external channels, which is not really that different from reading a book or going to a lecture, be discerning and take what is of value and cast that which is not away.


Another most interesting phenomena in the New Age spiritual movement is how the great channels of the past such as Edgar Cayce, Godfrey Ray King, and Madam Blavatsky, have been immortalized by their followers. They actually believe that there are no other channels or telepaths of any value since the incarnation of these teachers. The absurdity of this is beyond belief.


In truth, this is what traditional religion also has done by stating that the only teachings that are true are those of Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Buddha, or Krishna. What this does, whether we are speaking of traditional religion or the New Age movement, is to keep people locked into a specific time period in the past. Their consciousness is locked in 1942, 1930, 1890, the year zero, or 500 B.C. To think that there is only one prophet of God, or only one channel of God, is ridiculous and such beliefs should be let go of quickly without judgment.


God has incarnated into every human being, every animal, every plant, and every rock. God is always evolving and bettering Him/Herself. Don't stay locked into some past teaching. I am not saying you shouldn't study completely these past teachings, for I am the greatest advocate of this. I have written this encyclopedia to make this easy for everyone to do.


I love the Alice Bailey books and theosophy, and the Tibetan Foundation. However, even this information is constantly evolving and becoming updated. This is what I have been presenting in this book and my other books. Djwhal Khul prophesized in the Alice Bailey books that there would be a third dispensation of Ascended Master teachings towards the end of the century following the Theosophical Movement of Madam Blavatsky, and Alice Bailey. That which you read now is a part of this third dispensation he spoke of at that time. The Masters have told me that there may be as many as 40 books or more in this series by the year 2012.


In closing, regarding using an external channel, when you need help in this manner don't be afraid to ask for help. Find a good channel. Still be discerning and don't become over-dependent on the channel. We are all interdependent beings and asking for help in this regard is not different than any other service you offer Lightworkers. We are here to help each other, not be islands unto ourself. Taking advantage of a good external channel, or psychic for that matter, is not different than reading a good book or going to a good lecture. Integrate it from the perspective of not giving your power away, and it can be a wonderful tool, asset, and catalyst for spiritual growth.

{from the book Cosmic Ascension, Chapter 16 Cosmic Ascension Training}

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