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Just what are these comtrails? Is it not about time that we ask?

Good morning/ evening, every one who will read this blog. I would like to dedicated this blog to the pilot´s who are flying with this big invisible planes making very long white tail in the sky all around the world. I would love to ask them few questions and if they can answer it by yes , than I congratulate them for her mission.

a. Do you have a family, a wife with lovely children yes / no
b do you love the nature, yes / no
c do you like to look to a clean sky yes / no

Ok be honest and answer the next question

a would you like to kill your lovely wife and children yes / no
b would you be responsible for the destruction of the planet yes / no
c would you be responsible for a contaminated world yes / no

I think that if you want to be a good pilot, you need a good brain to learn! Than please, can someone explain me why those pilot´s are so ignorant, man without any scruples, or are they so naive that they just execute some order without thinking about the repercussion of their act, or is only the money they get who interest them. Than tell me, when the entire planet will be totally contaminated by what they are doing around the world, what will they eat, their money???

Just realize that we are living in the 21 st Century, and this kind of man or woman dint evolved since the stone age, they have aborted brain, totally brain washing, a cave man 2000 years a go had more respect for the nature than them and for sure knew how to use his brain. I feel more sadness for this guy´s than anger, they are so poor soul, that they have no free mind. Have they once asking them self what they are doing, have they once right in the eyes of their children and have the courage to say:

Sorry my girl or my boy, you dad is working to destroy the only planet we have, so in the future you will have to live where ever, because here will no be possible any more, sorry kids, it is my job, I know is a dirty job and somebody have to do it............

Would you,all best pilot´s who fly this spreader around the world, have the courage to tell your kids? I don´t think so, because , you are to hypocrite or coward for it. Have you think one second, only one second of your time, is not to much asking, do you really realize what you are doing and do you want to go on? And I am not here to judge you, just to remember you that if you believe in a God, do you think that you are doing the right thing, have you ever think about how many peoples you have killed already, how many peoples you have make sick, the quantity of long cancer only rise up, that's a fact and the cause is this beautiful white tail that your planes design in the blue sky.

That's the reason why I dedicated this blog to you, my best pilot´s, and only to you.
Its not to late, you still can change your mind, imagine how will look your kids when you come home and they had the opportunity to read this blog, how do you thing they will think about their dad, how they will think that you are working to the destruction, to the contamination, to the killing of millions of innocents peoples around the world,


After reading this blog please, just post it again and again, where ever you want, it will at the end maybe get to the right pilot´s, its never to late, and better late than never.
This blog is free of any copy righting, you may post it where ever you like,

This is a message with love to this pilot´s, just to show what they are doing and be conscious that they are doing the wrong action by creating this white poison in the sky. So lets start creating a clean, a peaceful planet for thousands of coming generation, all together we can do that.

Have a great day full of love, take care, RobertO

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Comment by Angel~a on October 31, 2010 at 1:18am
My husband is obsessed with the chemtrails along with my children.
Comment by Cindy on October 31, 2010 at 10:05am
I don't know what it is they are pumping into the air, it's never been pined down 100% But I posted a news article in the News central group last night on this topic where the U.N. are getting involved into actually contemplating a moratorium on the mater. Seems that this a bumper year for catching idiots, greedy, thiefs, liars, and deceivers with their hands still in the cookie jar.

Comment by Angel~a on October 31, 2010 at 9:13pm husband belongs to a yahoo group and has learned sooooo much of what is being done-they are even doing it at night here. Some pilots are so cocky that they write messages in the air-sad and pathetic-too bad sooo many people don't knopw anythingabout this.
Comment by Angel~a on October 31, 2010 at 9:14pm
The yahoo group is on Chemtrails.


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