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Message from Sananda

Why So Many Are Mentally Spacing Out

So many on the planet have been experiencing periods of what you have termed mentally spacing out. What follows are situations that many have been experiencing.

You may be working on a project and have a need to get something from another room or the basement or garage. When you get there you forget what it was you came to get but you see something else that needs your attention. As you begin to take care of this new thing, it leads to another room and you notice something else that needs taking care of. Finally you find yourself in the room where you started your original project and you realize how you have been moving from one thing to another never fully completing your tasks.

Some of you experience another mental fragmentation when you are reading. After a time you find your eyes have been moving across the words but your mind has drifted off to another thought. Other times you try to think of something you know that you know but it simply will not enter into your consciousness. Later, when you have given up trying to remember it, there it is, as clear as your own name. These anomalies commonly occur when people get up in age; however, this is now being experienced by people of all ages.

Some of you, while driving, have become lost in areas you are very familiar with but now you are not sure which way to turn to find your way. When these mental confusions occur many of you become angry or fearful that you are “losing it” so to speak. Many of you have wondered if you are sliding into dementia or Alzheimer’s and many have felt the need to have it checked out.

Oh dear ones of the Earth plane, fear not for I have good news for you. Certainly you must have noticed that the Earth is changing rapidly and so it is with all of humanity as mankind moves at ever-faster paces upon this marvelous spaceship Earth as it hurtles at great speeds through universal space. Nearly everyone seems to feel that time is going faster, and so it is as the planetary vibrations increase.

For many years messages have been sent from higher planes to many on Earth warning of the impending Earth changes often known as the period of great transformation. It is not only accruing on the earth but so also is it occurring throughout the entire universe. It is but a completion of a movement through a grand cycle as Earth is now moving into a new phase of life. Some have called it the New Age or the Golden Age. It will be as winter’s darker dreary days move into the freshness of spring and new life.

This transition is in process, and many of you are feeling these changes deep within your being. The time of transcending will not be without pain or confusion but everyone will not experience the same physical discomforts. Some will experience short periods of illness as the propensities for certain illness and disease that lie in the double helix DNA are being cleared out of the body. Meanwhile, some of the new children are being born upon the Earth are coming in with a more expanded DNA, and that is good.

What I wish you to know and understand regarding the mental confusion occurring in so many is this. In a sense this is beginning to occur to humanity. The body and brain are slowly being molecularly restructured to be compatible with the higher vibrations. The brain is beginning to be rewired, so to speak, and new areas of the brain that have been dormant for a very long time are now in the process of being activated. This will not happen overnight and must occur slowly or one would cease to mentally and physically function for a time. However, there will be periods of confusion and discomfort for a while. However, not all disease and mental or physical illness will end. Therefore, if you strongly feel there is a real mental or physical problem that needs medical attention, by all means you should have it checked out by medical professionals, if for no other reason than to give you peace of mind.

Those who become upset or fear what is occurring will have increasingly difficult times. Those whose gods are materiality, money, power, and control over others will not be compatible with the new vibrations. I will not speak an untruth by saying that all humans will survive this transformation.

The nature kingdom is actually changing more easily because of the absence of an ego. Because creatures of nature do not have the human type of ego, they are more in the flow with the increasing vibrations and it will lessen the discomfort and confusion as they experience the changes. However, animals have more recently come down out of the wilds and into the areas of human habitat.

It is especially important to love others, love yourself, and all life expressing on the planet during these times. Mother Earth is also reacting to these changes by purging and cleansing herself. You, as entities who reside upon your Mother Earth, can assist her by expressing your love to her and give thanks to this marvelous being who sustains your life. Therefore love the wind, no matter how hard it blows for you cannot survive without the air. Love the water, no matter how much of it falls from the sky for you cannot live without water. Love the trees for they give you the oxygen you need to live. Breathe it freely and deeply and it will help with the transformational changes that are in process.

Know that if this process were to happen too rapidly, you could not handle or deal with it and truly you would “lose it” as some say. How long the transformation will take is dependant on how well humanity reacts to its passage. If you read what your media prints, you must surely think the world is going crazy. And yes, the ones filled with darkness are becoming darker. But know ye this also; those of the light are becoming a brighter light. So also are many in the world awakening to the greater truths and realities. Light will always overcome the darkness but darkness cannot do so with the light and the light shall indeed prevail. It is for this reason that many light beings have volunteered to enter the physical realm and be on the planet during these times to assist with the transformation.

I know it is difficult for many who view the current state of affairs upon the planet to be able to envision a time of unity upon the earth and a time of peace; a time of oneness with all of life; a time when you will create goodness to a level never seen upon the planet; and a time when fear will no longer be a controlling aspect of the minds of mankind. When these times of great change pass, there will no longer be anything to fear. In the Golden Age to come, you will come to know who you really are and life will be more beauteous than you can now imagine. Change will always be with you as you live out your life in the physical and thereafter on to the higher realms of eternal life.

I will leave you with the words that my dear friend and brother John the Divine wrote from the island of Patmos.

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things are passed away.”

Know ye that I am your friend and I will be with you, even unto the end of the age.


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