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Mayannata -
Channeled through Whitefeather 21.7.11
(this being entered by auric space with an immense tingling around my head, bit like I was wearing a circular headdress,  followed by a beautiful purple light surrounding me. The energy felt feminine, although I would probably say it was androgynous.  As always, for your perusal and discrimination. Please say as you see fit. )

I come to speak through you on this day to bring messages of the awakening you are all experiencing at this time.
During this period, as the Earth speeds towards Her realignment, humanity is struggling to keep apace of this monument us event in the Earths own story.
Many of you are moving through bewildering times, some are coming to a completion of their cleansings and higher calibrations, others are just beginning, whilst others of you feel you have been in the dark soul nights forever.
All unnecessary  material, karmic, emotional and false attachment baggage must be left behind now, to bring your lives into alignment with your own Divine Purpose and the Earth upgrade.
With so many of humanity vibrating at various levels and intensities, it can be both draining and negative absorbing to have to battle the denser energies, and many feel themselves in a constant battle with others, with the world and with themselves, in an effort to stay within their own vibrations.  Some succumb and let ego, pride, and fear of lack consume them and so stall their own development.  Some of you shut yourselves away in your concrete homes rarely seeing the light of day because you cannot cope with the onslaught of lower and more negative vibrations.  Others of you lower your own energies as you fight against that which is happening all around you, adding to the lower vibrations.
As each individual strives to survive in your ever changing world, the simple answer lies in acceptance of change. All things must change, and it is the turn of humanity to understand and grasp this inevitable need for change, fighting only delays the inevitable, acceptance and moving with the flow eases the transition states.
Each one of you has the potential to be a limitless being of Love and Light, if a few amongst you can do it, you all can do it, for you are all part of the oneness, all made of the same energies and vibrations that the light workers are made of. They are simply choosing to use essence for the light, for love and for the greater good of all life forms and for the living planet you walk upon and interact with.   If you choose to remain in the lower energies by putting your trust and faith in others rather than in your own light, then you will remain in the lower vibrations.  You give your power away when you allow those you consider to be in authority, such as governments, medical and teaching professions  to be responsible for what is right for you.  No human being can know exactly what is right for each of you, the individual and the science and medical professions of your world especially have brainwashed you into a life of prescription drugs, adulterated foods, subliminal messages that keep you slave to their well oiled machines of power, greed and material wealth at the expense of human enlightenment and harmonic co-habitation of the Earth and Her resources for the betterment of all.

Now all that is changing, and the only way for the whole of humanity this situation fully and accept their own personal responsibility for what is happening to themselves and their world, is for the total collapse of all you know.  This is the fear and panic that some light workers are feeling, they know the importance of this change,  they understand that each individual must awaken and begin to act in a global manner,  thinking not of themselves and their own financial status, but of the whole of humanity and how their individual actions can and do make a difference.
Every single one of you affects the whole of humanity, the whole Earth, the whole of existence, with your thoughts, actions and reactions.  Yet even though those lower vibrations cause you physical, mental, and emotional pain and hardships,  even though your actions are damaging the Earth upon which you rely for everything you need for survival, even though your medical and scientific communities are poisoning,  even though your governments take away your basic human rights,  still, steadfastly you remain stuck in the lower energies foolishly believing it will get better one day.
Nothing will change for humanity unless you change yourselves. Negativity and lower energies are dense and heavy, the more you feed them with your choices in life, the heavier they become, making life difficult for everyone.
To rise above these energies, to raise your own and all of humanities as well as the Earths energies, the change must begin within the individual when s/he stops thinking of their own personal gratification and work towards raising the energies for all.  You are all part of a unique planetary consciousness and the trials and tribulations and limitations humanity are moving through at this time,  however the transition can be lessened the more that individuals awaken to the power and impact of their choices and actions in their own personal daily lives.  Ask yourselves and answer honestly, do you choose the heavy, damaging, contrived chemical laden existence or do you strive for the lighter, safer, more natural ways of living and being in harmony with your planet.
The time for choices based upon your own personal financial status is over, no one can afford any longer to continue oiling the machines of destruction and devastation.  Humanity as a whole must wake up to this fact and realise every single one of you IS responsible for the state of the Earth, Her resources and your own welfare.  There must a be a collective, global consciousness of caring for the Earth and all of humanity. 
No longer is it ‘their’ fault, ‘his or her’ fault.  It is the fault of all of you with your greed and desire for personal comfort at the expense of the planetary abundance for all.  You al ALL part of the global consciousness, you ARE responsible for all the wars, death, famines, wasting of resources,  toxic overloads and destruction of the Earth.
If humanity will not take the choice of their own free will to change the death sentence  you have all created, then the forces of Nature, itself all part of the living consciousness, and planetary intervention and influences will continue to force the hands of those that resist.  Now, at this 11th hour, each of you have the power within you to make that change, humanity must learn to value life and use nothing that is not sustainable or easily renewable with out further damage to the Earth and Her resources.  Humanity must learn to value life in all its forms over the man made material objects that carry no living essence within them.  A house is not a home if there is no love or light within its walls,  yet a simple cave in a hillside can be a home when its occupants are filled with love and light.   Humanities hearts have become cold and hard because you have removed yourselves from the very living Earth you so depend on.  You show no respect for the Earth and so you have no respect for yourselves or each other.
To put right the chaos the Earth and yourselves are moving through at this time, you must each address how you personal impact your world, do you come from love for the whole, wanting oneness, knowing you can make a difference, you can be part of the change -  or do you come from a place of fear, thinking only of self survival.  When humanity realises it must come together in harmony with each other and with the Earth, then you may avert the chaos you are facing.  For the sake of yourselves, your children’s children.  For the sake of humanity, wake up and take responsibility for your futures future.

In Lak’ech Mayannata.  

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Comment by Lynette Williams on July 23, 2011 at 2:05am

Dear Whitefeather


Thank you for this message and driving home the point that it is not everyone else it is ourselves.  This reminds me to examine what I am doing and to commit to doing more.


Love Lynette

Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 29, 2011 at 9:03pm

THANK YOU, dear Whitefeather - WAKING up and accepting RESPONSIBILITY for what is happening - YES!



BLESSINGS, dear sister,


Sonja Myriel


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