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Matariki And Solstice Alignment....21, 22 & 23rd June 2012....

Matariki and the Solstice Alignment

of June 21, 22 and 23rd

It has been said that 2012 signifies a time when the sacred hoop joins together and those of the Rainbow tribe will gather. They will find one another once again and remember whom they are and why they have come. They will perform ancient ceremony and activate the song lines, the spirit lines and the dragon lines. This will illuminate the earth and awaken those still sleeping. The Elders of all nations and tribes have sent a call for the earth walkers, wisdom keepers and those of the Rainbow Tribe to gather together for ceremony over the three day period which will be the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere. This is also a time very sacred to the Maori and other native tribes in the southern hemisphere.

The Maori of New Zealand observed the movement of the stars for many reasons throughout history, as did all indigenous people. Studying the stars was a way of preserving history, knowledge, culture and maintaining ancient practices of the earth religion. The time of Matariki was a celebration and a coming together of family and friends. In ancient times it was used as a time to share with each other skills, achievements and history through story telling, song and dance, carving and weaving, ancient ceremonies and passing on of knowledge and history. Matariki is celebrated with the remembrance and planting of new trees and crops signaling new beginnings. Matariki was the optimum time for new harvests, and ceremony was done to ensure good crops for the coming year.

It was also seen as a perfect time to honor the land we live on and to remember whakapapa, the ancestral beings that have passed from this world to the next and the legacy they left behind.

Matariki is an especially important cluster of stars to the Maori and a key navigational beacon for ocean voyagers. Also known as the Pleiades, the seven sisters and sacred to all indigenous people and earth walkers. On 21 June the Matariki star cluster rises into the skies in the Southern hemisphere and brings the promise of a new beginning. This represents the beginning of a new year. I see this as the beginning of a new dream as we infuse the earth with the Venusian energies of love.

In this year of Grandmother Spider, the legends say that Grandmother Spider began to weave the first dream and created the seven sisters, the Pleiades to assist the earth. Then she began to dream the mountains, the rivers, the tree beings, the flowers and fauna, the animal allies and finally human. As she dreamed of the human, she dreamed the potential of each soul who entered into the earth experience weaving each of us together with a beautiful golden web of light. She wove the Pleiades into the web first as she knew that the human would fall under illusion and feel disconnected from the web. The star beings would be there to illuminate the path as we found our way home. As the Venusian energies from the powerful Venus Transit are flowing through us, we have a grand opportunity to recreate a new dream and gather for ceremony to weave harmony, beauty, unity and love into the web.

I will be in Uluru, known as Ayres Rock in the red desert and the heart of Australia where the Rainbow Serpent Line will become fully activated with the turning of the cosmic wheel at the time of the solstice. Carrying the sacred soil from Spider Rock and Canyon de Chellys from native American lands, where we were guided to journey last year at the time of the Equinox. This three-day period, June 21st, 22nd and 23rd is a powerful opportunity for all of us to join together to celebrate birthing the new dream of a unified Gaia and a grand opportunity to reestablish the alliance between the world of human and the world of the unseen. This is crucial to heal the web prior to the galactic alignment of 12:12:12 and the much prophesized 12:21:12.

Whether you join with others or create your own sacred space, prepare an altar with seashells.

If you can place a scallop shell upon the altar this holds the vibration of the Venusian energies. It symbolizes that we each come from the same source but have chosen different pathways to express ourselves at this time in our body temples. The scallop shell was the sacred symbol painted by Botticelli that represents the birth of Venus or Aphrodite.

She is often seen surrounded by dolphin, the celestial star beings that guard the sacred waterways and weave our world to the star systems. Place a bowl of water on the altar. For those who have the andara crystal, place this stone of unconditional love in the water. Place a white candle and a small bowl of honey on your altar. It is said that the bee is an animal ally that came from Venus to bring sweetness and the remembrance of the beauty of the journey to human. For those who do not have the andara crystal, you can place a rose quartz, moonstone or amethyst stone being in the water. On the morning of the 21st, light the candle and visualize sending the Venusian gifts of love, harmony and beauty to the earth grid. See that the honey becomes the liquid golden light that heals the sacred hoop. Over this three-day period, find time each day to sit in stillness and receive the healing energies of love being sent from the andara crystals positioned around the world and the thousands of ceremonies being performed to infuse the earthgrid with the new dream. If there is a loved one in need of support and healing, place their picture or name under the jar of honey and ask that the sweetness of the earth walk be returned. On the morning of the 21st our group will gather to welcome the rising of the sun as we anchor the energies of love into the earth grid to activate the song and spirit lines at the source of the Rainbow Serpent.

Each of us carries a light that is needed at this time. Your light is very important, no one less than another and no one greater as we are all equal. Your prayers will be carried across the song and spirit lights activating the golden web once again. Millions of awakened souls who each carry a brilliant light will all join together and the earth will illuminate as a bright sphere of light out into the universe.

I honor each of you and give gratitude that we share this journey together and weave the new dream awakening the rainbow tribe. Happy Solstice.

Love, rainbows and starlight, Robbyne

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