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MANKIND SHALL RISE UP - Eileen Zizecli-Coleman

11.8.15 – Cleansing my sanctuary, I put on some dolphin music, feeling the energies change almost immediately.


My dearest friend’s thank you so much for this new way of communication where you can draw closer, I thank you with all my heart.


I can feel my back very straight and my head held high. Great Spirit let your Love emanate all around the world and fill the heart and souls of all mankind. I send my Love to you my friends, guides and Star family in the higher realms and ask that you draw closer. I am concerned there has been little response to our latest endeavour, can you help me with this please?


Our words sail in the wind into the hearts and minds of the many, our words travel the ethers, finding refuge in each nook and cranny upon the Earth plane, residing in the hearts of those who listen. It is a fair wind we sail on, a fair wind indeed, put your faith and trust in God who is our witness and we shall indeed deliver our portfolio to the world. We uncover prophecies that have yet to be aired!


The purple and gold are more vibrant here.


We delve deeper and deeper into the anomalies that face us head on. We express and air our views, instigating a trial and error scenario where we can achieve certain bliss, and it has to be said, we are smitten with your desire to proceed full steam ahead! We move forward along this stream of Light and promise you renewal in every sense, we promise a broader perspective on all that dismays your stricken heart!


I’m seeing stronger clouds of purple now and going down into soft beauteous clouds of deepest violet. Oh thank you friends I need this.


‘In the beginning was the word and the word was with God’. We rise above the sea of doubt into tranquillity and Love beyond all earthly measure into the highest realms of purity of spirit, here we will assist and help you in your endeavours.


Here the beautiful gold and purple bring tears to my eyes . . . thank you friends.

I’m floating in bliss, floating in clouds of Love . . . there is no heavy body, no aching limbs and joints just a soft cushioning, floating sensation. I stayed like this for quite some time before asking - Please show me the way, the truth and the Light. I’m now seeing golden lattice work that is expanding.


We attract attention of the masses and we come armed with Love for there is no other relevance but this fact that we are LOVE in every sense, in every faculty of our being . . . Love from the highest Divine Source.


As I speak their words into my microphone great expanses of violet and gold float around me.


We are prepared to give sanctuary to those like you who need assistance. We recommend deep breathing and going within . . . here you will find sanctuary from those outside influences that pull you down and interfere with your circuity. We raise you up where you belong with us, your friends and advisors. We have walked this pathway many times before and we reckon on a long list of well-wishers coming to your door. We expand on a wide array of issues that surface for recognition and we are here with the necessary requisites to enable a re-telling.


Your conduits have become very loose and we have reconditioned those elements that need to be put into play, welcoming in a whole host of further discoveries. We put your mind to rest and set sail for healthier climbs, developing and overseeing your progress on the Earth plane. It is not a matter of doubt, it is a matter of understanding what we bring and we propel you to a land predestined to unfold in all glory and prominence, unfolding before your eyes in perfect Love and harmony. We sanction these blessings and bring you about, ready and open to do our bidding.


I’m hearing the music to Robbie Williams song - ‘Angels'.


We are Love, we are Angelic Beings brought in to assist you, to help you!


All the time during this recording I have been floating in lilac and gold and I can now feel a strong energy drawing around the left side of my face. Are there any words I can pass on to others to help them?


We always aim to please and this time is no exception! We come in all sincerity and Love to help those of you on the Earth plane to move forward and this has been a struggle at times for many of you, we know this. We bring you our Love, we bring you strength and courage to move forward along this tidal wave of Love.


We bend over backwards to help you in your endeavours on the Earth plane and though you call to us to bring you home, we know in the very heart of you is the desire to complete your journeys on Earth. And we are always there by your side encouraging you not to lose faith but to keep heart, to keep strong! We push you at times, nudging you forward, but there are those times that we pull you back and keep you waiting to gather your strength and energy for that final thrust forward. It has not been an easy task and there are many who have dropped by the wayside; we leave you to rest and pick you up and urge you forward for this is the time to gather together.


This is the time, more than ever, this is the time to keep ‘alive’! We shelter in the embrace of the Great Divine and rally around further support, beckoning those from the shadows to come forward. We hear you and see you courageously fighting the good fight with all of your might and we shall stand firm in this quest for Peace come what may. There will be deliverance from all that has held you back, we promise this, and we shall see a rise of uncertainty in the hearts of mankind, uncertainty and mistrust of those that have led them astray.


We shall see mankind rise up and stand to face those of scorn and retribution, we shall see mankind rise up into the ethers of a world built with Love and we circumference your perimeters, leading you to access these borders in a time frame of considerable beauty. We excel in all things and bring you this strength and courage so that you may all stand in loving grace upon these shores that await your home coming.


I feel as if I have been in suspended animation, it was the most amazing experience. Thank you so much friends for your comfort and upliftment.


Yesterday while meditating I saw white shapes that resembled a face with large protuberances for ears and what looked like a trunk for a nose. Later while laying in bed thinking about what I'd seen, I was suddenly struck by the thought it could have been the Hindu deity 'Ganesh'. Looking on the internet today I found he is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is worshipped as the God of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth. Perhaps this is a sign that I am being helped!


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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on August 14, 2015 at 10:58pm

Thank you Eileen for sharing your beautiful meditations with us.

Beautiful Beginnings!


Comment by Eileen Coleman on August 15, 2015 at 7:52am

Thank you Ishema, such a beautiful picture, reminding me of my vision.

Comment by Sylvia Liney on August 16, 2015 at 8:20am

Thanks Eileen for sharing your beautiful meditation, it really resonated with me, just what I needed right now. Great Spirit surely is in sync with us....

You have beautiful visions, in colour, too...I seem to have lost the ability to see colour in my weird is that?  When I began, I used to see lovely colours, maybe it's what I 'expected' to see?  I wonder how I changed that?  Hmmmm, something to ponder on....

Blessings and Love

Sylvia I AM Melaynia  xx

Comment by Eileen Coleman on August 17, 2015 at 10:46am

Sylvia it was at my very first experience of healing that I started to see purple, as I lay on the healers couch I saw what looked like a blue and yellow flame ignite. It reminded me of when you turn on the water heater and the light bursts into flame, I like to think this was my spiritual flame being reignited and every following session I started to see a cloud of pulsating lilac similar to the colours on this page. I very rarely saw other colours maybe a shot of pink now and then but for the last few years it is always lilac and purple shot with golden shapes.  I saw  Ganesh in white not in the beautiful colours shown in the picture above.  When I am meditating outside and out of body, when I look down I can see vibrant colours of the earth below and next door's red car looked really red! The leaves on the trees look like green jewels and that is a wonderful sensation.

Just let it come naturally, the more you meditate the easier it gets, I just love to tune in and get re-energised, although I have to confess to sometimes just falling asleep!

Comment by Sylvia Liney on August 18, 2015 at 3:06am

I found when I was in the workforce that I was in a good routine & could fit all sorts of things into it...Now I am retired (10 years now) I find it not so easy to get into a routine....I find also that any routine I do develop is constantly de-railed by my Partners  lack of a routine!!

I do try & meditate when I wake up, I cannot sleep in the bed, lying down, after about 20 mins my hips hurt so much I have to get up. So, I sleep in the lounge room (sitting up) on a comfy armchair with my feet up. So, this is where I also meditate, mostly, (except when I meditate at the computer). This all depends on what time we go to bed, not always at the same time, usually quite late. I know I put obstacles in my own way...sigh....

These are the things I am trying hard to change, clear out the negativity involved, etc etc...Did a lot of work on myself in the way of forgiveness, over the last couple of years....

Thing is, I used to be really enthusiastic, wanting only to Heal/help as many people as I could, in whatever way I could. Now I am finding that the work is so long and involved, my enthusiasm is waning....I don't know HOW to make it less difficult, well, I am aware of HOW, I guess, but again, it's all repetition and perseverance, with any advancement just beyond my grasp, like a dangling carrot....

I am a  voracious reader, & just long to be able to advance so that what I read about is real, & not just a dream. I have asked for help, with remembering, (dreams etc) I have had a few instances where I know I have experienced flashes of 4d....

Any tips would help a lot. except more of the same, there just isn't enough 'time' in the day to meditate more than I do already... I do meditate, as I find guided ones on-line....I realise it's all about Self Love....maybe I'm missing a point somewhere...I have also had a few times where I have woken up & find I am remembering little snippets, I would just Love to know what my mission is, if, in fact I have one...which I feel I do have, but it's eluding me...

Sorry, now I'm just rambling & sounding bleachhh!!

Maybe I am supposed to be living on my own. But....that fills me with horror, remembering all of the times I have moved in the past, the awfulness of it all....

I must find my cheerfulness again...the daily grind of existing on very little money has a great impact on our lives, it's the main thing I stress about...I don't usually talk about it, gives it legs, you know?  I try at all times to remember to tell myself, I am In the Now Moment....I give Love to myself at most opportunities...all that good stuff...just having a down moment....hmmmm

Ignore the above!  Sometimes one needs to put these things into words, so one can be more able to see what's happening....The 'change' is happening to me right now, Ascension symptoms in droves....was very depressed yesterday....

I feel much better now! Thanks for 'listening'

I WILL persevere make myself meditate in the mornings, try for every day....has gotten a bit spasmodic lately...

Peace and Love to you, dear Eileen...obviously you were sent to me to make me think again! I believe in Spirit's Synchronicity....

Sylvia I AM Melaynia  Kiss Kiss  & lots of hugs!  

Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on August 18, 2015 at 3:33am

Sylvia, I am old enough to identify with most of these issues. My motto is if its worth doing, its worth doing badly. lol

When I am tired or my concentration lags I keep it as dynamic as possible by keeping it short and moving with whatever energy I feel. I live with a husband and often his routine interrupts mine. I focus on keeping the meditation time, even if I sometimes meditate in the midst of activity. It is my own inner routine that keeps me steady.

It also helps to have a meeting agreement with one or two other meditating friends. This can be with people who are not in the same place, but agree to connect at the same time. Sometimes their focus strengthens the ones they connect with.

Hope some of this helps,

Love and Light!


Comment by Eileen Coleman on August 18, 2015 at 3:03pm

Sylvia, I agree with Carol it does help if you have friends to meditate with to get you in the right frame of mind.

There are several keys we have to help us get in the zone are:- 

A quiet space to relax without interruption, this can be difficult if a partner is around so unless you can rope them in to try it perhaps they will keep the house quite for half and hour until your done. Explain that it is a healing meditation which will make you feel better and this in turn will make you better to be around.

Soft music that soothes your soul. I like all sorts, lately its dolphins sounds and the lull of waves on a shore.

Lighting a candle and cleansing your sacred space is important for me, but if none are to hand just visualise this happening and ask for help from your angels and guides.

Visualise the golden light coming down into your crown chakra and flooding through your body, do this slowly and see the golden light permeating those areas where you are in pain. I tried visualising with liquid honey like substance and saw it dripping through my joints, it really works if you just let it and don't doubt yourself. Your helpers will be with you once they know your intent.

Here is the golden healing light mediation I do regularly. You can adapt it to suit yourself Sylvia by just concentrating on the first part.  Don't forget too wherever you are if you need help just ask the universe, you are just as important as the next person in the great scheme of things.  Much Love coming your way Eileen



Walking around my sanctuary I called out to the four directions then to Grandfather Sky and Grandmother Earth, cleansing with the burning of white sage.


Great Spirit, I ask for your Love and protection for myself and for this little sanctuary and for all who enter in. May we receive loving guidance from the Great Divine the universal source of all that is, in whatever way is right for us at this time.


Spirit of the East where the Sun rises - gateway to the sun and the element fire – we ask that you ENLIGHTEN US.


Spirit of the South where the Sun is at its strongest - gateway to our feelings and emotions and the element water – we ask that you EMPOWER US.


Spirit of the West where the Sun sets - gateway to the physical and the element earth – we ask that you TRANSFORM US.


Spirit of the North, where the Sun rests - gateway to the mind and the element air – we ask that you INFORM US.


Grandfather Sky - masculine forces behind all that is – we ask that you EMPOWER US.


Grandmother Earth - feminine forces behind all that is – we ask that you NURTURE US.


Visualise a shimmering ball of Golden Light coming down from above your crown chakra and flooding your very being, cleansing you of all negativity and re-energising you. Visualise this ‘Golden Light’ literally pouring into your skull, brain and spinal cord - into your blood and bones, into your muscles and organs and every cell of your being, visualising a cleansing and healing process taking place, creating peace and harmony.


See golden roots growing from your feet and send them deep down into Mother Earth. Push your roots down through the soil and into the layers of rock, down through the pools and lakes and water falls beneath Earth’s crust, down into the crystalline caves. Push those roots further and further down into the deepest recesses of Earth, sending Love to other life forms that we do not see and who may feel forgotten! Now reach out those roots all around the globe connecting with other ‘Light’ workers, feel that connection growing in other towns and cities all around the world . . . see that pattern of Love growing stronger.


(Spend some time in the network of tunnels if you so wish and explore, this too can lead into many wonderful journeys).


When you are happy, bring your attention back to your roots, bringing them up to your feet and continue with the golden energy climbing up through the trunk of your body as if it were a tree - the tree of life! Bring the golden energy back up through your chakras, flooding each one and creating a rainbow of light. Visualise your branches reaching out to the cosmos, reaching out to connect with those Star beings who work to help mankind. As you look down upon the beautiful sphere that is planet Earth, visualise a Golden canopy of Light enveloping her and very gradually see that canopy melting into fine droplets of liquid energy, falling through Earth’s atmosphere. See that magic potion of Love falling down through the heavens and into the oceans . . . into the mountain streams . . . into the lakes, rivers and ponds – into every drop of water upon this planet, purifying and healing the waters. See those golden droplets falling onto the land, healing the soil in which our food grows - see a healing taking place in everything that grows, and for the myriad different life forms that inhabit Earth.


See also that Golden Light entering the hearts of all mankind that they may Love one another and be at peace with their brethren from all walks of life and from all around the world. When you are ready, bring that energy back down once more flooding through your crown chakra and back into your heart. Take time to sit within this sacred space and feel the connectedness and bliss within your heart, and if you then want to sit for communication with guides and inspirers, invite those from the Light to join you. Open your heart wide - take in the Love and the healing you so richly deserve. Go within and listen to that still small voice that echoes in your mind - listen and take note. 


When you are ready to come back, feel your feet upon the earth and open your eyes. Give thanks for your communications and breathe in deeply, bringing your cloak of Light around you. Drinking a glass of water too will help you to come fully back into your normal awareness of the world about you.

I wish you all many happy and safe journeys! Please share this meditation with others to bring about a healing for Mother Earth and all life forms on her.


relaxing, soothing music 

Comment by Sylvia Liney on August 19, 2015 at 11:04am

Thank you, Ishema & Eileen......I have been n=meditating for some years now, & have lots of guided meditations, on You Tube, as well as on my MP3 player. So, I do all of these things, except I liked the idea of exploring the tunnels, I could easily incorporate that into my routine...I was just venting, methinks, it's just that if I write it down, & I know someone is reading/listening (sorta!) I think it helps to centre me.  I was feeling the effects of the Energy & Ascension symptoms...I think, dealing with one's 'stuff' sometimes gets on top of well as living from day to day, money wise, scrimping, sometimes the financial situation is good & we are all happy, not stressed, but it's a fine line when one is in the trough & not on the peak of that wave!!  lol... Anyhoo, I am feeling so much better now! 

I was just musing about the meditations, back from the beginning, when I used to 'see' a lot of colours & visualisations etc to now, when I hardly see any colours/ only problem is I find it hard to meditate daily. I don't know how you people do the Violet Flame 4 times a day!!  I was full of good intentions about joining in on that, but just couldn't remember to do it....but I am aware that I should be connecting with Mother Earth daily, too....

Ishema, my sweet Kev is very good with my get to the kitchen, front door etc, he has to go past where I meditate, (lounge room) . So If I am going to be doing a long one, or listen to something that's over an hour, I advise him, so he can get food/drink etc before I & then, I will not advise him, & he will speak to my back (!)   But always apologises quietly & closes the door...

He is most considerate!  So, it's not the meditation that's the problem it's making time to do more of it...anything else is just me

So I am very grateful for your advice, sweet ladies, it really makes me feel Loved, that you should take the time to help me in this way.....most of the time I do feel very solitary....I am in Sydney, Australia, most of my on-line friends are in either USA or Canada, so the time lines are mostly not matching!  And I am finding more & more people just are meditating so much, we don't seem to have as much time together these days...

Anyhoo....enough, I am rambling again a bit...

Eileen, I will copy/paste that onto a Word Doc, print it out & read it again at my leisure. Thanks once a gain.

Sending you both Peace, Harmony and Love energy.

Love you all 

Sylvia I AM Melaynia...xxxx

Comment by Eileen Coleman on August 19, 2015 at 12:40pm

Sylvia, when you travel the tunnels in meditation just be aware this can bring up more stuff from the past that you thought you had healed. I will post an excerpt from my book  soon where I felt compelled to travel down into the past.

Comment by Sylvia Liney on August 23, 2015 at 9:51am

Many thanks, Eileen....I did a meditation Friday morning, let go of a lot of things. I just felt so much better afterwards...and all little stress related ailments are clearing up, all except my shoulder pain, which I suspect I must see a GP about soon....(rotator cuff problem)......all the info people discuss and post on-line helps a lot...I might read 5 articles, and just get 1 pointer that really really helps, but it's usually a very big help....

Plus, life is peaks & troughs....not all plain sailing by any means, the trick is to try & let the low points just pass by, & try not to react in a negative's a constant awareness lesson for me....remembering to just BE....

I realise that going inwards, into the 'tunnels' will bring up stuff to let go, but that's the idea, there is obviously some that I need to deal with, but as they don't seem to be in my NOW Awareness, how do I know what they are? Plus things to release might be from past lives....I am 73, Eileen, & want to Ascend, not die!!  (You know what I mean) I feel time is running out, I always a slow

So, I really am grateful for the assistance...certainly makes me feel Loved...

Much Love and Blessings

Peace and Love

Sylvia I AM Melaynia...xx


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