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LOVE RAY ACTIVATION. (Please Do in Meditation)

LOVE RAY ACTIVATION. (Please Do in Meditation). This is the Council of Light that’s moving more into the forefront of this now moment. As we are acclimating to your system there are a few indications of this acclimation process that you may begin to identify. You may have an awareness of a deeper sense of calm in your mind.  Your mind become still and very focused on a quality and an energy of peace. This energy of peace also creates the invitation for your body to relax even more deeply into the energy and the consciousness of you. The Love Ray is moving more into the forefront of this Now moment to transmit the pure consciousness of this illuminated energy. Simply allow yourself to drop into this peaceful state in your mind, the relaxed state in your body, and have an awareness of the Love Ray. To first tune into the Love Ray bring your awareness to your heart and to the beat of your heart. Feel the sensation or perception that your heart is like a compass and that it is a compass of your soul. Feel the sensation that this compass is pointing you toward the true north of your soul, the path of your soul, the direction of your soul.

Spend a few moments in the heartbeat, the beat and the pause, Both are equally significant. As you are with the beat of your heart have the awareness of the dynamic flow of the beat and then the absence of the beat. Both the beat and the absence of the beat are very active states of the heart.

Now tune into your pituitary gland in the center of your head and imagine that in your pituitary gland there is a simple pulse as the heartbeat; there is this pulsation and then a silence, pause, or a stillness, and then there’s another pulsation and a silence, pause, or a stillness. Feel the pulse of your pituitary gland.

Then bring your awareness from the head, down through the heart, past the navel center to the base of the spine and feel a similar energetic pulse, a heartbeat at the base of your spine, Head & heart, sacrum. Now that you have been with these three places and the energy pulse that exists within these three places, choose to activate the Love Ray at the head, the heart, and the base of the spine. This energy already exists within your system, it has been dormant and awaiting this moment of your choice. The Love Ray is a high vibrational frequency of oneness.  It is a vibration that creates harmony.  Take a moment to go within and allow your awareness to guide you in accessing more and more of the Love Ray. Wish you a wonderful day and Blissful month ahead with lots of love & light. Tercy  

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Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on October 1, 2017 at 1:32pm

I really love your recent posts with meditations Tercy. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm going to share another one of yours below that I like a lot.....I'm not sure if you ever posted this one on Lightgrid.

Infinite Blessings of Love & Light, Steve

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Bring your awareness back to your Council of Light group. We will spend a few moments in silence allowing this light to come in so you can have a conscious experience of how it feels to you. After you have a sense of what this tool of light feels like, begin to imagine that your inner being is emanating this light. This light is within your DNA, within your subatomic particles, within the minutest aspects of your being and the smallest infinitesimal particles of your being. Imagine that this light is shining from this very tiny place within you and that it creates trillions of little particles of light that all begin to hum together, stream together, emanate and shine from within your own body. 
As this happen there is an alignment process occurring. You may have a sense of feeling like you are in right relationship with all there is. Allow these particles of light in your awareness to string together to create one big ORB of light so that it is within every particle of your body. Spend a few moments turning up the dimmer switch of light in certain areas o your body that don’t feel as if they’re as ‘on’ with this light as other parts. You may have a sense within your own body of “WOW, those light particles aren’t shining as brightly or they’re not strung together as much” Set your intention that the light in that one area, or multiple areas, or your body becomes stronger. 
Especially focus on your neck, head and shoulder area. Spend some time in the back of the neck, turning on the light and letting it shine through until it begins to get so strong that in a way it creates a halo around your head an arch line. The arch line goes from one ear to the next ear, and all the way from one shoulder to the next shoulder. This is really important. There is an aspect behind the head, neck and tope of shoulders that is a part of the energy system that is waking up. It will feel like having support where there wasn’t support before. It is like you are being held or you can lean into something. It feels as if it is not hard to hold up the pounds that your head weight. You feel held and supported in this area of your body. Continue to keep the light concentrated in your body. 
Imagine that your body is like the Sun and it has a certain physical location. Imagine that the rays of the Sun are shining outward but the concentration of the Sun’s light remains within its own borders and physical dimension. You’re not diluting the light from your own body in order to expand it out. You’re keeping the light concentrated within your own body and then it begins to radiate, shine, and send out Rays of Light.. When you are ready, take a couple deep breaths and gently bring your awareness back to your body, moving or stretching your body in any direction you choose and coming back to this time and space. Wish you a beautiful day with lots of love & light. Tercy


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