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Know thyself and the Seven consciences of Anastasios

"Know thyself." This saying read the visitor in ancient times in the temple of Apollo at Delphi[Greece] and mid is the key to all wisdom. Human, Know thyself! Since ancient times, man sought to know himself, to know the mystery of existence and to give answers to questions that tormented him "who I am, where I come from and where am I going?"

Great civilizations ... Egypt, China, India, Greece, Rome, South America, gave answers to the question, answers based on deep philosophical, scientific and religious knowledge.

Went over the years ... slept ancient civilizations and today we the people of the 21st century, we think we know a lot about the man, but will always carry in our souls the unanswered question "who am I, where do I come?" Which every walker will raise knowledge.

The effort of man to find answers to this question called Spiritual Philosophy or Search.

The ancient esoteric teachings tell us that man consists of seven bodies at different levels - different frequencies - Nature. We say apart from the consciousness of the physical body, another six consciousnesses.

And here we encounter the number seven recognizing the importance of the Universe. We have seven crystal systems that identify forms of crystallization of minerals, the seven layers of the individual, the seven strata of the earth, the seven planets, the seven colors of Iris, the seven musical notes, seven families of the periodic system of Chemical elements, the seven glands of internal secretion etc. organization

Let's meet these human bodies, starting with the most rugged, the seventh and last body, which is the body which in esoteric philosophy called Etheric-natural body.

7. Etheric-natural House

So called because it consists of two elements: the form, which defines the so-called etheric energy and physical matter. We understand it better with an example. If we take a chalk and's gone in a mortar, we will have chalk dust. Has the form disappeared, ie the cylinder of chalk, but still there remains the essence of the thing we call chalk. So, any thing is determined by two main factors: its essence and energy organizing molecules or particles of this substance in a certain form. With our body similarly composed of material elements and by an electromagnetic or better "etheric" energy that gives them a particular form or structure and for that reason we call our physical body "Etheric-natural". The etheric energy is invisible to natural eyes, like electricity, but with special concentration exercises can be observed easily and comfortably. The so-called Kirlian camera photographs the etheric energies that surround and make up the human body, showing a glowing halo of light around objects.

In ancient Egypt called the physical body to the various organs of KAT, meaning "hard", something like wood and knew some methods by which they managed not separated from the ether forces than physical matter, so as to avoid the decomposition of the body . The Indian philosophers called Stoel Sarira, meaning carrier material.

6. Vital Body

But if there was only Etheric-natural body in man, then what difference there would be between a hand perfectly mummified and another belonging to a living man?

Clearly there is a big difference, which translates into heat, electric current, color, muscular strength, etc. The internal cause of these events can be called life.

The second level after the Etheric-natural is the Vital, Energy or Prana body as he called the OP Blavatsky in "Secret Doctrine." In the East, the Vital Breath, life energy called prana.

This body vitality permeates the entire organization and protrudes 20-30 cm. From the skin, regulates health, degree of vigor and vitality drawing pranic energy from the environment. The Kirlian camera may photograph apart from the etheric this radiation Energy-vitality, the Pranic energy, which modern science calls Orgotroniki or Bioenergy.

Man has Etheric-natural body in common with the mineral kingdom, and the living body in common with the plant, since the plants, besides their own Etheric-natural body have a vital energy manifested by increasing, the piece and the reproduction .

The sun is the main source of energy downhill, but some plants and trees such as pine, and water are good batteries of this energy.

In Egypt symbolized this body with a vessel in the form of heart, which means there were liquids and vital juices while in India called it Prana Sarira.

5. Emotional Body

It is the body of emotions and feelings, passions and desire. Because they are very sensitive and volatile than the heavenly effects named in Western Tradition astral body because it's slot and mirror the actions mainly the Sun and the Moon. With Astral Body angry, sorry, glad, we communicate with the outside world in a way more complex than the simple movement available to the plant kingdom.

Also called "Double Dummy" or idol because it is an exact replica of the physical body, but with finer and more complex sensations.

It works as a bridge between the inner man and the environment through these "open gates" of the physical body that we call sensations and forming an extension of the same.

The Mirror that precedes the existence of the newborn and is responsible for its formation, characteristics, etc. That is in the image of. It also goes beyond the physical death of the body and has a posthumous existence, although limited, in an invisible dimension or world that the ancient Indians called Kama-Loka ie. "Place of desires" and the Greek Hades.

The entire Astral Body surrounded by an oval radiant, like a halo, called Aura. Inside there are various of colors, shapes and flashes, moving, as if sailing in rough sea, which show the momentary emotions and the lasting emotional elements of human character. For this the intuitive can distinguish the character and emotional life of a man throwing just look at the Aura. In general we can say that lower feelings are blurred and dark colors while the upper have bright and clear colors.

The Astral Body can be viewed outside the physical body in sleep, with dreams, but consciously in the waking state, and this process requires internal culture and practice. It is what we call conscious Astral Projection.

Most parapsychological phenomena, such as telepathy, made with the mediation of the Astral Body. Our Astral is purely subjective and makes us see the world as we are.

The Egyptians called this vector U. whereas Indians Linga Sarira

4. Lower Mental Body or Mind Specific

Kama- called Manas (that mind of desires: desire = Kama and Manas = mind). It's eminently human consciousness. Although some primates have something that we could define as understanding the difference with humans is very great.

The Mental consciousness has the ability to perceive imaginary things because it can form images, figures gives to things. When connected with the word Kama, desire, that institution is able to express his "desires forms" of consciousness, to the organizes and formats that it can be fulfilled. So Mind trapped in the net of desires becomes selfish, exclusive.

All thoughts are selfish purposes, dealing with tangible and concrete world of forms, belong to this Specific or Selfish Mind, Kama-Manas.

The Mental Body is human is oval but a bit larger than the Aura of Astral. This is also colored in different colors, depending on the intensity and kind of thought, but which take specific shapes, usually geometric type, as polyhedra, sailing into the Aura around humans and called thought forms. When a man has low mental development, there are no defined colors and shapes in the Aura, but there is a hazy mix of various shades. As you evolve, the colors stand out, gain brilliance and settle in Mental Egg, while the geometric shapes are cleaner.

These four bodies that we have seen so far, are the lower Consciousness or rather I, are the outerwear of the Higher Self, which allow us life, the operation and contact with the natural, the bioenergetic, psychic and the mental world.

Esoteric tradition associates the symbolic with the 4 Elements of Alchemy: Earth, Water, Air and Fire, respectively. They are all together the human personality, ie the set of masks or entities with whom the Internal Man is manifested in life, the existence of the World of Forms.

Symbolically represented as a square since it is quad nature. These four bodies are mortal, that is worn and disposed of by the end of life.

3. Pure or Clean Mind (Manas)

Is Selfless Mind, the Abstract Thought, which allows the human conception of the higher, philosophical Ideas and Truths. The truth is that the Mind is one, but it works as if it were two separate bodies consciousness.

It is what allows man to look up, up, "to the stars" and that makes him truly man (over-throsko, lifted up).

Manas is what gives us a sense of individuality. It is the inner voice that inspires us and scolds us. In this sleep all our heroic dreams, virtues, altruism, selflessness and kindness. The abstract mathematical and other higher thoughts. This is the substance that fills the Grail, the Grail knights were looking for Arthur.

In Ancient Egypt, this opposition expressed in the very names of these two bodies. The selfish mind, located in the heart along with the passions and feelings, called him AB and constituted itself in the human soul. There accumulate good and bad acts freely committed by man. These weighed in posthumous ceremony of the "weighing of the heart" of the deceased. In selfless spiritual Mind was called BA reversal of AB and symbolized with a swallow that came from the mouth of the deceased.

Through the development of that body, man becomes master of space and time becomes Mantis (from the Indo-European root MAN Man) and the flow of time stops for him, as it enters the Dynamic Eternity, the Being of Parmenides, the anarchist, Timeless and Unchanged.

2. Intuitive body (Buddha)

It is the carrier of the Intuition, which do not have the mental process to reach the truth, but perceive directly. It is known that there are people who have the ability to read the future, to understand the scriptures in unknown languages, to forebode a disaster on a specific and distant part of the earth, etc. This skill that "sleep" in the depth of every human being, we can call it intuition and the body is the "intuitive or intuitive body" or as they call it in the East the "Buddha Body". Buddha in Sanskrit means Light, the light of discrimination, Sophia. It comes from the Indo-European root Vyd, meaning Wisdom, and related to the Vedas, the sacred books of ancient India.

When this body grows, it is said that man is Enlightened, a "chosen one." On the cosmic level is the Winged Love that embraces everything and keeps them together. For him there is no more duality, for Manas, because subject and object have now been identified. The seeker and the Truth are now united.

For the Buddhas body there is no time and space. He is single. Everything is One.

In ancient Egypt they identified with Ivida and called listening. This bird was associated with thinner and pure part of the human soul, the spiritual light.

1. Spirit or pure Will (Atma)

Finally in this anavatiki staircase beyond the Buddha, is the real I, the Silent Watcher, the ultimate spark, the Monad, the Spirit, the superior spiritual Authority Human Holder actors. For we can not really consider Atma as a carrier of Man. It is the spiritual Monad, the true "It" of creatures called humans. In Western philosophy is the Man, that really indivisible, unchanging, timeless, divine element in man. The two words, the Greek and Sanskrit have the same root and the same meaning.
"Will to It" is perhaps the most appropriate expression to intuit what is Atma.

It is the center from which emanates the Being and Existence of man, with six operators expression. In this center or point, without dimension or time, joined the Human Being and the Being of the Universe.

Atma is God in man, the conquest of infinity. We will of "Dynasthai is' called by the ancient Egyptians Sachou or Steam (bright clothing of Bliss).

The Eternal Teachings say that Upper Trinity - Atma - Buddha - Manas is the DIVINE EGO man. There is within the time, at least as we mean normally and there remains before and after this or any other incarnation. It is the Person.

Symbolically the best picture that can be displayed is the Triangle, one, but with three different sides.

The personality is mortal, variable, is born and dies. Only the Trinity is one that never dies, the eternal and unchanging, beyond life and death. It is the Being that always existed, exists and will exist.

Among the personality or Tetrad and the Spiritual Triad is according to ancient teachings, a bridge, a subtle connection, symbolized by a gold thread and is called in Sanskrit "Antahkarana". It is an invisible, thin bridge can pass the human consciousness from the lower levels of Personality, the upper of the Spiritual Ego.

To move from the corruptible, the Imperishable, the block in the triangle, it means a sacrifice, which we could consider as an achievement of our own inner being. The path is the Antahkarana, the invisible bridge is made of the stones of virtue and spiritual conquests. As man progresses spiritually, builds this Path with the results of his actions.

When man becomes conscious of his immortality, when the action becomes disinterested, and serves the Truth, Justice, the Good and the Beautiful, that serves God, then this man is PHILOSOPHER...Blessings

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Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on December 26, 2015 at 7:19am

Dear Anastasios,

welcome to this site of Lightgrid....

Seven layers of Consciousness are the Seven worlds for us to know in detail and one should know better about our essence as our Soul...which is separated from the Supreme Soul, You may say the source of All or The Divine Father of the Universe !!

The World Created also in seven days by the Seven individual Spirits or the Seven Virtues of God....

Purity, Love, Light, Bliss, Happiness, Knowledge, & All Powers or the Energies.....

Good message for all ...please keep it up....

Sending You Love & Light Blessings....

Dr. Sohiniben Shukla.

Comment by Anastasios on December 26, 2015 at 8:42am

Wise Dr.Sohiniben...Gratefully..Hugs.

Comment by Apollo Solaris on December 26, 2015 at 9:28am

Great writing Anastasios. I believe you live in Greece. I am in Sparti now. Beautiful here. Love the nature and of course the weather. ( Lot of Sunshine). My blessings Frank

Comment by Anastasios on December 26, 2015 at 10:00am

Thanks Apollo..and yes I'm live in Athens mother is from Sparta[.The first thing that I learned by my mother was what shows this video..Respect ..].It has many beautiful places in Greece and of course lots of sun and sea because protected by God Apollo ..Hugs..

Comment by Melvin "Yahweh" M. Lusterio on December 26, 2015 at 7:22pm

The Good Force be with you...nice posts, thanks for sharing & keep it forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) * (Y)

Comment by Anastasios on December 26, 2015 at 11:13pm

Thanks Melvin..Blessings also...

Comment by Carmen Elsa Irarragorri-Wyland on December 26, 2015 at 11:43pm

Hi, Anastasios, good to find you here, and a great post it is!

Comment by Anastasios on December 27, 2015 at 9:33am

Thanks Carmen soul.. my time very short, and Isabel convinced me to enter in this wonderful site..almost, all of us who know must to participate with any way ..Hugs..

Comment by Myriel RAouine on December 28, 2015 at 8:52pm

THANK YOU so much - and WELCOME to LIGHTGRID, soul family!

LOVE ETERNAL, warriors of the LIGHT,

Sonja Myriel


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