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The Return
By the Arcturians
At first, your journey through the fourth dimension is slow, but it picks up quickly as you enter the higher sub planes of the fourth-dimensional, astral world. Then, as you come closer and closer to the threshold between the fourth and fifth dimension, time—actually the concept of time—begins to waver in and out of your consciousness.

It is at this crossroads where your physical body begins to shift in strange and unfamiliar ways. That which once appeared solid begins to waver in and out. Actually, you are wavering in and out of your fifth dimensional consciousness.
“What if my third dimensional self visiting the fifth dimension makes me remember that I am actually my fifth dimensional self visiting the third dimension?”
This question creates myriad conflicting emotions, as well as major decisions. “I think I want to return, but I like my life there now. At first I was confused and lonely, but now I have friends and deep, lasting relationships. How can I abandon those with whom I have shared my life?”
We know that the increasing energy fifth dimensional fields make it difficult to stay in your earth vessel because the call to return home is becoming louder and louder. Hence, your attachment to your earth vessel is becoming less and less.
  What if I no longer tried to remain in my physical body and allowed my consciousness to freely soar beyond my physical body, my physical life, planet, star system, galaxy, universe and even beyond the vaguest memory of form?”
you become increasingly fifth dimensional. Eventually, you will begin to have sensations of your Lightbody. These sensations begin at the base of your spine or, sometimes, behind your heart.
These feelings arise from your Kundalini, your personal formless, inner Lightbody. Wisely enough, many of you are beginning to remember how the fifth dimension feels. Some of you are even remembering that you came to Earth, not on a spacecraft, but within your essence.
You left a greater percentage of your life stream in the multidimensional planes and sent down a fragment of your spirit to inhabit a human form. You came into that form at its birth, when it was near death, in a high fever, or during a serious accident or illness.
Many of you “humans” are increasingly remembering that you are actually multidimensional beings living in the third dimension of your psychical body because you wanted to experience life in a physical form.
Some of you are also remembering that you have many Higher Selves who are actually all from the same NOW of the ONE
. You all came from ONE being because you came from the ONE in which there is no separation into the individuality of the third dimensional worlds.
Many of you have taken incarnations on the UP cycle to experience a peak society, as well as during the DOWN cycle to experience the decline and fall of a society. #
You have chosen those pivotal moments because they offered immense Soul growth. In your higher dimensional reality, there is NO time between the UP and the DOWN of reality.
From the perceptions of your Higher SELF, you could not understand an immensely polarized society. Most of you came from galactic societies in which you had not known any conflict since the end of the Great Galactic Wars.
You, our 3D expressions of SELF, are often called “star seeds” because you are!
YOU are US, but many of you have not yet remembered that fact. This is because you are in a 3D reality that has not yet remembered its “peak” because there have been so many lives of living in realities of “decline and fall.” That situation is about to change.
The higher light is infinite as there is NO time and NO space to limit it. We speak of the multidimensional light that was ALWAYS there, but it did not get through the atmosphere because it would harm the illusion that Gaia was just a third dimensional planet.”
Once the higher light enters the atmosphere of Gaia’s third dimensional habitat zone, it will begin to transmute that zone into the fourth and fifth dimensions. In fact, that is what is occurring within your now.
You can see how your world appears to be in great turmoil. This turmoil is only the chaos that always precedes change.
The frequency of a reality dictates the dimension in which that reality’s hologram for habitationcan be reflected out to become “real” to the inhabitants.
Please remember, that only those within the hologram, which is calibrated to reflect out the illusion of a third/fourth dimensional world, believe that they live on physical Earth.
Once your consciousness expands beyond the third/fourth dimensional Beta and Alpha Wave consciousness, you begin to suspect that there is a greater reality, which is waiting just beyond an invisible holographic projection that the “others” cannot perceive.
This is when you begin to realize that you are different from those who believe that only the hologram is real. YOU, our Beloved Ones, have opened your own portal of light that begins at the core of Gaia and extends into higher and higher dimensions.
This portal moves through the hologram. Hence, once your portal is opened, you have a “free pass” out of the hologram. Blessings to you, our dear brave ones, who have volunteered to stay. Your opened portal has reminded you who you are and why you took this incarnation to assist Gaia.
Because you have remembered your SELF, your great sense of dedication allows you to stay on Earth and plant your personal portal into the core of Earth so that you can pull the higher, multidimensional light through your portal and into Gaia.
As higher and higher dimensions of light flow through your portal and into Gaia, you begin to fully remember your SELF. You remember because the higher light comes into your crown, then goes through every one of your chakras so that it can pass through your root chakra to flow into Gaia’s core.
Do you see how important you are? However, one of the side effects of the higher light flowing through your inner portal is that it acts like a roto-rooter through your earth vessel. The higher light goes into your core and finds ALL your darkness from ALL your incarnations. Remember this higher light is beyond time and space, so as it passes through you, it opens you up to the NOW of the ONE.
Once any darkness is discovered, the light moves deeper and deeper into your form to find all the hiding places of ALL of your third dimensional lives to transmute all third dimensional blockages into the fifth dimension light.
There is one name for all these blockages, which is FEAR. Fortunately, the antidote to fear, which is unconditional love, also lives within your body. This antidote is found within your higher dimensional consciousness.
As your past, parallel and simultaneous lives are revealed to you via the higher light, you can send the unconditional love within that light to heal ALL your incarnations on third/fourth dimensional Earth.
In this manner, all your experiences of living in higher frequency realities can be shared with your third dimensional consciousness, as well as with Gaia and all Her inhabitants. Eventually, YOU become a field of light in which you will continue your planetary service.
Because you have expanded your consciousness into the light of the fifth dimension and beyond, you can see and perceive the 3D illusions. Also, you know that YOU are the creator of your personal reality and that all humans on Earth are the creators of their planetary reality.
With this wisdom, you are able to LET GO of the polarized illusions of good-bad, better-worse and yours–mine, to shift into the truth that, “I AM Light. I AM Love,” which expands into the collective truth that, “WE ARE Light. WE ARE Love.”
Then humanity can expand its collective truth into, “WE, the humans of Earth, are Light and Love.” Then, the “you” that has merged with the collective of “we” can create New Earth because YOU are ONE with Gaia and Gaia is ONE with You.
You see, when you change your self, you serve to also change your planet. Therefore, you “birth” New Earth rather than “create” New Earth, as creation begins in the NOW of the higher dimensions and works its way down into the lower frequencies of time and space.
When you return, you literally return because your can remember coming down in frequency to the personal selves of your myriad third dimensional incarnations on Gaia. We Arcturians are 
among your escorts through this process coming into third dimensional form and/or returning into multidimensional light.
You may not recognize us, as we are formless energy fields, as are many of your multidimensional ancestors. However, you will recognize our light and recognize our love, for we are of the ONE from which you all began your journey to physical Earth.
As you return, you will recognize your own multidimensional expression in other realities and dimensions. You see all of YOU are from the ONE. The memory of the ONE will guide you to realize and LET GO of your 3D belief systems!
These outdated belief systems were similar to primer books that you received when you were first learning to read. You no longer need those “beginner books,” as now you have moved up in frequency, as well as in knowing.
You are merging with the NOW in which you can release old concepts such as: polarity, gender, separation, competition, sequence, time, and space. All you need “DO” for this merging is to maintain your calibration to multidimensional thinking, unconditional love, and infinite wisdom.
These innate qualities all reside within your Three Fold Flame within the ATMA of your High Heart. Just as your third dimensional life is being recalibrated, every area of your multidimensional life is being downloaded into your 3D, clay vessel.
Before this NOW, your 3D vessel could not merge with your Multidimensional SELF, as that vessel was too primitive and individualized. That condition was by design. You all knew that a big challenge would be the best for your Soul expansion.
Hence, you went so deeply into your 3D vessel that you forgot your SELF. However, the higher light is making you remember who you are and why you took this vessel.
We hear you now asking, “When can we experience this merging with our SELF?”
We reply, “Actually, as you let go of time and physical location, you will be able to embrace the NOW of the fifth dimensional ONE in which you KNOW that YOU are giving birth to your new life and YOU, combined into WE, are birthing Gaia’s ascension.
Humanity created, allowed, and feared their destruction. Therefore, humanity must clear and transmute that thought form. Remember that, just as the good guys are wearing earth vessels, the bad guys are also wearing earth vessels.
In other words, you are ALL ONE with each other and ONE with Gaia.

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Comment by Sky on January 7, 2016 at 4:57pm

as you let go of time and physical location, you will be able to embrace the NOW of the fifth dimensional ONE in which you KNOW that YOU are giving birth to your new life and YOU, combined into WE, are birthing Gaia’s ascension.


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