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How to keep balance between inner and outer noises?

How easy it is when we are in Nature to turn down the volume of our inner ears and listen to the sounds that are being presented by all the creatures we find within our environment, wether it is a forrest, a lakeside, on the top of the hill, in the mountains. We are most of the times to distracted by all the people that surround us, family, friends, colleagues, traffic when we are driving, doing our shopping. Every where we go, we are surrounded by sounds, music, radio, television, either in our homes, as well in the shops, in our cars, on a day to day routine.

We are most of the time not even aware of what we are listening to, or being surrounded by until it disrupts your concentration, or is invasive and loud. Even sitting behind a laptop with a television on, or the radio playing its tunes. it is almost blending into the background when we are being concentrated on what action we are performing. Noise has a somewhat enoying quality, it distracts us or it invades our own private circle when we are not alert.

At least that is my experience. I was trying to write something and realised how many different sounds and noises there are in my immediate proxinity. The sounds of hammering by our neighbour, making me curious what he is doing and annoying me at the same time cause it isn't a constant rythm, it comes and goes. Then there is the television broadcasting commercials right now and my husband is watching a movie, at least he is trying to, cause the commercials are a distraction in its own. And we can write an entire article on the distractions of those.

Dare to believe
the whispers in your ears,
that you might be special,
that you might be meaningful,
that one day,
you might change the world.
It's us you see,
the ones who who listen
that will change everything.
Att I cu s

So I had to put this down for a while until I was able to start writing again in the silence of our home, when the noises are quieting down cause the night is falling and the moon appeared through our curtains, not yet full moon, yet as bright as a lantern outside in our street. I was wondering how easy it is for me to connect with Nature and her elements, the sounds that are so dear to me, listening to the birds throughout the day as well the sound of the wind going through the leaves of the trees around us.

You can hear by the sound of the leaves what kind of weather we can expect, or when the wind is just brushing through the tops instead of make it swirl caused by a minor storm. And then when it rains it makes a totally different sound again. I love the sound it makes on the roof of our tent and windshield when we are camping out or sitting outside in our garden and the temperature is high enough to stay outside. Just enjoying the tickering sounds and the smell of the plants in the garden when they absorb the rain drops. Sometimes a little sparrow seeks some shelter as well, as other little flying somewhat annoying musquitos or other evening and night creatures.

Here I am still talking about the sounds and the noise around us, even when it is quiet and you don't listen to any music and or watching anything else. Even reading a book making its noise when you turn pages. and have you ever noticed how much noise it makes when someone sits next to you reading a newspaper? All these sounds make waves, small ones and big ones, and sometimes you can feel them passing through your body when your ears are not just absorbing the sound, the entire system gets involved as well.

I am having a hard time right now adjusting again to the normal sounds in and around the house after almost 5 weeks camping in the North of France along the lakeside where the stillness could be profound, specially at night. It was way more easier for me to tune in with the energy of the place itself, and the elements around us, watching and observing, yet with more stillness within my self. More able to stay calm during the moments that passed by when we were confronted with our emotional turmoil, cause I felt guarded and was being held in a comfortable energetic embrace most of the time. Familiar for me, cause this energy is always making us longing to go back to this magical place.

Then how do I find my balance again, dealing with all the distractions, family gatherings and friends, One thing is for sure, what helps me the most is to retrieve myself from this kind of situations as soon as I possibly can. At home it is easy enough to find more peace and quiet. If needed I can listen to some relaxing and healing music, putting on my headset and just find a spot within that feels like a small oasis. The disturbences can create their own energies as well. Not every noise is irritating and some are soothing as well as comforting.

Yet listening with my inner ears are bringing in the peace and quiet I seek, from within and in my heart. Anything else is merely a distraction, sometimes a trigger that needs attending to, or not, depending on what kind of emotion it brings up. Any time I am able to turn inward, I receive my messages and feel the ease and serenity that comes with it, I can feel the love that is here for me, and this always is assisting me to bring in the needed balance between the outer and the inner chatter, or noises as I call them. Then I am Home again, cause Home is where my Heart is, in any given moment, at any given time.

And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages 24-8-2015

picture (c) Lac de Bairon, France

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