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How we can be on a high peak and at the same time at the lowest bottom

I started wondering about this after an amazing message that came through. To me it was confirmation as well. Yet at the same time it triggered some old wound apparently for the result the next day was one of feeling nauseous to my teeth. My physical implementation results as the high love and joy energy immediately turned into a sense of flue like awareness.

Don’t get me wrong here. I didn’t got ill actually with a flu or illness, yet it took a lot of energy that was created by an old wound I thought, I had cleared already.

So many layers we have to work through to get the benefit of feeling loved without measurement and unconditionally. As long as there is any rubble remaining in our mental, physical, emotional or etheric body we will experience the stuck energy. This time it is concentrated around the stomach area. The nausea is a mild sensation not as being truly ill.

I came to the understanding my solar plexus chakra was closed when I came into this world. The very first time I felt the re-opening was the moment my mom made her transition last year. It was a physical experience literally that woke me up from my sleep. Knowing immediately it was cutting the umbilical cord between the two of us.

So what triggered the high energy flow yesterday to bring about this emotional wound in me as well? What an experience I had walking on clouds with a big smile on my face, connected to all there is in that precious message. Yet at the same time it triggered a wound that I knew was there only thought I already had released the emotional energy.

How torn can we be between the love of a parent for his or her child when the preference is already visible the minute a newborn comes into this world. The bond between father and daughter was way stronger then I knew at that time and through the experiences became so more tangible as well. The way a newborn can turn away in need of the other parent for consolation and shows what karmic bond there already was coming into this world for release and healing.

It is what you do with it that matters. I stepped aside so my partner could step in. Where did I hear that phrase again. Like you can step aside out of love, for the highest good of all. Even though I was able to do so, there was this emotional wound as well within me that triggered something old. My guilt feelings for not being there for them in another lifetime, because I could only be who I was.

Yet that was exactly what caused me my life and left my family without mother and companion. Our love has been put to the test more than once. It also caused a conflict within my coming into this life time again. I have chosen to fulfill my own Soul purpose, yet I also wanted to heal the karmic bonds between my partner and children. We never are alone in this, we as a soul group committed to do this.

So in my life I was juggling with these components with every experience that put a strain on us. We worked hard in order to get things cleared up as well enable each other to find healing. Love was the big Key in all of this. There were times we almost lost each other due to processes we all went through in our own clearing of karma as well. Yet the deep Love always found a way to step up to the plate so to speak and hold on.

So when one is making a transition to the other side it puts a lot of strain on the way the dynamic works within the family. The deep sorrow has an opposite factor, caused by the continuous connection of love. Enabling me to feel the strength and courage to get through this. Those are the highs in a day to day existence.

The lows are being triggered by outer challenges most of the time in order to bring the wound to the surface. This needs to be that way, otherwise it will still linger in the depths of our subconscious.

It is a gift, it presents itself if we are strong enough and bold enough to look at it and deal with it. Dealing in a loving way, yet allowing the emotions to come forth is a first necessary thing to do. We need to acknowledge those emotions of fear, anger, sorrow before we can release them. Not locked up in a box behind closed doors.

That is why I know, my greatest gifts lie in the dark space, holding the energy to be revealed all in due time. Because there is a time for everything. We only can address an issue when we are ready to take a look at it, accept its presence so to speak.

To go through the motions of acceptance, allowing, acknowledging and then bring the love into it. Instead of holding on to the lack of love, either self-love or what has been caused by others. The minute we can feel the love into this challenge it is released and healed. The next step is to be patient with yourself, because there isn’t always an easy fix. The body is a big ally in this process of releasing and healing.

So my high and low can co-exist in one space. Bringing the high energy of love and bliss into the dark space within will ultimately change you forever. It is not a setback, it is a wonderful gift of love’s expression where it is needed the most. Trusting my own reactions as well the way my body translates the signs from within.

The more I can trust and rely on it to be my best friend, together with my ego and mind so to speak, the more I can go through every experience I come across and I know I will be well. I can do this and I am not alone. This will keep me going and I will encounter many more challenges to bring the balance within and harmony as well.

The high and low will balance each other as will the life force enhance this to come forth. We all are in this together and linked often in more than one way. Everything is connected to enable to fulfill our soul’s mission. To do what we love to do, where we can find our passion. Life Big, Smile Big and most of all, Love Big.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 19-2-2017

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