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This morning I was connecting with and merging with my Eagle Being self, working on my communication and oneness.

I asked for a name I can associate with so I can more easily jump into connection and the name I got was Arak or Arakim, which I pronounce as Ah-Rock and/or Ah-Rah-Keem. I'm including it in this post as some of you may understand if there is underlying meaning in this name.

Anyway back to my experience. When I spoke this name as "I AM Arak" (and Arakim), I instantly saw myself as the Eagle Person, with my Eagle wings and Iridescent sword in hand. With single commands I burst into flames and the pillar of Iridescent Flames was formed. This seems so easy this way, not even trying hard. I believe this is the way it's supposed to be. No effort, just being the way we naturally are.

I saw some light flashes in the overcast sky to the West, and with my third eye, Obsidian came barreling into view flying to my property and the hot tub (sure love my hot tub... ;).

He flew through the fence and tub and told me to hop on his back. I asked where we were going, but he didn't tell me.

We flew south quickly and I flew along with him with my own wings.

Eventually we dove into the earth through some caverns (and dirt and rocks and lava) and went through a portal to Agartha where I have gone before. I love this place, it is so peaceful and joyful.

As we landed, there was already a circle of Dragons assembled, including the Lord of Dragons I mentioned in another post and my own Dragon self Luna. I joined the circle as my Eagle Being self and they moved me to the center of the circle. I didn't realize that is where they expected me to go.

As I stood in the center, they all bowed to me, not in acquiescence, but in honor. Honor for finding myself and for who I truly am. I bowed back to each of them in mutual respect and honor and gave a little speech that seemed well received (I honestly can't remember all I said). As this was feeling very serious, I made some jests and raised my sword shooting flames into the sky to Gaia's heart and central Sun.

Archangel Michael walked up to me and gave me a big embrace then merged into me. Then Archangel Ariel did the same. In each embrace, the energy was so joyful and uplifting, filling me with emotions and love. 

My Eagle Twin Flame walked up to me and we took off straight up into the air and flew together. Holding close and circling, chasing and swooping, it was wonderful. We even did the locking talons into a "dropping spiral thing" that bald eagles do when in courtship. I landed back-first in the large pond next to the waterfall, and some dolphin beings rushed out of the water and flew over me. Then I took off again.

As some have assumed when reading about my experiences, I didn't want this one to end. What I really wanted was for this experience to be fully and completely spiritual AND physical. I can still feel what is going on in my etheric body and experiences, but it's not the same as I imagine fifth dimensional physicality being.

I am working on integrating my wholeness together including my physical body. That seems to be the "hardest" part of the process. Maybe by finding out there are easy ways to do things, like in the beginning of this experience, it will go easier. I will work on finding that easier pathway...

Last night I had a conversation with Arryn, my Pleiadian self on the ship. I was lamenting that I couldn't be experiencing that aspect of my life all the time, performing duties uplifting humanity in direct and obvious ways (from his perspective anyway). I asked if he wanted to trade with me (not seriously) and he said that I am blessed to be having this adventure and that not everyone gets the opportunity to go through this experience. I agreed and I left it at that.

Of course if I were on th ship all the time, would I be having these amazing Dragon and Eagle experiences?

Maybe, I don't really know.

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 4, 2014 at 9:22am

I suppose that when you are IN the Earth experience you cannot validate it as much as if you KNEW what you are achieving, observing yourSelf from the outside ... I suppose you still could fly with the dragons and have your Eagle experiences - maybe even simultaneously and all the time - but what you would miss is your EARTH experience ... VALUE your body, value your experiences for what they are! You are anchoring HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS on EARTH through your BEING here.


Comment by Paul Lange on July 4, 2014 at 9:31am

I'm sure you are right Sonja. I'm here in a mission, and I feel deeply in my heart that it's not only important, but essential and unique. I'm not going anywhere else (physically) until the mission is complete, and by then my body will be different than I perceive it to be right now. :)

I expect magic and every wonderful thing that comes with it.

Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 4, 2014 at 9:55am

Expecting magic is the way of the MAGICIAN


Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 4, 2014 at 9:56am

PS - Merlin and Saint Germaine are ONE :-)

Comment by Paul Lange on July 5, 2014 at 5:36pm

I've heard that about St. Germaine. :)

I've been wizards and priests in other lives, and apparently worked with Merlin at some point. One of the shadows I cleared was of a "dark wizard" which is interesting in itself... (you probably already saw that though).

Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 5, 2014 at 10:55pm

I think you mentioned it somewhere. The difference between a dark and a "white" wizard is their DESIRE.

The INTENTION can be the same, let's say they both want to help someone. But a "white" wizard would never do that without CONSENT. He knows the laws of Creation and obeys them because he is aware of the CONSEQUENCES.

A "dark" wizard is a few steps behind - he already knows what he can DO - but he does not SEE clearly. He has still some lessons to learn - his DESIRE is stronger.

A white wizard does not desire anymore. He SEES and acts accordingly.

To avoid the traps of dark magic, we need to imply the request before we start any work, that only that which is for the BEST of ALL concerned may become reality. And YES, we can make this request in ADVANCE - in case we should ever forget it, lol!

Have a BLESSED day, Paul,

Sonja Myriel


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